Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 28, 2014 I ate at McDonald's today!


Hey Family!

Did you have some good appointments this week?  
Yeah we did. Nothing that was super amAzing but here in Suzano we have some good people, families, that are really interested and we're helping them stop smoking.

Do you teach an investigator class at church on Sunday, or does the ward mission leader do that?  
Sometimes missionaries do that but usually there's a specific calling for teaching the gospel principles class

How far away from your last area have you been while working with E Garcia?  
It's about 40 minutes away by feet and train.

What was the area called that you’ve been working in?

How do you think things will change this week?  
I'll be teaching a lot more Portuguese and talking a lot more during the lessons

Were you able to go to the temple?  
No...I think that'll be the next week.

Fill me in on your week and all the good parts and hard parts and happy parts and all the in-between parts!!!
I ate McDonald's today! I got a big mac! It was very delicious but it was also very expensive...13 reais which is like 6 bucks for just the burger. I had high and was pretty excited to eat at McDonalds so when I ate the burger in like 30 seconds I was kinda disappointed and I was like "well..that's all there is" It wasn't really worth 13 reais...but that's okay.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the mission office to get my new son! So that's exciting.
It's actually been pretty cold here lately which is normal as we're entering the winter season.

That's cool about the Soda machine! Is it cheaper too? Is it the same taste?  Today we played football (soccer) as a zone for a while which was pretty fun. I made some cool goals and juked some Brazilians which is always fun. 

This week we went to Brás Cubas (my area) only 2 times so that's been kinda difficult as well but the 2 times we went there were pretty good! We were able to do a good amount of contacts and follow up with some investigators. I'm excited to just work in Brás Cubas again.

I'm learning Spanish again! I was talking with one of the sisters and one of the elders and I just tried talking in Spanish and what I didn't know, I asked how to say and thus, I learned. They said I was learning really fast :) yay.

We talked with a family that follows the church of spiristism which was interesting. They believe in reincarnation and weird stuff like me it seems like a religion without purpose. They don't believe in the same "Kingdom of God" that we do. They believe that the kingdom of God is in us, our state of happiness and so that's pretty sad. They believe that they'll Always have to deal with this mortal life. We didn't fight with them or anything, we taught a normal lesson and invited them to read, pray, and go to church. Elder Garcia will follow up with them with his new son.

Well...yeah, I think that's about it. I'm happy to hear that everything is going well at home! Don't forget to find some time to study the scriptures daily and pray frequently! It's essential.

Thanks for all the love and support while I'm on this 2 year mission. I still want to go to Mars but I don't think mom'll let me so I just find a nice young lady from earth instead of a red hot Martian ;) hah get it? get it? red? Yeah that was a pretty lame joke, but even so, mom's probably laughing right now. Love you guys! Excited to talk to you all in 2 weeks but I'm not trunky so don't worry about that.

Lots o' love

Elder Horton

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