Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, September 23, 2013

He made it to Brazil!



i apologize ahead of time. almost nothing except important stuff will have caps or quote marks or apostrophes. this is a portuguese keyboard!! legal não é?? cool isnt it?

How was your flight? good, only got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep but thats the past. im good now. i actually was talking with people before boarding and who sat next to me in portuguese! it was pretty cool. no baptism commitments from it though. 

Did you have any trouble connecting with the right people when you arrived? no. i didnt. a lady who was holding a sign called me over. shes actually not a member of the church, just works for a company that has a contract with the church.

Did you need to exchange any money? i did, i did so. ive used it since, its been very handy.

What did you do each day? wow that would take forever to recount. ill do that after the other questions

What is the biggest surprise to you??  What didn’t you expect? umm.....boa pergunta. good question. im not sure. someone else asked me the same thing here and i told them what im going to tell you. i didnt really have any expectations when i came here. i hadnt really thought much about it before. when i got here though and i saw that everyone has a gate facing the street to access their house, that was a bit surprising. also when i saw the floors inside the house that are basically just uneven stone surface...and then the 50inch tv and ipad. also a bit surprising, though ive heard of this before and was kind of expecting it.

How is the food? the food is way good!!! im also happy i dont  have to use my water filters. the water here in sao paulo isnt that bad and ive just been drinking it straight. so far 0 side effects. yay! lots of rice and beans as expected but thats way good too. and also parofa which is like a seasoned flour kinda thing. it comes with a lot of meals and is a nice additive! the meat ive had has been good. the guaraná is awesome. its a drink. ive had it once before in the states at BYU with elder scott crawford. hes serving stateside right now but we both got our calls the same day at byu and he left the mtc only a week before me.

How are you sleeping? i thought sleep would come harder because our casa is right next to the main street and cars here are very very very loud. lack of mufflers and lots of people who like to drive fast and accelerate fast and people who have probably 4 foot by 4 foot of speakers on their roofs blasting music as loud as they can....yeah i thought id have a hard time sleeping but 2 things. 1, i think i was absolutely exhausted the first night. and 2, i told myself to think of it like a soothing song i think...or a lullaby or something. whatever i did it worked. and i havent had a problem with it since.

Tell me about your companion? Elder Steele is his name!! hes a way cool guy and weve started to get closer these last 2 days than previous. im sending pictures later. hes fluent in portuguese, been out about 1 year 5 months. american. very helpful. a bit quirky. nothing bad or annoying just i can see him having been a bit weird pre mission. way cool guy though.

How was church yesterday? was surprising! honestly very similar to an american ward. we had about 80 or so members there. started with sacrament meeting, then sunday school, then priesthood. i laughed a little when i passed by the young womans meeting room and they were setting up a white table cloth and some flowers. oh women haha. way cool though! some people came up to us and welcomed both of us. pretty much everyone was excited to see us. were both opening the area. but not really. what that means is just that were both new to the area.

Is the language harder in country than in the MTC?? are you kidding me? definitely....its ridiculous. im picking it up though. sunday was an amazing day for me. i understood a lot of what everyone said and if i didnt understand i was able to recognize the word i didnt understand, and find it in the dictionary. if people talk slow enough i can hear and understand pretty much anyone. the challenge is when the speed up, slur the words, and use jiria which just means slang.

as for the rest of your letter. all ill say is thats all awesome and im happy for all of you when appropriate and im sad for all of you when appropriate. i have a lot to tell you if you want to hear about brasil :D

im going to go ahead and send this and then some pictures and then tell more about brasil.

lots o love!
Elder Horton 

okay so got here tuesday. we didnt actually get to our casa until very late...wanna say like 9. an awesome sister named hosana showed us where we lived. shes been very nice and helped us out once or twice. we have to do 2 locks to get to our casa. one for the outside portão, basically big door, or in this case, gate. and then the door to inside. the last elders actually left a small mess across the house...which ive since cleaned up!!! i like cleanliness and the Lord delights in cleanliness. lets seeee. we have a washer, no dryer. we have a toilet but we cant flush the tp, we have a little garbage can for that. the shower is in the same room as the toilet. no curtain just continuous floor and a squeegee for when youre done to get the water down the drain. we do have hot water. the bed is NOT long enough. but thats okay i will survive. we need a study table. were supposed to have one but dont. weve been studying on our beds. lately its been 85 degres in our room when were going to sleep. and summer is JUST starting. january will be fun. the humidity here though is pretty much the same as SC. very little difference if any at all. i havent actually had a huge problem with the heat here. it hasnt been too too hot initially but even when its been hotter and i was sweating, i was thought it would suck more in church clothes but its not that bad really. ive had one blister already on my right foot toe next to the pinky toe but i popped it and dont feel it anymore. pain is just weakness leaving the body anyways. um yes everyone speaks portuguese here. when i first got here it was maybe id catch a word or 2 here or there but as ive been here a week now and know a lot more of vocab and the jiria, slang, and how they talk, id say on average i hear and understand about 60%. soemtimes 0 percent. sometimes 100%. elder steele has been a way good example to me on what a missionary should do and how one should react in different situations. i have nothing bad to say about elder steele, only good things. i dont know his first name..but im planning on having him write it down in the designated section in my journal before we separate in about 11 weeks now. thanks for that journal mom very handy.

dont have anything in my planner for monday or tuesday which im using to remember what happened. i dont have anything on monday or tuesday other than match calculations :) i do love math. celsius to farenhet and meters to feet. here, people dont ask how many feet i have. they ask meters. so i figured it out!! the answer is basically 2 meters excatly plus or minus a couple hundredths. its a common thing for people to comment on my height like they did in the US and then ask voce joga basquete?? do you play basketball?? not much has changed. also a lot of times theyll ask where im from. theyll also sometimes ask if elder steele and i are brothers haha.

quarta feira, wednesday, we had a zone meeting that was cool. one of the missionaries from brasil had a guitar and he brought it!!! i played it for about...2 minutes because we were leaving soon but that was way good!! i havent forgotten how to play yet! since we didnt know the area yet, the rest of the day we spent getting to know the area and doing street contacts. i basically mostly just observed the first day or 2 and through in a  tchau or a bom dia here and there.

Shoot im running out of time haha. we have 5 people that well be focusing on this week. we have a goal this week of having 5 people with baptismal dates which I know we can do. Irmao Belchior said, an example is proof that something is possible. With that being said. Moses parted the Red Sea. Ammon converted whole cities of Lamanites who hated his guts initially. Others also had many many fruits of success. I can too. Phil 4:13. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me! Alma 26:29 And we have entered into their houses and taught them, and we have taught them in their streets; yea, and we have taught them upon their hills; and we have also entered into their temples and their synagogues and taught them; and we have been cast out, and mocked, and spit upon, and smote upon our cheeks; and we have been stoned, and taken and bound with strong cords, and cast into prison; and through the power and wisdom of God we have been delivered again. Id be willing to go through all that if it meant that  could be a greater part in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man and bringing Gods children to Him again. I love this work. I will write more next week.

I love all of you!!!
Elder Horton

I got a bit more time because my companion wanted to get back on as well. My area is called Vista Verde. We have a nice chapel in this area, you could probably find it and my area if you went to

Also Elder Steele today helped me make my carteira from pass along cards. my wallet. and i modified it so it had 2 pockets instead of only 1. More efficient that way

Every day theres a ward member assigned to feed us. its way nice and way cool that we get to do that. im super thankful to the members for taking us in and feeding us and I ask God to bless them for their willigness to help the missionaries out because I know its not always easy. And I know that they Are blessed. Its been cool being inside the houses of the members. Yesterday, Domingo, Sunday, we were in the house of a member for lunch and there were 2 nonmembers there as well as 2 less actives and its great because we taught them the first lesson and I pretty much know one of them is going to be baptized because the way she recieved the lesson. unfortunately, shes not in our we passed on her information but the cool thing is is that the missionary whos area she is in, trained my companion so Im sure he will do good. The other girl there will require some more work but shes in our area and her boyfriend is a member so I think we can help her come unto Christ and be baptized.

Times almost up, The other 2 less actives, they actually lived in SC for a time!! which was cool. they both speak english and portuguese and spanish. anways were going to reactivate them too and help them find the answers theyre looking for. out of time! love you all!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013 Last email from the MTC

So obviously I didn't get a reassignment today but everyone else did! It was so crazy we all couldn't concentrate leading up to opening it and everyone was so anxious and excited! It's like opening up your mission call all over again!!

Everyone else in my district has been called by God to serve:
Billings, Montana
2 California missions that I can't remember
New York New York North/South (can't remember which)
Atlanta, Georgia!!!! North! 4 of our elder's are representing our district there!
Saint George! That's where Grandma Horton is isn't it?
And last but not least, my companion, Elder Johnson, is serving in the....... PROVO UTAH MISSION!!! haha it's great. He's way excited. Our teacher, Irmao Walker is actually a ward mission leader here and offered to go on exchanges with anyone who served in Provo so that's what Elder Johnson will be doing! It'll be way good because he'll talk with Irmao Walker in portuguese in between.

I'm so excited for all of my fellow elders and sisters to serve!

I'm emailing because my companion is emailing to let his family know.

I love all of you!

Mommmmmm haha I love you, thank you. I won't be able to eat it all on my own as much as I'd like to, I'll definitely be sharing. I haven't gotten it yet! That front porch decorative covery thingey looks way good! way to go guys!

Okay, I appreciate you doing that. I'm sorry the shipping and what not must have been substantial...I'm sure I'll use them though and it'll be way nice to have so thank you mom :) You're the best. Like literally. I ran out of time last time to say so but I wanted to thank you and dad for the amazing parents you've been to me. I don't know if it just took you 3 kids to get the 4th one just right or what but you guys were and are amazing parents. You both should have no regrets about your parenting because yes we all had bumps but you have THREE kids married in the temple! And one is faithfully serving a mission for God! And I Know that God has an amazing plan for me and I'm so excited to be a part of it! We were talking about those missions today where people say that "there aren't baptisms" and I was thinking, something along the lines of anything is possible with God and that I'd love to go there and serve God and the people and I felt the Holy Ghost really strongly just then...I'm pretty sure God is going to give me some crazy hard trials on my mission and some "impossible" areas. And I am so looking forward to it!! I love this message I have to share with the people and I love my nametag and that I represent Jesus Christ. I love you all! Stop crying mom! *pat pat pat* You guys are great.

I'm going to be solo! When I'm traveling, I won't have a companion....It will be very very strange....I don't really like it, but I'll have to deal with it. At least this way it'll be easy to decide who can talk on the phone when!
Yeah I did get the package yesterday! I've already started sharing the package, I'm bringing it to class tonight because we're having a festa! It's Elder Buffington's birthday today and it's our last class time.

I looked a bit for the number for the mission home and it wasn't immediately apparent to me. Thinking on it now though I think I can find it without much hassle. I'll get on again later and shoot that off to you. I'm just doing my laundry right now.
Photo with Bonnie...yeahhh I maybe just forgot to send that off...or maybeee it was her camera....can't remember. I will investigate and get back to you on that one. Someone has the photo and we're going to take another tomorrow at the temple.

Lots o' Love!
Elder Horton

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Last Pday in the MTC!

Hey Mom,

It IS my last week and pday in the MTC! I don't have any word on my visa yet which I am totally fine with. I plan on receiving my reassignment this Thursday and then leaving as soon as the next day, Friday, or as late as next Tuesday. Either way I'll have a semi-pday before I leave to do laundry and what not. I'm super excited to get out into the field and start serving! When I know where I'm going and what my itinerary is I'll try and get on and shoot you a quick email with the info for 2 reasons: 1) because I know you'd want to know and 2) because I'll be able to use a phone in the airport to call home! So I'll let you know when I'll probably be doing that. I plan on initially calling with quarters just to make sure everyone's there because the card that I'll actually be using has like 500 minutes but just to make the call costs like 150 of them I think so quarters are a cheap replacement. I actually got the $5 dollar card for free because another missionary had bought one but then his dad just sent him like a trac phone with the instructions "just throw it away when you're done" which I thought was kinda funny. Saves me 5 bucks at least.
Do you think you could add me to the emailing list so I can see like what all you send out to everyone else? I've just been curious what all everyone else has been reading. I'm sure you're doing a great job :) I'm just curious.

I'll be getting a haircut here at the MTC so that way I'll be good for a while while I'm in the field.
Mom's questions with my answers:

How has your week been?
My week has been really good! I feel the spirit and it's promptings more and more every day which is awesome. It's super helpful whenever I'm preparing for lessons or personally studying or teaching lessons. This past Sunday we had an awesome devotional on Prayer and then watched a film on "teaching" by Elder Holland that looked to be about 10 years old but was still super powerful and amazing. I took a full 2 pages of notes in my notebook. I look forward to looking back on those notes later when I have more free time.

Did you get my DearElder package last week?
I did!! It was very very nice! I also didn't request anything additional homemade because I didn't feel it necessary. I don't have any super strong cravings. And also I'm still working on the food that I've stocked up myself! You and dad would be impressed with the amount of food I've managed to store up for free :D and ration of daily. I'm planning on just running out when I leave which is perfect. I also got a very nice package from Katie my cousin! She'd made me some very nice cookies that I supremely enjoyed! Some of them even had oreos baked in the middle!

Have you seen any new people that you know???  The Kellers are there now, I think.
I see new people I know multiple times a week. I saw a girl that I ran into a couple times at the BYU creamery, her name is Margaret but she goes by and her nametag shows "Garet" So that was a good conversation starter. She just got here this last Wednesday and is serving stateside innnn...Montana I believe. I also saw another girl from my ward. And I met another girl here for the first time whose name I don't know but she was on BYU Dance Team! So we talked about dancing a bit. It was cool to remember the good old days. As for the Kellers, when you initially told me they would be coming here I wrote it in my planner. I looked for them to a degree but haven't seen them yet.

What is something new that you learned recently?
There's so much I learn every day it's hard to say just one thing! Ummm..... I was watching a new Mormon Message that was awesome. It talked a bit about Moses and his people wandering in the wilderness for 40 years and God giving them mana every day but only for that day. That's like how we need the spirit and inspiration and the help of God. We can't just pray once a week and ask for sustenance for the whole week! We need to pray every day and worthily ask God for blessings that we need in our lives and to feel the spirit. I was doing that pretty well before hand but I'm doing better now. Also, same video, people don't just completely change overnight (usually) it's something that happens over long periods of time and it's only once you look back that you realize how much you've changed. Kind of like the sun setting every night. It only changes about a minute every day which is practically imperceptible but halfway through the year you look back and say "hey, that sun used to not set til 8:30!

Who is your new teacher – the one that replaced Irmao Belchior?
Irmao James, or Tiago. James=Tiago in Portuguese. He's a way cool guy! As an investigator, he's a bit harder than Irmao Belchior, but not impossible like our other investigator. He's taught us some really good skills that we can use on our missions which has been really helpful. He served in Portugal as well so has that sotaque (accent) but it's more or less okay.

What was the best part of your week?
Feeling the Holy Ghost's inspiration and susurros (whisperings) more in my life has been pretty awesome. Also like I mentioned earlier, Sunday night devo and then talk by Elder Holland was way cool.

What has been the best part of your MTC experience?
Good's hard to pin a certain part as the best part. It's getting better and better every day. I just love being out here preparing to serve the Lord e as pessoas dos Estados Unidos e entao as pessoas do Brasil. Eu estou muito animado a chegar ao campo da missao. (and the people of US and then the people of brazil. I'm very excited to arrive to the mission field) E tambem! Foi muito legal quando eu disse a experiencia de Joseph Smith com a primeira visao em uma licao. Eu senti o espirito santo muito na sala e em minha coracao (and also! it was way cool when I said the experience of Joseph Smith with the first vision in a lesson. I felt the Holy Ghost a lot in the room and in my heart.)

How is Elder Johnson?
Elder Johnson is doing great! He hasn't gotten sick once since being here at the MTC unlike everyone else. We did have our first semi-argument over a disagreement this past Sunday I believe. We resolved it soon after though and we're all good now.

How is BonBon doing?
Sister Tantillo is doing amazing! Elder Johnson and I started doing this thing about the second week where we read the Livro de Mormon in Portuguese and then try and translate it without using the English Book of Mormon and that really helped us out a lot (mostly him..honestly I didn't need that much help but it still helped me out). It helped with pronunciation, recognizing tu and vos forms of conjugation which we don't speak and only read in the scriptures, and with recognizing cognates and deducing facts. So basically my whole distract has problems with pronunciation except for Elder Johnson and me and maybe one or 2 others and I didn't want Sister Tantillo to have that problem so I invited them to read with us O Livro de Mormon and I was super impressed with how fast she and her companion read and how well they were pronouncing what they read! Her companion, Sister Davis, took French and Sister Tantillo took Spanish so that helps to a degree. To make long story short, she's doing great. I'm not worried about her in the slightest. PS: To make long story short is something Irmao Belchior always says. But then he ends up talking for like another 10 minutes haha :D It's great.

Moises is our super hard investigator I mentioned earlier. I think I might've mentioned him in earlier emails but I don't remember. To preface this, I'll tell you that Irmao Walker, who is pretending to be Moises, never did actually baptize Moises. So we do indeed have a challenge. We've probably invited him to be baptized about 4 different times about 4 different ways. Every time, he says he was already baptized. He's Baptist and was baptized at 18 by full immersion. His church believes pretty much everything the same as ours which makes it difficult to get him excited about the atonement or living forever with families. Next time we teach him we're not going to mention baptism, we're just going to try and build his faith in the Book of Mormon in the whole 20 minutes we have. I think if anything will work, I think this will be it. It's been a struggle with Moises and it hasn't always been easy but I've tried to listen to the spirit directing me to do different things in preparation. It's definitely been a learning experience! And I know it's helped Elder Johnson and I grow more than if he just said always said "yes"

TRC with Helder. Training Resource Center. Usually we teach 2, 20 minute lessons every Friday to members of the church who are who they are and that usually goes great. This past week though was crazy! We skyped a guy named Helder which sounds like elder because the h is silent. He's in Portugal and it was crazy! It was way cool. Bad news: he had the Portuguese accent which I'm fine with when spoken slowly. But he didn't slow down at All for us. So I grabbed maybe liikkkke 5-10 percent of what he said so I got a general gist. Way cool guy! Irmao Tiago baptized him and he's super strong in the church now and has a super strong testimony.

So you know how my favorite scripture is 2 Nephi 4:17-end? Nephi's Psalm? Go to and click the 3rd song down titled "I Love the Lord". I invite all of you to read 2 Nephi 4:17-end and then listen to that song. I absolutely love it :D

I'm happy you and dad had the opportunity to take that vacation! You guys needed that. Did helping AnnMarie help refresh your Alg 2?

Hey! I saw the porch photos! It looks way way good!! I'm super impressed that you guys were able to do that! Mental fist bump!

I also appreciate the photos of James and family, it's always nice to see them :)

That's crazy about Shelem's story with the job at the Y. that's ridiculous. I'm happy you guys called and talked to the manager. I hope Lindsay is a) removed or b) fixed. Tell Shelem I love her! Jonathan wrote me a bit about his job, that's awesome haha I can see how excited he is.

That's good Andrew is looking for improvement. That’s important. You should be happy with what you do :)

I gotta go for lunch but I'll get on later! Love you all!

Do you guys remember which "Zac" Johnson song it was? ;) That does make a son feel loved when his mom cares and cries.

Yeah I heard about both those games. I don't hear much in the MTC but my teachers made a point to tell us because they're BYU fans of course. That's awesome we beat Texas :D

I'm happy you guys got to unwind and enjoy some well-deserved vacation time! that's always nice :) Especially with your eternal partner.

"My car had a condensate leak from the air conditioning."-you. Yeah I think I'd sometimes feel that leak with my feet in your car...always thought it was just condensation though or something. That's good Jon got his fixed! That adds a couple hundred bucks of value to the car

I'm excited to get out in the field and start serving like the missionaries back home!

Thanks for your letter,
Elder Horton

I just got the text from Sis Keller with your photo and the news that u got your visa!  Yea!  Does that mean u know when you'll be traveling to Brazil? … I think I missed u...  Let me know if u r still on.  Loved, loved your letter!
You missed me because I went to the travel office :D I ran into the Kellers right as I was about to go in the office so that was cool! I DO know when I'll be traveling to Brazil. I leave the MTC at 4:30 next Monday morning the 16th. I'm on Flight DL1912 that departs as 11:00AM for Atlanta Georgia and arrives at 4:40PM. Thennnn a 5 hour layover til my next flight red-eye DL105 that leaves at 9:05PM and arrives at the SAU PAULO AIRPORT AT 8:25AM YEAHHHHHH!!!! haha I'm excited. They'll be feeding me dinner on flight.

Is it legal for parents to visit during long layover?  If not a phone call will be most excellent!  I'm so excited for you!  Dad is with me and he is too!  WAY EXCITED! 
Haha I knew you that would be a temptation for you. I'd probably guess the answer is no. I can ask though if you want.

No, that's ok, I didn't think of TSA and security.  I couldn't get through without a ticket and you shouldn't go out and possibly mess up your situation, so it wouldn't be good, BUT I WILL live your phone call!  For sure!
Yeahhh that wouldn't work very well. Awesome though. Sooo I'll probably have a fair amount of time before my flight leaves for Atlanta and then I'll have about 4 hours in that layover so I'll just call sometime in that time.

Did E Johnson get his visa too?
Noooo I'm the only Brazilian to get his Visa in my district

I'm going to send you some pictures sometime today that I've taken and others have taken of me. One of them will be hard to believe but it's true!

Sorry I sometimes send my emails in chunks, it's just kinda the way I gotta do it. Here's random thoughts by Elder Horton #2:

Last Tuesday devo was awesome. Lots of inspiring notes taken. Most prominent of which. Phil 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

If you couldn't finish what you say " the name of Jesus Christ" You probably shouldn't say it. I've been trying to abide by this more lately and it's been helping me.

So you know how when you're listening to someone sing or play an instrument and they're doing amazing and you're really enjoying and then they just mess up one note and then it's hard to get back to enjoying the song again? The spirit is the same kind of way with us. With one bad action that the spirit doesn't approve of, the Holy Ghost loses interest and it'll take a bit of time to come back. I've been trying to live worthy of always having the spirit with me and not doing anything that would push the spirit away.

"I want to be strong so give me mountains to climb, rivers cross. Something thats gonna make me better than I was" Same site. It's called mountains to climb and it's a way nice song too. A great message. A lot of times it's really hard to see how trials can make us stronger but I know that we can grow from our trials if we want to. God doesn't give us trials just so we hurt and feel pain. He gives us trials and adversity so we can grow in faith and strength. I've been through my own trials here at the MTC and at first I was just like "Whhyyyyy?? Ughhhhh" but now I'm honestly thinking about it and I am Thankful for my trials! For my adversity! I don't want just a free ticket. I want to work for my eternal salvation and grow more and more all the way! God knows what's best for each and every one of us and if we just trust in Him and try our best to do His will and make the best of our situations I Know that we will grow to be happier in this life than we ever thought possible. Not to mention the next life. Jesus says when chastising Peter basically saying, the only thing that matters in this life is that we make it back to our Father in Heaven in the Celestial Kingdom....I'm trying to remember the scripture reference but I can't right now. Anyways, moral of the story is, God doesn't give any commandment unto the children of men unless he prepares a way for them to do that thing which he asks and if the very jaws of hell gape open after us, it shall be for our benefit.

I love you all and I'd love to share my testimony again in Portuguese mas nao tenho tempo. meu companheiro quer ir. I'll send more pictures later

Make sure you send this email out to everyone :)





Tuesday, September 3, 2013 I see Sister Tantillo every day!

Mom and Dad!

That's way exciting you guys finished the front porch cover! You guys will definitely have to send me pictures sometime.

Was the green river pretty much as cold as it was last time? That's good dad got a double. Also good no one dump trucked. That was kinda scary last time. Did you guys make sure to go the Right way this time?

How'd BYU do?!?! I am so out of the loop here, I don't know anything of what's going on. Speaking of which, what have you guys heard about Obama, the US, and Syria and what Syria did? My teacher knew something because he was at a meeting with a bunch of basically billionaires and one was the owner of basically all the media or something and he had to kill a story because Obama is an idiot or something like that. My teacher who told us was Irmao Belchior. He's an amazing man with an amazing resume.

Yeah, Jon sent me an email and told me a bit about him and Shelem and their lives and jobs which was awesome. He's a good storyteller/writer.

Were you able to see Bon Bon??

Yes as a matter of fact I have! Believe it or not, I've actually had the blessing of seeing Sister Tantillo every day, multiple times a day since she's been here! I never thought I'd love seeing family so much but I guess being deprived from family and cut off except for weekly emails for 3 weeks really changed things a bit. I usually see Sister Tantillo during every meal and sometimes at devotionals or passing by on the sidewalk. Often times I'm even in her building and I'll drag my companion with me so we can go say hi to her! I've definitely loved having her here and she's been doing great. She's definitely progressing with the language and loving her district. Today I even had the opportunity to be in the same endowment session as her in the Provo Temple! That was way cool. I don't know if you can tell but I'm a bit excited to have her here. (Copied and pasted from an email to Grandma, she asked the same thing)

"Funny thing – the sister missionaries were leaving a message on my phone and she was thanking me for all I do, etc. and then she started to say something and stopped and then said, “I was about to say, ‘in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen,’ but I meant to just say good bye.”  Or something like that.  I guess missionaries really do pray a lot!!"

I did that except I was starting off a prayer with "em nome de Jes........Querido Pai Celestial" haha Elder Johnson laughed a bit.

"The Dear John story was funny!  Thanks for the list of Mormon Messages.  Dad says he’s actually watched them all.  He watches them most Sunday mornings if he doesn’t have to get to meetings.  He’s just awesome like that!  I thought your comments about “making” you do stuff was interesting.  I guess you must have slept by a missionary pod or something.  It’s amazing how quickly attitudes and perspectives can change in the MTC."

Great! Happy to hear it! They're good messages. About "making" me do stuff. Well you know how it is sometimes. I dunno I just wasn't particularly excited about it. I didn't yearn for the spirit as much as I should've when I was at home. I was content with my mediocre spirit mas aqui tudo que eu faço é buscar para o Espírito Santo e o vontade de Deus (but here all that I do is search for the Holy Ghost and the will of God).

What was the best part of your week? It's hard to pinpoint an exact best part. I loved going through the temple this morning. It was my best experience yet with going through the temple. Every week I've learned something new as I went through the temple but this week I feel like I learned more and in the end I felt the spirit more and was closer to God. I still love second Nephi 4. My Lord hath been my support, he hath led me through mine afflictions and preserved my on the waters of the great deep. Oh Lord, I have trusted in thee and I will trust in thee forever. For I know that cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh. Lord wilt thou make me that I may shake at the appearance of sin. It's good. I love it. I've read that section of scripture so much.

How do you say the name of the church in Portuguese?
Eu sou o misionario da Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimas Dias. I'm a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.

Did I spell Portuguese right? Yes

What have you learned about the cultural habits in Brazil? Don't make the okay sign. It's really bad. Also don't snap fingers on both hands and then hit your hands together. Also really bad. Also, try really hard not to punch people who are robbing you. Also make friends with the Drug Lords because they will protect you. Also don't eat a whole pizza then run across town to an important appointment.

What should you not do there that we find acceptable here? I talked about that in the previous question. That’s all I know for now.

Have you learned how Brazil was settled?  Any brief history?? Noo......I haven't..... I'm more worried about other things at the moment. Eu não tenho muito tempo para fazer qualquer coisa que eu quero. I dont have a lot of time to do whatever I want.

Were you able to get all the books you needed there? Yes. Got the small Pregar Meu Evangelho (preach my gospel in port.) which is awesome. So handy. Literally!

What books have you been reading? Umm O livro de Mórmon, the book of mormon, Pregar Meu Evangelho, Dads car book I finished last p-day.

What is your favorite part of the day? The spirit I feel. Then the lessons with Irmao Belchior. 

What do you do for physical activity? Jogar volleyball or basketball or soccer

Are you sleeping good at night? Sim! eu estou dormindo muito bem! Yes! Im sleeping very well!

How many are in your room? Existem seis em meu cuarto. There is 6 in my room.

oao Dad..that's crazy. I'm happy that you didn't break any bones or hit your head or anything. I'm thankful you didn't remove your garments either. I used your story after I read the dear elder to try and help 2 my roommates to wear their garments when working out. They said they felt like they were dishonoring them or something by wearing them working out and getting all sweaty...I tried but they still change which is their choice. I appreciate you and mom influencing me to remember to always wear mine. The occasion I'm thinking of is when I was working on the car and I didn't want to get grease on it which is definitely a lot better reason than some mere sweat but still that definitely wasn't a good enough reason. I did thank God that you were okay and I am praying that He keeps you and my whole family safe. I don't pray much for myself lately. The only reason I'd pray for myself is so I can help others come to the gospel and feel the love of the savior and the happiness that comes with the restored gospel

I ran out of time right now. My companion wants to leave. I wanted to talk about some more stuff. I'll try and get on later.

Lots o' love
Elder Horton

Random Thoughts. By: Elder Horton
When I get back I think I might look into Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering. I was talking with someone here about that and it sounds pretty fun! Maybe write that down to remind me when I get back?? I dunno

"New Year's: look not behind thee" Mormon message was good

I'm going to start a list of temples I've been too when I get back. An excel sheet actually. Imagine that. Elder Horton. Using an excel sheet.

Almost obedient->almost get blessings

How can the Lord put people in your way if you don't plan and know what you're doing yourself?

"When you know it, DON'T DOUBT IT" -Irmao Luis Belchior

Also, repetition seems to shed a lot of truth, light, and understanding on places that otherwise would remain mystical. Like for example some Mormon messages I listen to a lot I keep finding new things to think about that shed light on life. And most importantly the temple. Every time I've been through the temple I've learned something amazing and new. It seems that the often trips to the temple have really opened my eyes to things that I might've never seen normally. I invite all worthy temple recommend holders to go to the temple at least once a month, preferable 2 times. Really preferable every day but that's a bit unfeasible.

That's it for now. Eu sei que a Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimas Dias é verdadeiro. Eu sei que Joseph Smith foi um profeta. Eu sei que o Livro de Mórmon é a palvra de Deus e podemos crescer mais perto a Deus e Jesus Cristo por meio de lendo as paginas do Livro de Mórmon. Eu digo estas coisas em nome de Jesus Cristo amem.


Irmao James, or Tiago. James=Tiago in Portuguese
An Elder I met who is 7' 3" but I didn't ask if he played basketball :-)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 Dear John


That's exciting that you guys celebrated Isaac's and Jana's birthdays! I miss them :( I can't believe he's starting preschool either! It seems like just yesterday I was in preschool and having a 3 year old crush on another girl. That's cool also that he's potty trained...mostly haha I enjoyed that quick story with the presents.

I put it in my planner to look out for the Kellers on that Saturday.

That's awesome about Shelem's and Jonathan's experiences at the Spanish Branch! That's also cool that she's gettin these jobs, I'm happy for her :)

I'm happy to hear about Andrew's job at the Hampton. I'm happy he likes it. He needs a good job that he likes. That's cool with AnnMarie as well. Cool story. I hope you'll tell me the crazy/funny stories in her classroom. How's their van been? Is there any scent of stench left?

You and Dad better enjoy your vacation and time off! Make sure you treat yourselves and have as much fun as possible. You guys deserve a way good vacation. I mean heck, you got 2 sons who served full, honorable missions, 1 who is serving, 3 kids married in the temple, 2 grandkids, 1 kid who Will be married in the temple. You guys have done a great job as parents. Just leave the to-do list at home and go enjoy each other and the places you go, you both deserve it. Don't forget to start your trips with a prayer :)

I got both the packages thanks again for those. I believe I already responded about the khakis and sandals in another email but again just don't worry about it. Thank you though.

Now for answering questions:
Did he know he would be your teacher when he was the “investigator”?
Yes he knew he would be but we had no idea whatsoever. After about 4 lessons with him we'd grown to love him and we all thought he was a way cool guy and we were all gonna miss him so when he opened the door to our classroom with a white shirt and tie on and a nametag that set him apart as a teacher we all screamed for joy pretty much. Very awesome guy with the absolute best stories and spirit.

How was your week?
My week was good! Nothinggggggg toooo crazy or out of the ordinary. I saw Sister Lucas! I saw her on Sunday for the first time at Dinner. I've seen her like 2 or so times since, our schedules don't overlap at all so that's why it took so long to see her. She seems to be doing well though!

Has the weather been good?
The weather has been amazing! Even when it's raining (like it's been doing lately) it's still amazing! Going to the temple this morning was beautiful and walking back as well. There's still those 1 or 2 guys who are trying to convert us to...who knows what but I like to listen to what they say and see how many faults I can find in what they say. Today one was saying that we stole millions of bibles from people and that we couldn't take his bible. The Elders behind me were like "yeah I'm pretty sure I've never stolen a bible before. Have you elder?" "No, I don't think I have either..." "Come to think of it I think we actually give Free bibles to people! The King James Version in fact!" Yeah they're interesting guys. I feel bad for them. I'm surprised they still try after all this time. I was joking with another elder "I'm surprised they're still out here doing this! I mean, I'd be very very very surprised if Any missionary Ever heard them and was like 'yeah you know I think he's right, I'm just going to give up after preparing my whole life and feeling God's testimony to me that this is His work.' " Yeahhhhh noooo that wouldnt' happen.

What have you learned about yourself since being in the MTC?
I can do a lot by myself. But ultimately I need God's help and we all need God's help in life to make it through. I'd say that might be one of the most prominent things I've learned about myself. I'm still learning that I need to rely more on God. as in I know I can do a lot by myself and maybe do a pretty dang good job of it too but with God, not only can I do all things, I can do them perfectly...So I'm trying to rely more on God's power and less on the power of man, myself.

What is your favorite food at the MTC?
hmmm...well it's all pretty good. I mean it's not home but I enjoy it. Most times I'll get 2 of the meals they have and eat the best part(s) and maybe go back for what was my favorite or maybe go and get the third and final meal they offer. I eat a lot. It's pretty bad haha but I haven't visibly gained weight I'm pretty sure.

Have you seen any more people you know in the MTC?
Yeah I saw another guy from my dance180 class and another guy from my 3rd year of EFY.

I heard of someone this week who actually made it to the Brazil MTC on schedule – amazing!
Yeah! My companion's brother came into the MTC at the same time both going to Brazil and he, my companion's brother, got his visa yesterday and is already gone today! It's crazy! It was a lot for him to handle because he wasn't ready for it.

What is the worst thing that has happened since you go to the MTC – or the thing you disliked the most?
Ummm the last lesson we had with Moises went pretty bad... (Moises like Moses in the bible) That's always not a good feeling but we learned from it and we're seeing him again with a different approach that we're hoping will work.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently to prepare for your mission?
Um...I wish I had known Preach My Gospel better. The lessons and also the whole thing really because my teachers keep pointing out to me nuggets of awesomeness in the Preach My Gospel.
Other than that...I think I'm fairly satisfied with my experience here.

Are you getting letters from many people??  Who?
More or less. I got a letter from Bishop Lucas, Bonnie, Michael, Aunt Carol, Lindsay Cork (college/childhood friend), Mina Edwards (college friend). Other than that though no one else has sent me anything which I'm mostly fine with but I would never complain about getting more emails or Dear Elders! :) So spread the word! 

Are they mostly emails, or DearElder??  I did get the word out about that.
uhhh I've only gotten DearElder's except for from you. No one has sent me a handwritten letter except for your 2 or 3 with the talks and stuff. 

Do you know your mother loves you very much?  So does your father!
yes I do know that indeed. And I love you guys very much as well 

So funny story, during Sunday night's devotional, the speaker was having everyone stand up if they met a qualification likeee foreign language or last sunday or significant other writing/waiting and then he asked "If you have received a Dear John since being here at the MTC. About 6 guys stood up. One of them was Elder Tolman from my district and I didn't know that so I felt bad for him and I was mouthing I'm sorry because he was sitting about 10 seats down, he looked kind of confused. Later I found out that he thought a Dear John was just a letter from family or a significant other, he had No idea what a Dear John was! That was kinda funny.

Awesome Mormon Messages and some of Elder Horton's spiritual notes (really notes, bad sentence structure):
"God Will Lift Us Up"
"Looking Through Windows"
Reaching out to others, you really forget your own problems. "God Will Lift Us Up"
More time focusing on self, more likely to fall into rut. "God Will Lift Us Up"
If you have faith you can handle difficulties knowing with an eternal perspective all will be okay. "Men's hearts have failed them"
Satan is trying to get you to quit something great
Be worthy of God's words "Well done thou good and faithful servant"
"You will be freed" About addiction recovery
"My New Life" A sweet story that helps you put things in perspective.

Knowing mom, she'll probably make the family watch those this sunday or monday for family night. I say make because pre mission I would've felt like I was made to but now I just feel blessed. They're good messages and I know they can help us in our lives. If you don't watch them and if mom doesn't make you, that's totally fine too :p We're on the computer almost every day because of something called TALL which is just like Language study and I watch mormon messages while doing TALL and it helps me stay awake and it only redcues my efficiency by about 10% while enjoying all those messages! and more.

Hey I'm on email right now. working on responding to everything
Awesome!  How are you doing?

Great! I'm not sick any more! I got over that maybe Wednesday or Thursday last week
That makes me happy!!  Are you working on the long letter for this week?

Yeahhhh almost, I'm shooting off one last email to a college friend then that one
I can’t wait!!  Dad says sorry for not writing a letter this week, his vacation is busier than he hoped it would be.  Almost done with the porch.  He fell off the ladder this morning, but fortunately, the ladder broke his fall and he’ll only have some bruises to show for it.  No broken bones.  Thankfully!

Dad shouldn't feel bad about that at all! I'm fine with that. That's kinda scary he fell off the ladder! Tell him to be more careful.
He just laughed.  The sad thing is that I was driving Shelem to an interview when he fell and I wasn’t even home.  When I left to drive her again, I told him to not get on the ladder till I got back and he actually did what I asked!!

oao! (wow!) I'm kinda surprised he did what you said too! Maybe he could just pay Jon like 50 bucks to do it or whatever is reasonable. I mean he's an able bodied young man with free time I'm sure. And also a love of money.
Now I’m laughing!!  True, true!!  However Jonathan’s time is limited and weather has been so rainy, he wants to finish it by tonight if possible.  Wish you were here to help!!  I’m sure we’ll have other projects that need help when you get home!!

My companions waitin for me so I'm gonna go now. I think I've run out of things to say... I love all of you! Have a great week!

Love you too!  TTYL!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013 I am doing pretty dang awesome!

Okay, so here's the big response/update letter from Elder Horton.

It is nice to know that mom is crying when talking about me. Makes me feel at least equally loved as the other kids. I do miss you guys and the fun we have but I'm not homesick or anything. I'm exceedingly happy to be here and doing my best to do God's will.

Did Jonathan have as much fun as we had with those wires? Those were a pain in the butt, so hard to reach.

That's curious the connection didn't work for the windstar...annoying indeed. That's good you're helping her though and teaching here how to do things like that.

Ooh Ooh! I forgot when Bon Bon comes to the MTC... will you tell me? I'll try and host that day so I can maybe see her when she pulls up. Do you know if she'll be driven by her mom and dad or fly in? Tell her I love her and can't wait to see her! (Unless she miraculously got her visa in which case that's awesome!)

Yeah mom's been telling me about your guys staycation and vacation. You've earned a good, work-free, fun-full vacation dad. I hope you guys really enjoy yourselves :)

Dad, do you and or Mom know who Vai Sikahena is? He played at the Miracle Bowl for BYU and later played for the Greenbay Packers, The Cardinals, and maybe like one more and now he's a news broadcaster. He gave our Sunday Devotional yesterday and that was pretty cool :D

Thanks for the photos from the wedding. It's nice to show some of my district some pictures from "before"

It's unfortunate you couldn't find any video of the talk but that's okay I guess.

Ooh you think you could look for a talk by Elder Holland given in 2007 about not going home? I'm not worried about that at all but Irmao Belchior said that that talk changed his life because he wasn't always the amazing guy he is now. He was actually going to go home after 2 weeks into the mtc and they called him to the front desk and they told him he was leaving that week even though he was supposed to be there 9 weeks. The Lord knows what's happening. Then he said he watched that talk and it pretty much just plain scared him. He said he tried to find it again but he couldn't. He thinks it's because it was too powerful of a talk. I'd just be curious to read it.

I'll look for Kelsi this Wednesday, that'll be exciting!

That's cool about the Zirkles! Sounds like a lot of fun! They're good people.

That's also cool about Jon and Shelem. Did Jonathan say anything about the people in the branch thinking that he was me? That'd be kinda funny

That's awesome about everyone's jobs! Enjoy the vacation!/Staycation!

You're questions. Followed by my answers:

How are YOU doing?  How was your 2nd week at the MTC?
I am doing pretty dang awesome! Unfortunately I've been a bit under the weather lately....sore throat, nasal drainage. I woke up this morning and it was worse so i took some dayquil, EmergenC, cough drops, and I've just been drinkin OJ lately

What is a new word you’ve learned in Portugese recently?


      arrependimento= repentance


I really know a lot. I'd say my Portuguese now is about the same level where my Spanish was. Maybe a bit less but I can't really speak Spanish anymore. When I try to speak Spanish it just comes out Portuguese and when I finally get it Spanish it comes out with a Portuguese accent and then when I get rid of that I just sound like a gringo haha it's great.

What was a spiritual highlight of your week?
Hmm...hard to choose... I loved the devotional from a week ago. Elder Richard G. Scott came to speak to us. There's nothing like hearing from an apostle of the Lord. He pronounced 2 apostolic blessings from God on us. He gave a great talk. I'd probably have to say that that was the most spiritual moment since last we wrote

What was a challenge you had to overcome?
Well....lately I haven't had a whole lot of what I would consider challenges. Starting off, I was challenged to know enough of the language to teach a basic lesson. But now, I have things to do and most might consider them challenges but I don't think I would... When I am challenged though, I rely on God to help me get through it. Maybe that's how I define a challenge. Requiring God's help to make it through. Something that without God, would turn out not as good or complete.

Do you have enough socks?

Tell me more about your companion.
Um.....well he's an adrenaline junkie. Snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding, mountain biking, other things. He knows how to work out to have a nice body haha ummm he's like me and science when it comes to activities like snowboarding.

Speaking of science, to get my science "fix" as someone in my district called it, yesterday I was drawing Lewis Dot Structures of molecules like Methylcyclopentane and figuring out how much energy one atom of U-239 releases in a nuclear reaction :D Fun stuff. E=mc^2

Who else in your district do you enjoy?
Well we have a sick beatboxer who is fun. Elder Matheny and Gilliat are also fun with their humor. They were roommates in college before and now they're serving in the same mission and are in the same district and are companions in that district. They have a hard time not calling each other by their first names.

How often do you get to go to the temple?
Every Tuesday! So I went this morning. Loved it!

Have you gotten used to seeing your own name on your name tag?
Iiiiiiii....think so yeah. Sometime mid last week I got used to it.

Have you been able to get your last immunization that you needed?
They’ve talked with me about that and it'll be taken care of the week before I leave.

Will you get a turn to meet new missionaries on a Wednesday while you’re there?  How does that work?  Who decides who gets assigned?
You have to sign up for it but I think it's a good chance you'd get to host. The new missionaries are kicked off at the curb and a missionary of the same gender helps them get where they need to go and stays with them for about half hour or so. It's basically just random. If I saw a guy I knew being dropped off I could host him but not a girl. Like Bonnie :'(

Have you heard any update on your VISA status??
Nao :( I'll let you know when I get my reassignment haha, I'm just planning on that.

oao (wow) long letter. Hey so, on a side note! I wish I'd known this before I left but missionaries can wear khakis now! In addition, we can wear a form of sandals which I think would be amazing in the summer months in Sao Paulo because it would allow my feet to breathe. Irmao Walker our first teacher where's the sandals and khakis pretty much every day. So what I'm saying is, you know how we were debating bringing another pair of shoes but decided not too? Well what if we got me those sandals and that way my other shoes see not just 17 percent less wear but more like 20-30 because they wouldn't be worn during the hot summer months with hot sweaty feet thus making all my shoes last longer and my feet feel better. What d'ya think? And then, if you just wanted to send me my good khaki's that'd be great too :) I think that'll be nice. If you want to check up on the new missionary standards to make sure I'm not wrong (which would probably be a good thing because there's always room for error) Just check
, missionary dress and grooming stuff.

Thanks! Love, Elder Horton

Pictures of our first investigator, Abrao, who ended up becoming our teacher, Irmao Luis Belchior. He's flippin awesome haha He's so lively. He has an amazing testimony despite many reasons people would choose not to have a testimony. What I mean by that is life's been hard on him and still is but he knows in whom he has trusted. The Lord is his redeemer. He's an amazing man.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 First Week at the Provo MTC

Hey all! Elder Horton here. I'm gonna start off by answering all the questions. My companion's name is Elder Andrew Johnson. My teacher is irmao walker (brother walker). My bed is suitable for my needs. It's a long twin so I'm fine at nights. I haven't had to break open my bedding yet because they provided us with bedding. I don't think we forgot anything in packing. We pretty much only wear the suit on Sundays, when going to the temple, and when meeting with the branch presidency. Otherwise we all just wear pants and a short sleeve shirt because it's comfortable. It's still a bit weird sometimes to look down and see the name tag that says Elder Horton but it's awesome. I love it. I am indeed the tallest one I've seen so far. I saw another elder who was 6'7" but I'm still taller. I did get my pants from Mr. Mac, thank you. Thank you also for disconnecting my cell phone :) You're awesome mom. How'd Andrew's job interview with BMW go?? That’d be good :D As for dad's car book....I was enjoying reading that, perhaps I would like it if you printed it off and sent a copy. Or maybe just copied and pasted into dear elder and let them print it off?

Dad, I thought about that too while I've been here that we share the same title as the general authorities of the church. And we represent Jesus Christ of course as well. Bed is long enough. Companion Elder Johnson from Twin Cities Minnesota. The too good. It's not really all that good but it's good enough for me to get... 3 main meals and sometimes ice cream. Yeahhhh I've gained a bit of weight while here. I'm like 215 now :D Can't tell though. Most spiritual moment? That's a hard one. Temple today was amazing. Some devotionals have been amazing. Some prayers have been amazing. It's amazing how much you pray here. I'd say probably at least 20 times a day. In Portuguese :D I'll talk more about the temple and devotionals later.

Mom again, responses to yesterday's letter. Yes you can share my email with the whole family, I can email just about anyone pretty much. I got a dear elder from a sister who'll be serving in six months who we were good friends in the same ward together at BYU. She say you post my info on Facebook so thanks mom :) it was a nice letter from her. I like both ways to get mail, it's a nice break during the week and it saves me time on pdays. So both. My Sunday was awesome! We went to church in the main building called 1M where the cafeteria is. We have 10 elder and 5 sisters in our district so we actually have a very large district. Most districts are only 7-9 missionaries. Our branch is composed of 8 districts I believe. Church was awesome too. What we do for sacrament meeting is we're all supposed to prepare a 3-5 minute talk in Portuguese and then they call on us In the meeting to give the talk. Good news: only 2 people are called on and it's usually people leaving. The rest of the time is taken up by the branch presidency and their wives. They take turns and probably recycle their talks every 2 months because then they'll have completely new elders. The studying is going amazing. Both of the gospel and of the language. We are scheduled for classed usually 2 times a day and each session is 3 hours. Usually though the second session is teaching nosso pesquisador (our investigator). His name is abrao. More on that later. No everyone is not in the same place with the language. I'd probably say, humbly, and my district would agree, that I know the language the best. People come to me for checking grammar and asking questions. The reason I'm so good is because of my Spanish background. It's amazing how similar Spanish and Portuguese is. If I don't know how to say something in Portuguese I'll just say it in Spanish, check it later and I'm usually right. A lot of rules and conjugations are very similar as well. Irmao walker actually pulled me out of class to tell me not to answer all the questions even if I know so others can learn haha.

Sleep, yes. Usually around 7.5 hours mais o menos (more or less). Healthy foods? Definitely not. Getting enough? Definitely too much. Exercise? Every day for about 50 minutes.

That's awesome about Jon and Shelem. What was her interview with? She get it?

That's awesome about AnnMarie as well. Or as I say lately, muito bem (very good)

Alright now I'll just free-write. I was gonna try to upload some pictures but I think I need some special adaptor... I've seen lots of people I know since being here! About 20! People from school, people from dance class, people from Greenville. I'll list off some people you know. Elder Daniel Buffington from the other Greenville stake is actually in my district. Elder Zac Wilson from somewhere in South Carolina.. Sister Mady Spencer from august of course. Sister Lexi Wilcox you probably don't know but we went to EFY together my first year. I had a list so I might be forgetting some because I forgot to bring the list.

Ooh! Elder Bednar's talk "Character of Christ" Watch it. It was so amazing, I'd recommend it to everyone.

The first wed, Thurs, Fri, and sat here were super crazy and super maybe you have an idea but probably not. We drop off our luggage and go to the classroom and the teacher doesn't speak a lick of English. unico portugues. Which is awesome! Best way to learn! It was just a bit hard starting off. At the point I'm at now, I can read about 80% of Portuguese that's put in front of me and can understand an okay amount of spoken depending on how they speak, with what accent and how fast. With the lesson with Abrao I understand most of what he says and if I don't I'll just say como? or repita por favor? And I'll usually get it the second time. With my responses, they’re slow but mostly accurate...kind of haha. I get my message across. Abrao read the book of Mormon in between our first lesson and our second and we asked him if he prayed about it and he said nao (no) and so we actually had him pray right there in front of us to know if it was true and it went very well. Afterwards he felt the spirit and I managed to talk about the good feeling being the spirit and somehow getting to baptism where I invited him to be baptized and he said he wanted to know more but was interested. Okay so Maybe I should also mention that he's not a real investigator, he's just pretending. I'd feel really bad if he was real. He does a real good job of pretending though. It was kinda funny when we had him say the closing prayer too, he was thanking us using our names so he was like "eu sou grato por Elderrrrr.......Horton e Elder.......Johnson" As he looked at our name tags haha. Way cool guy though.

Time is passing faster lately. It was so slow last week but it's good now. I'm starting to see how 2 years will just go by. An elder said the night before he left for his mission that we giving up 2 years of our lives and families so others can spend eternities with theirs. We're doing God's work here and I know I'm where I'm supposed to be. I couldn't be happier if I was anywhere else. I have a friend who used to always say "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Lately I've really had to rely on Christ as I prepare for lessons or am learning His gospel or the Portuguese language. Without Christ I can do nothing but with Him, I can do anything. Quando nao tenho Cristo, nao posso fazer algumas coisas mas com Ele, posso fazer algumas coisas.

The new temple video! Is absolutely amazing, I really love how they did every part of it with more emotions and realistic situations. That's all I'll say about that though. I also love the Provo temple, it's the first time it's been open for a month or so now so it was super busy but thankfully they have a large capacity.

AnnaMaria...I mean AnnMarie <3 XD Thanks for the birthday present I've been using it lately to take notes and write down what I want to write about on pday so muito bem :)

I'm happy I can type fast otherwise this would be hard to fit in in an hour.

I don't think I really have anything else to say.... poissss (soooo) Tchauzinos! (little good byes!) eu amo minha familia (I love my family) E também eu sei que Cristo é nosso salvador e também eu sei que esta igreja é verdadeira e eu estou fazando a obra de Deus (And also I know that Chris is our Savior and also I know that this church is true and I am doing the work of God) Em nome de Jesus Cristo, amèm (in the name of Jesus Christ amen)

That was an AWESOME letter!!  I started reading it aloud to Andrew and Shelem and started crying, so Andrew read it to us!!
Hah, sounds like you. Good thing I didn't say *pat pat pat* I don't know if I'll be able to send any pictures this week...but most likely next week
So are you in the main MTC in the bunk rooms?  How many Elders in each room?  Sorry if I may have missed some of Andrew’s reading – I was a bit emotional and haven’t had time to re-read it to process all the info properly!!
Yeah I'm in the Main MTC bunkrooms, we have 6 elders in our room and that's about standard lately but they used to only do 4 per room. Thanks for the pictures yeah I got them :)

Glad you got the photos!  You sound so good!  Kelsi Lucas is going to the Provo MTC next Wednesday …. Instead of the Brazil one.
Muito bem! I'll look out for her

I've gotta go now though sooo maybe I'll get back on later...but don't count on it. I'm sad I can't send pictures right now. Ate logo! (see you later)