Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 14, 2014 Mission to Mars


How was your week?
This week was pretty good! We had a surprise baptism this week! Bruna, the 18 year old that works at the lan-house was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday! That was way cool and special. Her friend, the other young woman that works at the lan house, Jussara, was there as well. We were hoping that Rosa and 2 other investigators would be able to make it as well but they didn't come. I'll send some pictures here in a bit. She was nervous leading up to the baptism "will there be a lot of people there? I don't want there to be... just you 2 (Elder Cosme and me) is fine" haha there ended up being a full room of people. 6 more elders and aobut 10 more members from our ward including the bishop, his wife, ward mission leader and assistant and wife and 3 other members. It was very special. The water was apparently cold but she only had to go under one time!

Also, Get on my Facebook, Bruna said that she added me but that you haven't accepted yet.
Also, look for a Holly Neff on facebook and get me some means to enter in contact with her. She was in my dance class at BYU!! :)

Also, Elder Cosme did Endoscopy (sp?) some medical thing where they stick a tube in your mouth when you’re knocked out to see what you got you in your stomach. He was feeling some pains. It was actually pretty funny. He slept for like 30 minutes after the endoscopy but he had to drink tea and eat crackers and so I got it for him and he was eating and drinking with his eyes closed and kept falling back asleep. Almost spilt the tea once. And then we left and I had to hold him because if I hadn't, he would've hit all the walls on the streets or fallen in the street or something. I was a bit worried that people would think he was drunk. We went to lunch afterwards and he slept for another half hour. I made a plate of food for him which he ate, I made another which he ate again and then we walked to our compromissos. I was surprised, and happy, about how much we were able to get done that day. After lunch he was almost normal.

HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!!! Have you heard about the mission to mars??? :D :D :D :D I saw in a magazine a woman that was selected for the mission to mars in 2024!!!! Remember that I wanted that to be me! I still think that'd be awesome. If they called me up and asked me to go I think I'd accept :) But you're lucky that I didn't apply. Go science! One of her doubts was thus: "We don't know if it's possible to get pregnant with the different gravity on Mars" How cool is that!

HEY HEY HEY!! Have you heard about the first cloned dog?!?! :D Next it'll be cloned humans! Imagine! It'll be like the Island all over again!! (That movie)

We also did a service project this past week. As a result, I got 4 blisters which was pretty cool! It reminded me of when I rowed. They've already healed up nicely

Have you had any news about transfers? 
I don't Know anything yet but I have 95% certainty that Elder Cosme will leave and 50% certainty that I'll stay. I'll know more tonight and I think I'll have time to let you know tomorrow

How many of your MTC district have made it into their mission so far?  Do you know??
I know that in My mission there were 6 elders including me that were called to serve in this mission. Of the 6, only 1 is missing, Elder Cox haha. Everyone else is here already. As for the Sisters and other missions I don't know...I know Elder Daniel Buffington who is from our stake was permanently reassigned after a short time in the mission field speaking Spanish.

Were they all headed to your mission originally?
No, only 6 of the 13.

Are there many dogs there in Brazil? Do they ever bother you?
Yes there are quite a lot. I think daily we pass....30, 40 dogs on the streets. Sometimes it's fun to provoke the dogs a bit because of their reactions. They usually just skitter and run away but some are stubborn and bark at us. There are about 3 dogs on our daily route that we pass that remember us because we've provoked them in the past and every time we pass they're always barking at us. Sometimes it seems like they're going to bite him or me but they haven't yet! I've been thinking these days about making peace with the dogs by giving them dog food as we pass. And then I thought "maybe if I do this I'll have a pack of dogs following me as I walk on the streets....that'd be cool!"

One of these days, we were going to talk with a less active young woman inside her house and there was a dog that just started growling on the ground for no reason. Elder Cosme was closest and so when he percieved that the dog was aggressive, he pulled down his bag from his shoulders and put it in front of him. As soon as he did that, the dog lunged forth biting the bag and then the owners shooed him away. I'm not sure what would've happened if he hadn't lowered his bag.

The real threat here in Brazil for me is cats. Not becasue they're really a threat but just because I love to play with them! Every time I see a cat I try and get it. And sometimes I'm holding the cat and it wants to leave but I don't want it to leave and it uses its claws and I get scratched a bit. That's happened about 3 times but it's only a bit. It's cool. I like it when the cat's content and purring. That makes me happy. I swear I'm not turning into a cat lady. But at least 3 people have said that they'll send me home with a cat.

Do you have a favorite talk from conference?
I liked Elder Uchtdorf's talk on have the attitude of gratitude. I like how with his one talk it just changes everyone's perception on what gratitude is and helped us understand what is true gratitude and how we can have more true gratitude in our lives. I liked some of the other ones a lot as well.

I was watching a news report this week on crime in Brazil.  This reporter was interviewing a woman on the sidewalk about crime in the city (I don’t know which one) and as he was doing the interview, this thief runs by her, grabs the gold necklace she’s wearing, and runs off across traffic.  Now that I think about it, maybe it was a set up.  What thief would be stupid enough to actually rob someone who was being filmed??  Of course people on drugs do stupid things lots of times.  Maybe it was real…
Yeah I'm not sure if that's true or not but I know that a lot of stuff happens here haha, I'd probably say that it's probably best if you didn't watch the new about Brazil, you could find some pretty bad stuff but you can be comforted in the fact that the Lord protects His missionaries :) Like Elder Runyan said. And last night we were in the house of an awesome Sister who was making a cake of Mandioca for us! She told us a story that was way cool. She said that there was a pair of sister missionaries who were being pursued by a 2 thiefs who were chasing them down to rob them and they ran into a members house that they didn't know that he was a member and the thiefs got to the door and they just froze. The member called the police and they got there and the thiefs were still frozen and the police asked them "why didn't you run or overpower them? It was just a man and 2 girls?" And the thiefs responded "Yeah but you didn't see the 3 Huge men at the door" Basically 3 angels that the Lord had sent to protect the Sisters.

I heard another similar story about an angel with a sword.
The Lord protects his missionaries.

Happy late birthday Mom!!! I hope you had a good one!

Where did James and Liz go on the cruise?

Thanks for the letter! I know that we'll be getting off here earlier than normal to go to the M├ędico and then say goodbye to the people! And so I'll let you know before that moment arrives.

I love you!

Elder Horton
Disciple of Jesus Christ

I'm doing good! Really! Sometimes it's hard to discern of the spirits affecting my actions but usually I can tell when he's with me and when he's not. I do recognize the difference and the great blessings of the Spirit and so I always strive to have him with me as much as possible. Thank you for your letter. It seems like you always have some advice or counsel to give and I always like to hear it. Thank you dad!

Elder Horton

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