Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mar 17, 2014 Elder Cosme's birthday


That's awesome I didn't know there was a temple in Houston! Or if I knew, I'd forgotten. I'm happy to hear that things are going well for you guys.

Garrett, how was your week?  My week was good! We're working a lot with members who are less active. Also, our LMA, ward mission leader, received an assistant yesterday which is really good! Because our LMA, 1, hardly has time to support his family, and 2, has never been an LMA before. But his assistant has already been LMA for 5 years and so has a good amount of experience and will help Izael (our LMA)

Tell me more about the training you said might be happening this week.  Does that mean that you or E Cosme may be training a new Elder? We still haven't heard anything more from anyone with respect to this so I'm beginning to think that it's not gonna happen but we'll see.

What was your favorite part of Elder Costa’s talk last week?  I really liked how he talked a lot about working with the members and how we can work with the members and how he tied it All to the importance of having the Holy Ghost through obedience to the commandments and the rules.

Did the mothers of the kids make it to church this week with everyone else that was there the week before?  And so Rosa, the mother, went to church with Tatiane, her daughter, and 2 of the daughters friends but the others slept and the others that we had committed to come to church didn't come...we had 14 people committed to come to church but only 4 went :/ But Rosa is awesome! She said something amazing this week. "I can't speak for my kids but for me, I know I want to be baptized" That always makes a missionary happy :) 

What was the best part of your week? Good question...there isn't a part that particularly sticks out to me but Elder Cosme's birthday was kinda cool. There wasn't any party or anything like that but I'll tell you guys what I did. I know that he's collecting coins of 1 real and I had 8 and I was like "I can't just give them to him" So I hid them on his desk! The first one I hid was in his nametag and I knew it'd be the first he'd find and so I wrote on it "find my friends" and he found 7 of the 8. I think tomorrow he'll find the other during Personal Study because it's in his Book of Mormon. I also stuffed 20 reais in a bullet casing that he had. He found that as well. I also put some shorts in about....25 plastic bags with the words "To Elder Cosme from Elder Horton with lots of love and care" He opened the first one and thought it was just a bunch of bags and threw it at me! I threw it back at him and told him to continue. He threw it at me 2 more times but finally opened it up to the shorts. It was something he was wanting since we began to work together and so I think he was happy. He said that he wrote a lot in his journal about what I did. Another awesome part is that our relationship continues to improve and we work better together every day!

Something funny. I found out about a new word this week which is Rã. It's pronounced like "huh" and so it's realllllly funny because here I am, American, and I'm hearing people talking about "huh" and using "Huh" as a real word. And so that was fun. You kinda had to be there to really understand. but Rã means frog. and Elder Cosme is deathly afraid of Sapo or frog. That's funny too.

I hope everything goes well with you guys and the move! The new house doesn't have to have a pool! I laughed a bit when I read that. You guys are great and amazing with or without a pool. I love you both!

Elder Horton

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