Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 Raise the dead (soup)



It's good to hear about you guys and how everything’s going. I'm happy to hear that everything went good with the moves and the new houses and new cars and new adventures! I do miss you guys and especially Isaac and Jana the cutest niece and nephew I've ever had.

I remember hearing that quote about wings as well, I wrote that one down but of course I was listening in Portuguese. I understood like 99.5 percent of what was said and so that was cool and a good improvement on last general conference. I do miss hearing the real voice of the prophet and the apostles. They talk in a very special way that shows that they're not just saying words but they really, really mean what they say. And so I'm always happy when the translator stops talking for a bit and I could just hear them talking.

I had never thought about how much of your life Dad hasn’t sat with us in church.  Amazing.  What did E Cosme think of that?  
He didn't actually respond to that. I think he didn't like the fact that I have my family in the church and he doesn't.

I’m sorry you were sick but glad your amazing first aid kit came to the rescue!!  AND glad it didn’t last long.  Maybe it was allergies??  I hope you’re all better now and feeling good. 
I'm feeling 100 percent now thank you! I'm not sure what it was exactly..I don't think it was allergies, I think it was just the 
flu or cold or something

I’m glad Rosa and Tata went to church last week as well as Delia and Fransisco.  They’re the ones who got married, right?  I hope they were all able to hear conference this weekend too!!
Yep they're the ones that got married! Anddd they didn't go :( I was sad only Bruna went to church with us. She's absolutely awesome but we were expecting 4 more investigators to come.

How are E Cosme’s feet this week?  Hopefully they didn’t get infected from getting cut up last week!
They're healing up. He complains every now and then but he hasn't impeded our work.

It seems that the problems with E Cosme have gone down to ZERO!??  Is that right?  Well, I’m sure that any relationship doesn’t have ZERO problems, but it sure seems that all the garbage going on in the beginning is over. 
Eh, we still have some bumps in the relationship but we both understand the other now and we're both more accommodating. In the beginning, he was annoyed that I wanted to keep the rules but now he just expects it and knows that I'm not going to break the rules and so doesn't get annoyed with me now.

Has it been the same for the other Elders that were having difficulties? 
The other Elders, as far as I know, are doing good. I haven't heard about any more difficulties with them lately

Did that mafia thing go away?
As far as I know yeah, but I also know that Elder Cosme is hiding something from me...In the past weeks I've picked up hints that they're doing something else, maybe the t-shirts still or maybe something else but whatever it is will be done next Tuesday, the day before transfers. I'm gonna tell the president about what I know and let him decide what he wants to do.

This week, Elder Junior and Elder Cosme have made 2 times a Brazilian food that's called "raise the dead" in English. It's actually pretty good! It's like a soup


Elder Horton

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