Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mar 24, 2013 Pearls of wisdom for Chase Fowers


That's cool you guys already got the new house picked out! Seems like that happened real fast. And it was important actually that you told me the new address because I have to inform the mission that the address was changed which I've already done so thanks!

That's way cool that the temple is so close! I don't know for how long I'll be there when I return but I have certainty that I'll take advantage of the close proximity of the temple

How was your week? This week has been good but also disappointing. We've been helping the ward to clean up its list of members that moved, died, or don't want anything to do with the church to help our ward qualify for benefits form the church and also to invite people to come back to church and so we've already had some good successes with that which is good! A bit disappointing because not even Rosa went to church yesterday :/ None of our investigators went to church. I think it's because she went to São Paulo but we told her to call us if that ended up happening. Not even Delia and Francisco went to church which made me sad as well. The member that they usual get a ride with didn't go and they didn't have money to take the bus. I talked with her about guarding money for moments like this and she said she'll try.

Will you watch conference in English or Portuguese?  If they have it in English then English I think. We'll see.

How is the missionary work going? The missionary work is going alright, it could be better. Elder Cosme usually doesn’t want to leave to work before leaving for lunch unless we have an appointment with someone so that limits our time but I'm hoping to start visiting less active members before lunch to get us going. How is E Cosme? He's fine, it's been a bit colder lately which he doesn't like but I love haha

 What did you do for fun this week?  Fun? During the week of missionary work? True fun doesn't happen very often. My fun happens on p-day. Our district leader invited us to play Frisbee today and so that'd be fun! We'll see if we go or not.

Do you still study the language every day?  Nope, I hardly even studied the language when I was with Elder Steele. Maybe I studied 10 times in our whole 2 transfers together. I already knew the grammar rules I just needed the vocab and the application

What’s your favorite food lately? It's been stroganoff since I've gotten here. I love churrasco here as well :) very very good.

This past week we were with Rosa and her family preparing to teach them and the power went out! So we taught them anyways with my little flashlight and the light from our cellphone and so that was a first for me that was pretty cool. We ended up staying there for about 3 hours or so because it was also storming and I hadn't brought an umbrella (almost forgot the word for umbrella) and then we took the bus home instead of walking for 1 hour.

Claucio and Taís. We received Taís as a reference from the other elders and the same day we went there and we talked with her and her father which was cool. The father, Claucio was way interested and curious to know but also willing to debate his side and that the Book of Mormon shouldn't exist. Elder Cosme brought out the scriptures that counter this idea but I could see that it wasn't affecting him and they were just debating and we were losing the spirit so I decided that I needed to change the subject. So I testified of the Book of Mormon and that it's proof that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that the Church of Christ really has been restored on the earth today. And so you have 2 options. Either, all that we spoke is true, or all that we spoke is false and our church is like any other. We challenged him to read the book and pray to ask God if the book was true and he and his daughter accepted. He's a big fan of the Holy Ghost and so he liked the role of it in him receiving an answer. We've only taught them once but I have good hopes for them.

Anyways that's about it for this week I think....Nothing else big really happened. I'm happy it's colder! And I'm wearing my jeans with my Brazil belt! So I’m happy :)

The church is true.

Elder Horton

Some advice that he (Chase Fowers) asked and I gave…

My good friend. I wanted to let you know that I have been called to serve in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission, leaving July 2 for the Provo MTC. I have never had a moment more excited in my life than when I opened that letter. 

Also, my life is wonderful. I have decided recently that I have never been happier with my life than I am now. Between school, skiing, friendships, and serving in my capacities within the ward, I have felt more peace than ever before. 

I don't expect an immediate response from you because I know that you are working hard, but when you get a chance, shoot me an email about Brazil. If you can, try and include a pearl of wisdom or experience that I can share with the missionary preparation class that I teach on Sundays during the second hour. 

I hope that you are doing well and allowing the Lord to use you to touch the lives of your investigators. I love you, Garrett, and I am excited to see you again in a few years.

Elder Fowers
Chase, soon to be Elder Fowers

My parents told me that you were called to serve in that mission! The same mission that Jonathan served in, maybe you could talk with him as well for any advice or questions.

I'm happy to hear that you’re truly finding happiness in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm a bit sad that none of our time at BYU overlapped! That would've been way cool.

So you want to know about Brazil and you want a pearl of wisdom or experience? I'll tell you 2 things that are essential to be a successful missionary:

The first, as you will be a representative of Jesus Christ and will wear his name just below yours, you should prepare yourself to act as Jesus Christ would act in all situations and seek to have His attributes. Love, charity, patience, hope, faith, diligence, obedience and the others which can be found in Preach my Gospel. Study these attributes and try to build them now and ask for help in building them. As you ask for help to have these attributes, God won't just give you patience, He'll give you trials where patience will be required of you. And actually this is the purpose of trials. Because if we didn't have hard times in our lives or annoying situations we would never learn faith or love or patience or obedience and so remember this in your life and always try and think "What would Jesus do in this situation?" and "What is that God wants me to learn from this situation?" Thinking and preparing like this, you will see yourself grow to be more like Christ until you shall be like Him (Moroni 7:48)      
The second, is the importance of having the spirit with you at All times. As you serve, you don't know these people, you don't know their hearts, their thoughts, their feelings. But God knows and He can help you to know through the Holy Ghost. And so as you live worthy of the Holy Ghost through obedience to the commandments, mission rules, and seeking constantly His guidance, you will guided to do the will of the Lord and you will find true happiness in your 2 years and you will find yourself wanting to serve more. (That's when member missionary work comes in After the mission ;) )

There's an amazing talk given by a mission president to his mission. I found it for you! It's amazing. Read it now and decide to be the fourth missionary. It will change your mission.

 I know that you will find the first and second missionaries in your mission. There will be a lot of disobedience to the mission rules in your mission. You should decide now to obey all the rules but at the same time love your companions into the ground and sacrificing for them. That will be important as well. It will be difficult for you to know what to do but just seek the help of the Lord and everything will be okay. Some of your biggest converts on the mission might be your companions.

Always have faith in your mission president and in the Lord and in the fact that you were called by a prophet of God to serve in that mission and that God has a marvelous work and wonder for you to perform in Buenos Aires.

I hope that you find my words helpful and I hope that you can help others as you study and try to be a better person and missionary.

Elder Horton

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