Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Feb 17, 2014 - Moving to Houston


The fact that your counselors cried is a sign that you did a good job as Relief Society President :) And they'll miss your presence and everything that you did for them and for the other sisters. 

How are you doing? I'm fine, always happy to be on the computer!

How was your week?  My week was pretty awesome! We didn't have the best numbers but this week we managed to help Delia and Francisco be married and then baptized!!! And so that was really awesome. I'll send you guys some pictures of that in a second. Or thousand or so...But it was way cool. They were way excited. They were "happy before" but now they're "more happy." Unfortunately, Neither Kesia neither Natan went to church yesterday and so they won't be able to be baptized this week :/

What was the best part?  The legal wedding of them and their baptism!

What was the worst part? Good question...There are some pretty depressing moments with Elder Cosme. Sometimes it's really hard to be his companion. I'm trying to do what's right though. I'm proud to say that lately when he's gotten angry and fights with me that I've kept my calm and haven't raised my voice or done anything stupid (Though I've thought about it before). I'm trying to have more patience..more love...

What is some scripture or concept you have been studying lately that has significance for you? I've been watching a lot of the Preach My Gospel videos lately and I've been really liking that. I think spiritual videos are like an automatic door for the Holy Ghost. You just start watching and boom! The Holy Ghost is there! And I've been learning a lot of really good things from this videos that I've been applying and seeing results. For example I learned in there about asking inspired questions. Questions that come not from my mind but from heaven, from the spirit. And I tried applying it once and I asked a question after thinking for a couple seconds about what I should ask and our investigator said that she felt like she had an empty space in her life bu that now, the empty space is filled as we've been teaching her!! That's awesome!!
I've also been studying lately in the Bible the life of Jesus Christ because I'm trying to be more like him and so I'm studying the things he did. Something he always did is confound the Pharisees and others who were trying to debunkle (real word? who knows, you know what i mean) him. A lot of times it says that He "knew their thoughts, the thoughts of their hearts" and this knowledge comes through the Holy Ghost. And so I've been seeking to have more guidance by the Holy Ghost lately and I'm continuing my studies.

I found a cool scripture for missionaries! It talks about if you leave your house, or your mother, or your brother, or your wife or your children or your land or some other things then you will be rewarded 100 fold or something like that. Cool right?

I heard that Justin Bieber is going to BYU out of punishment by the law because BYU is the strictest school? Is that true?

I...didn't really prepare anything to write about for this week. And I can't think of anything else for I'll close this letter for now. I love all of you! Thanks for the support and love. The church is true!

Elder Horton
(In response to news that we’re moving to Houston)
Mom told me you were wanting me to read this letter and let you know what my thoughts were on it. I'd already read it and I'm not devastated or anything like that. It was a surprise to me but I'm happy to hear that you guys prayed about it and that this isn't just your decision but the Lord's and so I know it will be for the best for you guys and for our family. It's a very logical decision as well. I like that you talked about how the Lord has blessed you with job security and even though 95% of your division was laid off that you were kept on. It's a blessing of living the gospel and it's a testimony building experience for me. I also liked what you said about your new division being hungry for chemical engineers to the extent that it is! You know me, I'm a happy ChemE and anything that means a job is awesome. I don't have any problems with returning to a new house that I don't know, you guys know me, I'm a flexible guy. And while you guys will be moving farther from James, Liz, Rie and Andrew, you'll also be moving closer to our other family in Utah, Oklahoma, Washington. It's not closeee but it's closer.

Mom you're an awesome mom, but you don't have to cry. You'll have eternity with us! This is just what needs to be done for now. It'll all be okay :) 

I love you both. I'm happy that you guys are happy and doing the Lord's will.

Elder Horton

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