Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mar 31, 2014 Invite your friends to church, please!


I'm happy to hear that things are going well there! Even if things are busy, it's good that you're accomplishing a lot.

Dad, I was talking with my companion this week just now about how ever since I've been like 9 or 10 or so, you haven't sat with us in the pews that since then you've been bishop or high counselor or in the stake presidency.

How was your week? 
My week was good. I like Portuguese. It's interesting. As I'm writing I'm wanting to make the word "good" feminine because week is feminine. Semana. Minha semana foi boa. Gostei. It’s difficult and weird not to speak Portuguese. There's an Elder that was in my MTC district who likes to speak English too much I think...he almost always speaks in English with me but I just speak Portuguese with him. With you guys I just have to speak English mesmo. Most of the time ;) Anyways the weeks was good! It was a bit difficult...and annoying as well. Elder Cosme and I both got the cold. This Friday, we didn't even leave the house because we both had painful headaches and coughs and sneezes. And so we stayed. It was I think the second time that I broke out the first aid kit (Thanks mom it's awesome!) Everyone always says "oh mano que da hora" basically, "awesome!" I've been taking the Nyquil and the Dayquil and some other things....mucinex? and emergenc and cough drops which again, is candy here. But now, I'm pretty much all better. A couple coughs here or there. But because of the sickness, we went home early a couple days to avoid the cold at night (it doesn't bother me but it bothers Elder Cosme) and so we weren't able to do a Whole lto this week. Rosa and Tata went to church this week, Tata is the daughter of Rosa. Rosa even put on make-up! She's way cool. It was a bit weird to see her with make-up. Also Delia, Francisco, and Maria Aparecida all went to church this week as well. Maria was getting lost on the way sometimes so we talked with another sister to help her get there.

Are things continuing to cool off?  
They are...more or less. It's a bit cooler

What was the best part of your week?
My awesome new hammock and also that I finished a list of the members of the ward while I've been sick in house. It took about 7 hours altogether of cutting 26 pages of names pasting them into their neighborhoods in an organized manner, almost all of it with a headache. But you gotta do what you gotta do right? (Here they say, you gotta do what's gotta be done) But its way cool! I made a copy and gave it to Fernando the 2nd counselor and he was happy and said later "Elder, when are transfers?" "Abril 15" "We hope you stay here and train" Ohhhhh, legallll it’s cool that they like me :) Makes a missionary happy.

What have you learned from other Elders lately that has helped you?
I learned that you shouldn't play futebol barefoot. My companion and a couple others have bleeding wounds on their feet now because of it. That's what we did today. P-day of the zone.

I’m sorry you didn’t have any investigators last week – was it better this week?
It was! Like I said, Rosa and Tata went but we also invited 2 young women (18 years) from the lan-house (where we always use the computer) to go to church with us and they accepted and went! It helped a lot that in the 3 months that I've been here, I've done a lot of friendship with them and so we like to have fun and laugh together and it was really cool! They went there all on their own and liked it a lot! We're going there tomorrow to teach them the first lesson.

Have you used your spy cam lately?
Nooo I haven't as much lately

Do you need anything?
A million dollars? Noo I'm good. Tranquilo. Just pray when you can and help the missionaries in your wards and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO CHURCH please :) Don't be ashamed of the gospel. It's the only true, full gospel! People will see that!


Elder Horton

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