Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Companion! Elder Mikulecky


Hey family!

Wow that sure does seem like a lot of fun that you guys were having. Dad's right I do kinda feel a bit left out at times but only on the p-days, on the rest of the week I don't think about it. Does dad saying that though mean that you guys are going to do all the same things with me when I get back but that it'll be even cooler!? Haha But that's exciting! Ligers! E piranhas! They're from the amazon which is a part of Brazil!

I want to hear all about your week with your new companion.  What is his name?  
His names is Elder Mikulecky and he's like 6' 3". He was the tallest of all the new elders that came in with him. He was serving in Chicago for 7 months. He went into the Provo MTC right after I left so he only has 1 less transfer than me haha. He's been loving it here in Brazil and I think he's said like 20 times now "Brazil just happened"!  The first time was with Maria dos Anjos which situation I have described below. He's also said that when people just start talking to us about the gospel for like 20, 30 minutes or with the muleques (little kids) on bikes and other things unique to Brazil. He's really a fun, funny guy. He's a hard worker and obedient as well. He went to the winter semester of BYU at the same time as me and we probably saw each other before and just didn't register it. He was majoring in Mechanical engineering but said he's thinking about changing. He's one of 9 kids with one more on the way. He likes football (American).  
Where is he from?  
Redding California

What have been your biggest challenges?  
People not doing what we ask them too because if they just did they'd see the blessings and they'd have testimonies!  And also following the spirit and/or recognizing the spirit

What have been your greatest blessings?  
Maria dos Anjos has been a great blessing for us. We found her by way of contact and she has turned out to be an investigator of gold. We taught her the first lesson and she already knew it was true because of a dream she had about 20 years ago where she came to know about a church that she would join that would be a restored church that would came from underneath the ground. As I was in hearing that I was pretty awed but I wasn't too awed to tell her that this was the church she was looking for and that it basically came from underneath the ground as the Book of Mormon was buried and she believed it. She believes it all and she went to church and has been fulfilling our commitments

What is it like being the trainer?  
It's really cool! Elder Mikulecky is very smart, reminds me of me ;) he's picking up quickly on the Portuguese. He's been able to contribute well to the lessons with his knowledge and testimony but sometimes I gotta help him with a word or two. I have more responsibility but so far so good and I'm liking it.

Who are you teaching? 
We're teaching some cool people. Other than Maria dos Anjos, we're teaching another man, Silvio, who is a relative of an awesome little old lady in our ward who is very bubbly and always gives us food when we stop by there. She's just awesome. Like a perfect member missionary. But we taught him yesterday and the only time that he's here in Brás Cubas is from like Saturday, 8 hours at night until Sunday at 6. He's already been to the church TWO times just because Irmã Lourdes was calling him to go and we talked with him yesterday and talked about the restoration of the church and invited him to be baptized on the 18th. He could be baptized as soon as the 11th being the 3rd Sunday but there is no way we can teach all the lessons with him being out of town the whole week so we invited him for the 18th and he accepted and we gave him ALL the pamphlets about the lessons and he said he'd read them and also read the Book of Mormon and pray about everything we spoke and Irmã Lourdes said she'd pray with him before he left again that night. He has great potential. We'll see how that goes
If I talked about all of our investigators that would take way too long. It sufficeth me to say that we're doing good and we have a good teaching group and we're seeking the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

Let me know what the arrangements will be for talking with you next Sunday for Mother’s Day!!!!  I’m so excited!!  We have church from 11 to 2 Central time.  I think you’re 2 hours ahead of us, so when it’s 2pm here, it will be 4pm there.  We can call or skype or whatever you can do.
Well I think that when you get home from church, then we'll skype, I'll have finished lunch and be waiting for you guys! Alright? Combinado? Fechou?

This week has been a busy and tiring one but it's also been a good one. I'm happy for the future and to see what the Lord has in hold for me.

Elder Horton

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