Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Short On Time

Hey mom!

Sorry I'm really really short on time today, and the period button isn't working, so we're going without periods today, one continuous sentence the whole letter, great isn't it? I think so, but anyways, time's short because one of the elders with which we live hurt his foot and had to go to the hospital and so we couldn't go to the normal lan-house to use the computer so we went to one that was closer, but it was closed,,,so now we're in a member's house, who is awesome, and I gave him priority to use the computer and talk with his family and now the time's almost up and we have to leave soon, buttt I read all the letters that I got from you! But I won't have time to respond to all of the letters now, maybe, if I'm lucky, I might return later today to the lan-house to write better,,,I think that's what I'll do, but if that doesn't work out then I'll just talk quickly about the week

It was hard work, lots of visits, Pedro, a referral from headquarters, is stopping drinking and went to church! Alone! On foot! 45 minutes! Awessommeee, we had 6 people at church 1 of the people we went to the church where they were going and pulled them out of that apostasy, I wanted to do it in the middle of their meeting but we couldn't find her :( so we waited until the end watching the meeting, it was interesting, when she saw us, she said "wow, you really came??" Because I'd told her we would come get her and I told her "Yes, we came to bring you to the true church of Jesus Christ" And so we walked to church, and missed the latter half of the sacrament meeting, but we got the sacrament, and we got there and her son, active member, was bearing his testimony, I've never entered in another church in my mission until now but it was good, bold, missionaries need to be more bold,

I don't have many plans for when I get back,,,I'll think about all of that on the plane ride home, it's better

That's about all I'll write for now, hopefully we'll talk better later love you guys!

Elder Horton

Tuesday, June 9, 2015



Olá família! Bom dia!

That Warrior Dash seems like fun, I always thought it'd be interesting to do something like that.

This Saturday, there was a soccer game that everyone in South America and Europe was watching (And anyone else who loves soccer) It was the final of the Champions League between Barcelona and Junventus an Italian team. I only saw a bit because we got in someone's house and they were watching it but I was rooting for Barcelona because they have Neymar and Daniel Alves which are both Brasilean and also Messi from Argentina but Barcelona won! 3 to 1! Neymar did a goal in the 97th minute seconds before the game ended to make history for something that I don't remember very well...something like being the first person to make a goal in the quarterfinals, semifinals and the finals of the champions league. I didn't care that much about soccer when I came to Brasil but I find that I care more now.

This week was a good one. We visited a lot of people and we ate dinner and lunch (on separate days) with some new investigators that stopped us while we were walking on the street. As we were approaching I heard them talking about Americans and what not and looking at me and I started to smile and go to talk with them and we made a lot of friendship quickly and invited us over for dinner later. I see that they have a lot of potential, he's a logical man, intelligent, not blinded 100 percent yet by the tricks of man.

I got permission from 2 returned missionaries to help their mom to stop smoking because in the present moment, she doesn't want to stop. And she's already old soooo...she'd better stop soon. The good news is that I have a great way to go about calling people to repentance. It's harsh when necessary but I like to compare it to Alma 5 or Mosiah 3 or any other prophet when he calls the people to repentance (is that who you spell it?...) The RM's can't do what I can do because it's their mom :/

I'm starting to tell people here that this is my last transfer and a lot of people are surprised (some aren't that surprised because they researched on facebook when I entered in the MTC and did the math) I was telling everyone that I had about a year on the mission because I knew that if I said exactly how much time, people would start to say "Wow you're almost home!" "2 months? Wow it's almost over!" Just like the daughter of the bishop did when she found out she started mouthing in the conference "YOU'RE GOING HOMEEE!" so I stopped looking at her haha. But it's good because now we're planning my go away party :) Go away party/birthday party for birthdays of the month/integration night/June party (a typical party here in Brasil in the month of June) It's gonna be awesome!!!

So E Zamudio – I’m thinking he’s a Spanish speaker since he’s from Uruguay.  So I guess that means he learned Portuguese for the mission?  Is that very hard for a Spanish speaker?   
Yes that would mean that he learned portuguese on his mission, he speaks pretty dang well actually, a lot of hispanics have a lot of problems speaking portuguese because it's so close to spanish that they speak the right words but with a bad accent. That's the hard part for spanish speakers, they understand portuguese quickly but it's difficult to speak right.

Who are you teaching?
We're teaching a new referral from the church headquarters, a Pedro Danilo that investigated the church about 2 years ago and was almost baptized but wasn't. His only problem is alcohol but he wants to be baptized :)
And 2 other cousins of a family of members that went to church this last week randomly and we're talking with them and their families and trying to prepare them for baptism as well.
We've had to cut some people that weren't progressing :/ which I never like to do but you gotta do what you gotta do to teach the people that care and want our help.

What made you happy this week?
What really made me happy this week was yesterday when we had stake conference and I got to go back to Penha and see everyone there! Man and it seemed like every other person wanted to talk with me because I didn't just make friends in Penha and São Mateus but with lots of people from other wards as well so it really seems like this is my stake and I feel at home here. I marked some appointments to visit some people in Penha that really meant a lot to me so that'll be cool too.

What should returned missionaries do to keep their “eye on the mark”?
Really it's simple, just continue doing the simple things, read the scriptures, continue to pray, and try to be more and more like Jesus Christ and to fulfill responsibilities and do what God would have us do. If you do that, you'll continue heading in the right direction.

What is a favorite memory from your birthday celebrations?
I remmmemmmber that one time that I had  a "surprise" 16th birthday party but that wasn't that much of a surprise because mom left her email open and an email popped up in the corner of the screen "Garrett's surprise birthday party" But it was still fun the same :) Fire and smores and fireworks.

You know I don't remember a lot of birthday party celebrations....when I was younger, my birthday was always dwarfed by that of James and Rie which I think I've always been fine with. I don't remember ever having bitter feelings because of that, I've always been easygoing.

….fav memory from cousin times??
I remember the great cousin times on the cruise ship for Gpa and Gma's aniversary of some great number of years...was it 50?... and we stayed up late at night on the cruise ship playing around and Jacqueline wanted to stay with us but could hardly keep her eyes open and I was very young and awkward and Jonathan found a friend in the library haha good times. Or when everyone was at park city or arizona. They're always good times.

….fav memory with grandparents?
It was really nice when they picked me up at the airport and then we went to J Dawgs and dropped me off at the MTC, some quality grandparent grandson time.

Well I think that's about it. I love you guys!

Elder Horton

Monday, June 1, 2015

Water Box

Hey family!

It's weird that there, it's summer break because here, we still have normal school. But I'm sure that's great for dad to rest a bit more and Rie as well.

So excited to hear about your new companion and all about your first week together.  Where is he from?  How long has he been out?  
His name is Elder Zamudio, he is from Uruguay, he's been out about 5 months, this is his 2nd area. He was trained in Pindamonhongaba where I served as well with Elder Rivera and Elder Bolognini! So that's been cool to talk about the branch there and the people and to remember about when I was there. 

Are you working well together?
Yeah, we got along really well and he has a good focus on hard work and teaching and following up with investigators for baptism and what not. He's a fun guy too and kind of a goofball like me. He told me that I'm crazy but that he likes the way that I talk with members and investigators haha, I have a special way of talking that I think makes people feel comfortable

Where did E. Oliveria aka E. Amoras get sent to?  
He went to Cumbica, which is close to Penha where I served

What were the 3 most important things you learned from working with E. Oliveria?  
I learned more about good parenting because really when you train on a mission, it's very similar to a relationship between father and son, not to the same degree but you learn the same principles. I learned some better teaching methods.
I learned a lot about the jewish religion and other organizations that he knew well, better than I did.
Well that's only 2 but I can't think of a 3rd haha

What was the best part about your past week?  
There were many things that were cool, we managed to find a good amount of new investigators that are family of members so a lot of potential to progress towards baptism. And 2 young men went to church sunday asking to be baptized haha so that's always fun :) and Fabiana, the daughter of Sueli that we baptized, got back from her mission so we got to see her like 4 days last week because we're working togetehr with her to baptize Alll her family and not just her parents but her aunts and uncles and grandma, everyone! We're gonna got like a water box and put it in front of their house and fill it up with water and we're gonna start to baptize in front of her house, it'll be easier than taking everyoen to the church

What have you studied recently? 
I continue my daily study of the book of mormon and I'm in Alma 58 and I also continue my study of the old testament which I have found very interesting. With the manual, it's a lot better and easier to understand, it also takes a bit longer but it's worth it.

Are you happy that you get to stay in Sao Mateus??
Yeah, I wanted to end up my mission here. I also thought it'd be awesome because my birthday is like the last week of the transfer so I think there's gonna be like a birthday/going away party/integration night. Some members already mentioned that.

Well that's about it
I love you guys!

Elder Horton

Monday, May 25, 2015

Families are Forever



I love it when members do their part to make the investigators and new members feel at home! That's so important! We had an investigator at church this week, and the meeting hadn't started yet and he was sitting alone. Some people had gone to shake his hand but that was it. I asked a brother if he could sit by his side and he was trying to avoid the question and ended up not sitting with him... :( But, thankfully, another returned missionary sat by his side...but I get really sad when stuff like this happens, when members don't do their part even when I ask them...But what are you gonna do right? Just gotta continue and do your part. Do we say that in English? Do your part?

It's good to see the family together and I love seeing my cute little nieces and nephews, they look so happy and cute! :) "IT'S SO FLUFFYYY" quote that movie

Do you guys have a riding lawn mower still or is it a push?

Yeah, I remember those stories that you mentioned..or at least that story about the airplane window but I don't think I remember the one about the tram. That really is a good teaching principle, I remember that that has builded my response to situations because I remember that experience that you guys had and it reminds me that I need to be sure of all the details and not bet my lunch on it haha

Those really were some good questions that she asked, It's good for everyone to ask themselves those questions.

As for transfers, my companion, Elder Amoras, will be transferred, but we don't know where too yet, and I'll stay here in São Mateus and receive a new companion and I still don't know who it is.

But this week was good, I've read about half of the old testament and I hope to be able to finish it up this transfer! The work goes, we have some good investigators that just need to decide what they want but I'm confident that with our visits and invites, they'll decide to follow Jesus Christ.

So what was our final plan for when I get home? Do you have the final details already?]

Well I think that's about it for now.
Love you guys!

Elder Horton

Monday, May 18, 2015

Transfers Next Week


Hey family!

This is the last week of the transfer, next week, there will be transfers andddd we won't know who's going and staying until Sunday. I wanted to stay..but I don't know if that's really what'll most help the area and what not, maybe it'd be better if I left. I don't know but I trust in the Lord and I'll do what He wants me to do.

My son Elder Amoras is doing well, he seems to be learning a lot and I have many opportunities to train him and to teach him about how to be a better missionary. I think that by the end of the training, I'll have passed like...60 percent of what I am and know to him. Maybe less.

We live with an elder who's gonna "die" this transfer haha and man is he dead (as we say on the mission) dead in the sense that he's trunky and ready to go home and not working that much. But what are you gonna do right?

I've already prepped my planner for next transfer and for the transfer when I get home :) You guys'll really love the home planner, I did something fun with it.

Do you remember father & son campouts when you were young?  You may remember some fun experiences with your brothers as well as your dad.
Yes as a matter of fact, I do remember some. Some of my greatest memories are of Capture the Flag and fire and Frisbee and that one time that I was very young and dad had to clean me up in the lake after I made a mess of myself, I think because I was afraid of the woods...I don't remember, maybe dad remembers this experience

I love that you got to help the school children learn a song in English!  Was it very difficult?  So did you get to see them perform it for their mothers?
Yeah it was a bit difficult to help them pronounce some things right but they did a pretty dang good job for a bunch of kids. They got like 90 percent of it right.  And yes I saw them perform for their mothers, I was even on the stage with them. Yay! Publicity!

How was your week?  
My week was good, nothing super special to note on. Other than the fact that the young woman here are awesome. They've now taken the initiative of visiting less active young woman and are managing to have a great impact and are going to start handing out invites to come to church to their friends.

Who are you teaching?  
We're continuing our focus on just about the same people, Clementino, the bishop's friend, Meire and Rose, the mom and grandma of Gabriel that was baptized, and Hugo and Tatiana and their family. They're the ones who have most potential right now. We have some other investigators and we're always looking for new people.

What have you learned?  
I was thinking yesterday at church about why stake presidents and bishops and people who generally have more responsibility tend to be so intelligent, wise, good speakers and what not. One would say that one thing results in the other that because they have these attributes that they're capable of more. I thought about something else that is really kind of obvious but it kinda hit me yesterday. The Holy Ghost teaches all truth, truth is light. So when we accept the light and the truth, we accept the holy ghost and as we accept these things in our life, we receive more light and more truth which results in intelligence and wisdom and the ability to speak well. So when we truly follow the Lord and look for light, we become blessed with these things. Makes sense right?

Did I already tell you guys about my thoughts about the spirit world as well? I don't remember...but I've always thought of the spirit world as like a literal prison for the wicked and a literal paradise for the righteous but I've come to believe that it's not like this but it's like the world where we live now and that there are organizations and groups of people and agency and everything that we have here, except for bodies. So it continues being a great trial and challenge to choose Jesus Christ because the 2 sides continue on the other side.

What are you thankful for?
I'm thankful that I was born in the gospel because sometimes I worry if I hadn't been born in the gospel haha, I would've had to have found the church fast. That's what I love about the Church of Jesus Christ is that it really is a help organization for our eternal happiness and salvation and whoever doesn't have this in their lives, will always feel like something is missing.

The church is true!

Elder Horton

Monday, May 11, 2015


Hey mom and family!

It seems like it was just yesterday that we saw each other doesn't it? But seriously, yesterday, I didn't think I'd have so many problems speaking English! At times it was easier and it flowed more smoothly but at times my ward mission leader needed to help me to translate the words to English and when he wasn't there I just stumbled and waited and said incoherent things. It was kinda funny. But it was really good to talk to you mom and everyone else too! James and Liz, Jon and Shelem, Rie and Andrew, and 3 of my 5 nieces and nephews :) I'm excited to get to hold them when I get back!

That was a nice story that you shared about the uncle Don. I wish more people had a greater sense of their responsibility as parents. The world would be 1000 times better.

My week was good. We're walking a lot :(  because we have investigators that will be baptized in many different regions. It's not ideal but if they weren't going to be baptized then I wouldn't go there.

This last week, we helped about 40 or 50 children in a school close by to sing a song in English for mother's day. The song was Because you Loved Me by Celine Dion. Man it was kinda weird to sing that music because that's not exactly manly music but the children did a great job of singing it in English! We went to the mothers day program at the school and it was cool because almost everything was done by people from the church. We were there to help with the English, Sheila was there to direct the children chorus, Gabi and Graciele were there to help with English as well and do propaganda and Sheila even called the relief society president of the stake and another woman to come help give a training about food storage! The only thing that wasn't done by someone from the church was a woman that talked about skin care products haha.

We were talking with a member of the church and we told him that we don't do contacts because we don't even have time because we have to follow up with and teach all of our investigators and we still have many referrals that we need to contact. And he told me that for a good time, there only had fubecas or disobedient missionaries in the area and now that we're here and everyone loves us, we're getting all the blessings in form of referrals :)

I don't have a lot to say because well...we talked yesterday! haha so I'm gonna go ahead and end this letter

love you guys!
The church is true!

Elder Horton

Monday, May 4, 2015

Spilled Cereal


Hey family! :)

As for the travel plans, I manage to think about these things and plan without really getting trunky so we're all good :)

Wow! Isaac scored 5 goals! I remember when I played soccer..I think the only goal I every scored was a goal in our own net....eita!

As for writing in Portuguese. I think that was one of the things that most helped me to learn to speak and read. Because writing, I had to know how to spell the words and when you know how to spell the words, you know how to say them as long as you know the grammatical rules, which I know :) I even write in my journal in Portuguese. I started doing that my 3rd transfer on the mission because I was thinking in Portuguese and trying to write in English so I switched it up because it was easier to write in Portuguese. I'll translate my journal at a later date for future generations :)

The conference we had this week was really awesome. They wanted to shake everyone's hand so we spent 40 minutes for them to shake every hand of every missionary in 2 missions. Elder Cleiton and Elder Aidukaitis came and spake to us with their wives. They talked about getting close to Christ, the missionary purpose and the gospel, being proactive and having inciative, and our potential as missionaries. They even opened up the meeting at the end for the missionaries to do questions. I tried to think of a good question to ask but I couldn't think about anything at the time that I didn't already know the answer. It was funny though, 2 people asked in their question using a phrase that is the exact title of Preach My Gospel. One said "How can I use my time with more wisdom?" And he just said "Read Preach My Gospel" haha.

An interesting story that was told by Sister Cleiton. She purposely spilled cereal on the ground in front of the front door and hid and waited for her kids to get home. They came in one by one. The first didn't even notice the mess and stomped on through it making it worse. The 2nd noticed and then started to blame the others "who did this? They need to come here and clean this up". The 3rd also saw and yelled "MOMM come clean this up" and continued walking. The 4th saw, and walked around the mess but didn't do anything. When the 5th child got home, she saw the mess, and got the broom and dustpan without saying anything and just cleaned it up. And then Sister Claiton compared this story to us and said that probably all of us fit into one of these categories or roles played by her children but that we should all be proactive and have initiative like her last child did. I thought that was very interesting and it's something that I always try to do as well, be proactive and I try to teach this to my son and those in my district. It's very important. She also cited Philemon 1:21 as an example of proactivity

Elder Claiton also spoke about being bold because we have power and authority from God to be bold. In the beginning of my mission I wasn't very bold but now, being bold is one of the things that I most love to do. And I believe I do it well too. For example, yesterday, I was talking with 2 young men that had gone to church to resolve something with a member and they were baptized already but inactive and I could tell that they didn't lead the most righteous life. I did a lot of friendship with them....which you totally don't say in English....I became their friend..that's better. In a matter of 30 minutes and I also understood who they were and their background. And then I called them to repentance. And I promised them that if they continued in that path until they died that they would go to hell. It's something very strong to say but it's very true and they understood because of the way I said it (I'm very good with things like this now) They knew that what I was saying was true. I told them to pray, read the scriptures, and come to church and they could still repent and be worthy to enter into God's kingdom. Like I said, I like being bold, and missionaries need to be bold and cry repentance unto all the children of God.

I like meetings because it's an opportunity to repent, improve, and be better than you were before.

We're going to the temple tomorrow! It'll be my first time to go to the temple of São Paulo. Every time I went, I went to the temple in Campinas. I'm really excited! It's also really convenient because there's the temple store and Deseret by the side so I'll be able to buy some good materials, I think I'm gonna take out the rest of my fun money.

I also encomended (do we say that in English?...) I asked for a scripture case for my future wife :) haha it'll say Sister Horton on front and with a picture of a young woman in armor and on back it'll have a picture of Adam and Eve. I did it for the triple combination in English.

In response to Dad’s request for input on making the home an MTC:
As for making our home an MTC. Well let's think about what are the most important things. A testimony of the gospel, a knowledge of the gospel, and an obedience and willingness to follow the Lord. If you perfect these 3 things, you'll be as great a missionary as Ammon. So now the question, what is to be done in the home to encourage this? Make sure that everyone reads the scriptures every day and gains a love for the scriptures is important. I believe something else that would help would be if the family set som goal to do missionary work. Like set goals to talk with people about the church and the gospel once a week or once a day depending on the needs. Or a goal to work with the missionaries. Also a goal to read and study Preach My Gospel would help a lot. Any plan or goal and activity that has to do with these things would be effective in making your home a mini-MTC

Well I feel like that's about it. Thanks for the letter and the love and the support!

Elder Horton

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4-27-15 Enoch, Alma the Younger, Nephi from 3rd Nephi


Hey family!

I'm happy you guys found time to do a cruise :)

The members here really like me, It's good to be liked

This last week, I entered in contact with the daughter of Sueli that we baptized a couple weeks ago who is on the mission, Fabiana Rodrigues. She asked me how was it for her mom to stop smoking and be baptized so I sent her this email. I thought it'd be interesting for you guys to read too so I copied the email in Portuguese for you Portuguese speakers out there (é nois!) and translated it using google and corrected the major errors (instead of rewriting everything)

É, eu sabia que você estava orando e querendo muito que ela e o José se batizassem, isso, e sua alegria resultante, foram 2 dos motivos que a gente usou para ajudar a incentivar sua mãe a ser batizada. Mas vou te falar viu, foi um a luta haha. A gente chegou aqui em São Mateus, abrindo a área eu e meu filho novinho! Então com certeza pode imaginar né que tava um pouco difícil para a gente no começo, ou pelo menos era para ser. Maravilhosamente, não foi tão difícil assim. Acho que ajudou que eu era LZ aqui da Penha antes e já tinha vindo para cá antes para fazer entrevista e divisão e já conhecia a área um pouco. Então até eu já tinha ouvido falar de sua mãe bem antes de eu vir para essa área, o elder que estava aqui também estava tentando trabalhar com ela para batizá-la mas não conseguiu. Quando chegamos aqui, a gente logo ligou para ela e por acaso, tínhamos almoço com ela naquela semana. Então fomos lá e conhecemos ela e tal. Fomos lá de novo quase todo dia, umas 4 or 5 vezes para semana, quase sempre a tarde, umas 2 horas por 5 semanas. Falamos com ela sobre várias coisas, o Livro de Mórmon, o profeta Joseph Smith e tal. A gente fez metas com ela para ela parar de fumar, a gente deu uma bênção nela, a gente escreveu uma lista de coisas que está perdendo por causa do cigarro e coisas que vai perder. A gente deu algumas fotos do templo, a gente conseguiu até incentivar ela a jogar fora os cigarros em vários momentos. A gente também tirou a foto do panfleto do evangelho do batismo de Jesus e colocamos a meta para o batismo dela que era no começo tipo dia 22 de Março e também algumas coisas para ela fazer quando sentia vontade de fumar (ler as escrituras, orar, ir para igreja cada domingo, beber água, não ficar sem nada a fazer mas ficar ocupado). E também fizemos a meta com ela para ler todo dia o Livro de Mórmon. Ela falou que depois que lia, ficava sem vontade de fumar por tipo 3, 4 horas e depois voltava a vontade então fizemos a meta para ela ler cada 3 horas haha que a gente acompanhou bem e nem sempre conseguia mas se esforçava. A gente também tentou preencher a ficha para dar mais firmeza para seu batismo. Preenchemos tudo menos a assinatura dela por que achava que escrever a assinatura estava dizendo que já ia ser batizada. Também falava que não adianta se batizar só para voltar a fazer coisas erradas, que tinha que continuar. Isso era uma das preocupações dela e a gente só falava para ela que não devemos deixar as possibilidades do que poderá acontecer nos impedir de fazer a coisa certa. Que nós devemos fazer o certo só por que é o certo e depois fazer nosso melhor para continuar firme.

Nossa falando tudo isso, reconheço o quanto que fizemos, realmente foi um monte de coisa né? A gente estava aplicando tudo isso e de repente a gente foi lá, a semana antes de conferência geral, e não tinha fumado desde segunda e já era quarta ou algo assim. A gente ficou animado e continuamos indo lá e acompanhando e marcamos ela para ser batizada na conferência entre as sessões mas eles acabaram não indo, eu acho que por causa da distância. A gente não desistiu e até assim era legal também por que a gente queria batizar numa sexta ou sábado e logo confirmar no domingo. Acompanhamos ela e marcamos a entrevista e estava tudo certo para ela se batizar e ela estava querendo e tudo. Mas quando a gente chegou lá com o Elder que ia fazer a entrevista, a primeira coisa que ela falou "Mudei de ideia, não quero mais me batizar" e aí bateu aquele desespero que acho que você deve conhecer...desespero e tristeza né...mas fazer o que. Eu falei com ela por uns 15 minutos tentando entender por que e convencer ela que precisava se batizar. Se você perguntar ela, ela vai te falar que falei coisas duras, que "dei uma bronca nela." E é verdade, falei coisas que eram difíceis de suportar, como nem Alma 5 ou os profetas da Bíblia ou o Livro de Mórmon. Eu não gosto do fazer isso, mas as vezes é necessário para a salvação da pessoa. Mesmo depois de eu falar com ela, ela não estava de acordo ainda, falei para ela pelo menos fazer a entrevista que ele ia poder dizer como representante autorizado do Senhor se podia se batizar ou não. Esperamos esperamo esperamos e saiu o Elder, com a assinatura dela na ficha e a esperança ressurgiu de dentro de mim e perguntei a ela "E aí então está tudo certo para amanhã?" "Sim" Nossa como eu estava aliviado haha. Ainda continuei com a preocupação de que ela desistisse o dia do batismo. Fomos lá e falamos com ela para firmar ela e perguntei "E aí irmã, tá tudo certo para você entrar na água hoje?" "Ué assinei a ficha, agora tenho que me batizar" haha eu nunca ia explicar para ela nesse momento que podia desistir ainda, mesmo tendo assinado a ficha "sim, é isso mesmo irmã, vai ser da hora seu batismo irmã! A gente falou para a ala inteira pelo face e pelo what's de seu batismo!" Então assim vemos uma coisa interessante, a mesmo coisa que impedia ela de querer ser batizada no começo, estava puxando ela para o batismo no final (falando sobre a assinatura da fica) interessante né?

Para responder sua pergunta se foi muito difícil, sim foi haha mas deu certo e valeu todo o esforço. Ela está muito firme na igreja junto com José. A semana passada a gente não conseguiu passar na casa dela por que meu companheiro estava doi doi (nunca tive que escrever isso...sempre só falei, então não faço ideia de como escrever haha) e ela e o José foram na igreja mesmo assim! O José é muito firme, recebeu o sacerdócio já e realmente mudou para o melhor. Acredito que a Sueli vai ficar firme por que também sempre falou que não adianta se batizar só para afastar. Então agora, é para ficar. Mais um exemplo de algo que impedia ela de ser batizada mas que vai ajudar ela a ficar firme.

Nós estamos ensinando várias pessoas que moram no seu quintal, a Patrícia, a Larissa, a Lourdes, e queremos ensinar mais deles mas não deu oportunidade até agora. Precisamos também pegar mais firme com essas pessoas que já começamos a ensinar. Acho que percebo que fogem um pouco da gente quando a gente vai lá mas a Larissa e Patrícia já expressaram muito desejo e interesse, mas eu acho que tem medo ou algo assim. Mas estou animado por que quando você chegar, já era, é batismo. Vai ser mais fácil pegar uma caixa de água e encher em frente de sua casa que a gente vai batizar tudo mundo aí, começando com o seu quintal e depois espalhando para a rua inteira. Beleza? É isso que está esperando você quando você chegar aqui viu haha se prepare :) Espero que eu continue aqui, quando você voltar, qualquer coisa, eu falo para meu filho fazer isso, estou tentando ensinar ela tudo que eu sei.

A coisa mais da hora que a Sueli falou: "...Quando eu era fumante..." Era! No passado!

Espero que gostou da minha historinha

Yeah, I knew you were praying and wanting so much that she and Joseph were baptized, that, and the resulting joy, were two of the reasons we used to help encourage your mother to be baptized. But I will tell you, it was a struggle haha. We arrived here in São Mateus, opening the area myself and my brand new son! surely can imagine that it was a little difficult for us in the beginning, or at least it should've been. Wonderfully, it was not that hard. I think it helped that I was here LZ of Penha before and had come here before to interview and do splits and knew the area a bit. So I had even heard of your mother long before I came to this area, the elder who was here was also trying to work with her to baptize her but didn't manage to. When we got here, we just called her and by chance, we had lunch with her that week. So we went there and met her and such. We were there again almost every day, about 4 or 5 times to week, usually the afternoon, about 2 hours for 5 weeks. We talked with her about various things, the Book of Mormon, the prophet Joseph Smith and such. We made goals for her to quit smoking, we gave a blessing, we wrote a list of things that she is losing because of cigarette and things she will lose. We gave her some pictures of the temple, we managed to encourage her to throw away the cigarettes at various times. We also took the photo of the pamphlet of the gospel of Jesus' baptism and put the goal for baptism that it was in the beginning type 22 March and also some things for her to do when she felt like smoking (read the scriptures, pray, go to church every Sunday, drinking water, do not be left with nothing to do but get busy). And we also made the goal with her to read the Book of Mormon every day. She said that after she read, she didn't have the desire to smoke for like 3, 4 hours and then the desire returned so we made the goal for her to read every 3 hours haha ​​we followed up well and she didn't always manage to read but she tried. We also tried to fill in the baptismal form to give more strength to her baptism. We filled out everything but her signature because she thought that writing the signature was saying that was about to be baptized. She also said that it's no use to be baptized just to return to do wrong, that you have to continue. This was one of her concerns and we just spoke to her that we should not let the possibilities of what might happen prevent us from doing the right thing. We should do the right just because it is the right and then do our best to remain firm.

Wow, saying all this, I realize how much we did, it really was a lot of stuff wasn't it? We were applying all that and suddenly we were there the week before general conference, and she had not smoked on Monday and it was Wednesday or something. We got excited and kept going there and watching and marked her to be baptized at the conference between sessions but they ended up not going, I think because of the distance. We did not give up and even so it was cool too because we wanted to baptize a Friday or Saturday and then confirm on Sunday. We follow her and we arranged the interview and it was all good for her to be baptized and she was wanting and everything. But when we got there with Elder was going to do the interview, the first thing she said "I changed my mind, I don't want to be baptized" and then came that despair that I think you should know ... despair and sadness ... but what are you gonna do? I talked to her for about 15 minutes trying to understand why and convince her that needed to be baptized. If you ask her, she will tell you that I have spoken hard things, that "I gave her an earful (the translation of google, I thought it was really funny haha)" And it's true, I said things that were hard to bear, just like Alma 5 or prophets of the Bible or the Book of Mormon. I do not like doing this, but sometimes it is necessary for one's salvation. Even after I talk to her, she hadn't agreed yet, I told her at least to do the interview that he was going to say as an authorized representative of the Lord if she could be baptized or not. We wait we wait we wait and the elder left, with her signature on the baptismal form and hope rose within me and I asked her "It's all good for tomorrow?" "Yes" I was relieved haha. I still continued with a concern that she gave up the day of baptism. We went there and spoke to her to strengthen her and asked "Hey sister, it's all good for you to get in the water today?" "I signed the form, now I have to be baptized" haha ​​I never would explain to her then that could give up still, even having signed the statement "yes, that's right sister, your baptism will be awesome! We told the entire ward by facebook and by cellphone about your baptism! “So thus we see an interesting thing, the same thing that kept her from wanting to be baptized at first, was helping for baptism in the end (talking about the signature) interesting right?

To answer your question "Was it very difficult?", yes it was haha ​​but it worked out and it was worth all the effort. She is very firm in the church along with Joseph. Last week we didn't manage to pass at her house because my companion was sick and she and Joseph still were in the church! Joseph is very firm, he received the priesthood and has really changed for the better. I believe that Sueli will stay firm as well because she always said that no use to baptize only to become less active. So now, she is going to stay. Another example of something that prevented her from being baptized but that will help her to stay firm.

We're teaching several people who live in your yard, Patricia, Larissa, Lourdes, and we want to teach more of them but gave no opportunity so far. We also need to be firmer with those people who have already begun to teach. I think I see them fleeing some of us when we go there but Larissa and Patricia have expressed a great desire and interest, but I think they're afraid or something. But I'm excited because when you come, we're just gonna baptise. It will be easier to get a water box and fill in front of your house because we will baptize all everyone, starting with your yard and then spreading to the whole street. Alright? That's what's waiting for you when you get here haha ​​get ready :) I hope I continue here when you get back, if anything happens, I tell my son to do this, I'm trying to teach him everything I know.

The awesomest thing that Sueli said: "... When I was a smoker ..." was! In the past!

I hope you liked my story

We do not – as far as dad and I know have a relative that served there – would it be a Horton or a Smith type of relative??
A Horton. Someone asked me because they said that they met a Horton in this time frame

Did you do your missionary thing with the young women this week??  How did it go??
Yes, yes we did! It was cool, the majority had forgotten :( but 2 remembered and as they showed up, they started to participate, the next week, it'll work out better. It was cool! they had some good questions!

What are your plans this week?
We have a conference with 2 general authorities and the mission sao paulo north

How did the visit to your old area go – I think it was a couple of weeks ago??
It was cool! I managed to visit Jussara and her family! but I didn't manage to see Bruna :( The young woman that I baptized with Cosme a year ago! But we're going again this week to see other people around that area

Who are your top 3 favorite prophets – from any era??  And why??
I'm not gonna say Joseph Smith because that's just cliche but he'd definitely be the on the list. Right after Jesus Christ, who also was a prophet. Outside of these 2 (Does "outside" make sense?...) I'd pick Enoch, Alma the younger and Nephi from 3rd Nephi.
Enoch because he managed to be such a great leader that the whole city was united in purpose and love and everything to such a point that they were translated. That's called success. The biggest success.
Alma the younger because he's a great example of how we can repent and become great instruments in the lord's hands and he was also a great missionary (I might've chosen Amon but I don't think he was a prophet, just a missionary)
Nephi from 3 Nephi because he was so full of the spirit and so righteous that the Lord gave him His power. Everything that he said was fulfilled. It's a great example of power and dignity.

Well my time's up
Love you all!
Elder Horton

4-20-15 Talk at Church


Hey family!!

ISAAC IS PLAYING SOCCER?!?!?! Since when??? It's so weird to think that Isaac is playing soccer..when I left, he was barely starting to walk and speak!

Letter to the president:
Hey President

Thanks for allowing me and Elder Oliveira to be together at least one more transfer, I'm really excited to work here with him. I see the Lord blessing us in many ways. I love new transfers as well because it's always a chance for a new start, a new beginning, a second chance, or in my case, a sixteenth chance haha. I really would like to end my mission in this area because the members here are awesome but I trust in you and in the Lord so I'll do what you want to do.

Thanks for everything!
Elder Horton

Do we have some relative that served here in Brasil São Paulo East from 89 to 91?

How was your week?
My week was good! In the beginning of the week, we were certain that we were going to baptize Clementino, a friend of the bishop that he presented to us last week. But then we discovered he'd have to go to the hospital on sunday :/ so he wasn't baptized yesterday but I have no doubt that he'll be baptized this week. The guy is elect. He has so much faith and is so willing to follow his savior. We've taught him about some commandments and told him that he'd have to let some things go and change some habits to be able to be closer to his Savior and every time he's just like "okay, I'll do it" We invited him to read and pray and at first he said he didn't recieve an answer but then we explained again how the spirit works and he was like "oh, that was probably the spirit then, yeah I got an answer" haha he's awesome.

Other than that, the week went well. Yesterday, a lot more doors were opened up for us at church, new people to teach and baptize and what not. I'm excited for this transfer
Oh I didn't even mention the transfer yet, nothing changed, so nothing really big or different.

Oh! And I remember that many people said before my mission that my height was a blessing and that I should use it to my advantage on the mission. Well I'd have to say that I've tried and really it has been a blessings. We had 2 instances this last week because of my height that could lead to families being baptized. We were going to the market and we passed in front of a house with the gate open and the man said like "wow!" as he looked up at me and I told him "I only have 6 feet 7 inches" in meters of course and his wife that was also outside said "I have a brother that's taller than you" And then I returned "I doubt that!" And then we started talking and they're really awesome! They said they live there 37 years and missionaries have always passed by there and they've always said good morning and what not but no missionary has ever stopped to talk with them. We're the first!

The other situation was basically the same thing.

How do you feel about serving your fellow beings?
I love the opportunity I have to help in the salvation of the children of God. Sometiems it's hard but I'm glad that today, I'm better then I ever was and I have gained a great number of skills and atributes in the mission that help me to better help God's children.
In the beginning of my mission, I was scared to insist or encourage or try to convince the people. I understand now that what convinces is the Holy Ghost and people will always have their agency, but I also understand that we have to insist and encourage a lot sometimes to help people to make the right decisions. That's exactly what the prophets of the old and new testament and the book of mormon did. They knew the importance of what they were saying and they knew that the people needed to do that which they were saying or they'd be condemned to an eternity of suffering. One of the people that we helped to baptize these last weeks, almost didn't get baptized!! I got really sad but I encouraged her greatly and she was baptized. I was talking with her again the last couple days and I asked her "if I'd given up on you, where do you think you would be right now?" "Smoking and not baptized" And so I'm happy that I have power to be a messenger of God and to influence people for their greater good and salvation.

What made you laugh lately?
A lot of things! I laugh a lot, I'm a happy person. Some people call me criancão or like big child because I'm kinda goofy sometimes. I like it though, it's like one of the things I do to help people to like me. But always when it comes to serious stuff, I'm serious. I think it's a good combination

Were those YOUR holey shoes in last week’s photos??  I hope you have another pair that aren’t so holey!!
Those WERE my holey shoes in last week's photo. But I took that photo a while ago, when I was still in Penha. Since then, I've patched them up for 45 reais (about 15 dollars). And now they're good as new!...almost :)

Were those spiders, or crabs, climbing up the tree in that other photo??
Neither. Here they're called Cigarras but I think it's like cicaras in the states. It's a little flying bug that screams and screams and screams until it explodes! And so all those "crabs" that you saw, were actually dead carcasses of this bug.

Who are you teaching this week?
Basically the people that I mentioned up above and we're gonna teach a pastor and some referrals and some friends of members and what not.

This ward is so awesome, that the young womans organization asked us to be at church at 9 to be able to answer questions about missionary work like how to respond when their friends say certain things or how to talk about the gospel with someone. Yeah! This is going to work out very well. I'm excited for the future.

Oh and I gave a talk at church as well, we got there and we saw the bishop talking with his counselors about the talks for that day and they said "Dani will talk and who else?" "No It's just her..." "......Put Elder Horton down there too" haha so I talked, I like talking :) it was fun.

Well that's about it
I love y'all!

Elder Horton

Tuesday, April 14, 2015



I'm happy that Liz loves James so much :) I hope I find someone who loves me that much.

I'm happy to hear that you guys are finding time to relax and have some "me time". Where are you guys going on the cruise? It's not Brasil is it? Haha

So who did you baptize last week?
I think it's funny that you don't even ask "Did you baptize this week?" You just ask "Who?" And you're right! Because we baptized! Sueli! An eternigator of 9 years! I love baptizing eternigators because it brings a good feeling because you know that you finally helped that person and you feel a bit of pride too because you succeeded when many others did not. I know it wasn't just us and that the Lord helped but still :) If we hadn't gone there every day since we got in this area, she would not be baptized right now. It was a struggle and at the end, she almost quit, gave up but we managed to help her make the final decision to be baptized! At times I felt almost like Alma in Alma 5. Yesterday at church, the president of the relief society bore her testimony that she was grateful that the missionaries incentivized her so much to be baptized because if it wasn't for them, she wouldn't be baptized today.

Sueli's husband was baptized about a month ago too, and they have a daughter that was baptized like 9 years ago that's on her mission now and so I'm sure she'll be super happy to hear that her mom got baptized :) Blessings of the mission!

Are you in a hilly area now?
Yeah, where we work, is pretty hilly. But it's close to home and members so it's nice

Do you ever feel down?  If so, what do you do?
I felt more down in the beginning of my mission. Today, I'm more constant, I'm usually just constantly happy :) I have to be happy because if I'm sad, I don't have success. If I'm sad, the members don't like me and I can't get them excited to work and help us baptize and I can't excite the investigators about the church. A successful missionary is a happy missionary.

What is your favorite “treat”?
Treat being like something sweet? And in Brasil or in the states? In the states....I hardly remember...that peanut butter chocolate cake thing with like peanut butter paste underneath and a chocolatey layer on top :) That was good. In Brasil...I likeeee Açaí with paçoca.  Açaí is more like a fruity soft ice cream and many times you put banana in açaí.

What did you learn at your last zone meeting?
Wow...the last zone meeting we had was when I was the zone leader still. We're going to have a zone meeting this week. 

How often does your zone meet?
About once a month usually

What do you like to think about in quiet moments?
I think about a great number of things but for me to recall right. Usually I think about current investigators, the ward, the mission and what not. Sometimes I think about home but I don't get trunky. Sometimes I talk with Elder Olivera about him and his life and what not, he's pretty interesting and has many secrets haha

A sister missionary returned home this last week to this ward and we ate lunch at her house and so that was fun to talk with her about her mission and what not. She even brought 2 young men to church this last week! 1 was already a member but less active and the other isn't a member for now but we're going to work to baptize him this week or the next :)

Elder Olivera is doing well, every day he's learning more and more, he has a lot of potential to be a good missionary. It's funny because the other 2 elders that we live with always play around with him and mess with him and what not and it's funny, everyone laughs even him so it's not like we're scarring him for life, he laughed so hard yesterday and Saturday that I was worried he was going to hurt himself

THE SEASON OF THE CAQUI HAS ARRIVED!!! It’s a delicious fruit that looks like a tomato but is really sweet and yummy :) I bought 12 fruits this last week and ate all of them. Caqui is more there's no way to really describe it. It's not as strong as mango but not as week as melon (like watermelon?)

The church is perfect! I see proof of this every day.

Lots of love
Elder Horton

PS - oh and I didn't even tell you guys in my letter, I'm visiting an old area today! Bras Cubas that a left a year ago! I was companions with Cosme and Mikulecky here and stayed here 6 months. I'm back today to see people while I can. There's a couple here that I helped to get married and be baptized, Delia and Francisco and they need to get sealed! Because it's been over a year so today or another visit, I'm gonna visit them :)