Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, June 9, 2015



Olá família! Bom dia!

That Warrior Dash seems like fun, I always thought it'd be interesting to do something like that.

This Saturday, there was a soccer game that everyone in South America and Europe was watching (And anyone else who loves soccer) It was the final of the Champions League between Barcelona and Junventus an Italian team. I only saw a bit because we got in someone's house and they were watching it but I was rooting for Barcelona because they have Neymar and Daniel Alves which are both Brasilean and also Messi from Argentina but Barcelona won! 3 to 1! Neymar did a goal in the 97th minute seconds before the game ended to make history for something that I don't remember very well...something like being the first person to make a goal in the quarterfinals, semifinals and the finals of the champions league. I didn't care that much about soccer when I came to Brasil but I find that I care more now.

This week was a good one. We visited a lot of people and we ate dinner and lunch (on separate days) with some new investigators that stopped us while we were walking on the street. As we were approaching I heard them talking about Americans and what not and looking at me and I started to smile and go to talk with them and we made a lot of friendship quickly and invited us over for dinner later. I see that they have a lot of potential, he's a logical man, intelligent, not blinded 100 percent yet by the tricks of man.

I got permission from 2 returned missionaries to help their mom to stop smoking because in the present moment, she doesn't want to stop. And she's already old soooo...she'd better stop soon. The good news is that I have a great way to go about calling people to repentance. It's harsh when necessary but I like to compare it to Alma 5 or Mosiah 3 or any other prophet when he calls the people to repentance (is that who you spell it?...) The RM's can't do what I can do because it's their mom :/

I'm starting to tell people here that this is my last transfer and a lot of people are surprised (some aren't that surprised because they researched on facebook when I entered in the MTC and did the math) I was telling everyone that I had about a year on the mission because I knew that if I said exactly how much time, people would start to say "Wow you're almost home!" "2 months? Wow it's almost over!" Just like the daughter of the bishop did when she found out she started mouthing in the conference "YOU'RE GOING HOMEEE!" so I stopped looking at her haha. But it's good because now we're planning my go away party :) Go away party/birthday party for birthdays of the month/integration night/June party (a typical party here in Brasil in the month of June) It's gonna be awesome!!!

So E Zamudio – I’m thinking he’s a Spanish speaker since he’s from Uruguay.  So I guess that means he learned Portuguese for the mission?  Is that very hard for a Spanish speaker?   
Yes that would mean that he learned portuguese on his mission, he speaks pretty dang well actually, a lot of hispanics have a lot of problems speaking portuguese because it's so close to spanish that they speak the right words but with a bad accent. That's the hard part for spanish speakers, they understand portuguese quickly but it's difficult to speak right.

Who are you teaching?
We're teaching a new referral from the church headquarters, a Pedro Danilo that investigated the church about 2 years ago and was almost baptized but wasn't. His only problem is alcohol but he wants to be baptized :)
And 2 other cousins of a family of members that went to church this last week randomly and we're talking with them and their families and trying to prepare them for baptism as well.
We've had to cut some people that weren't progressing :/ which I never like to do but you gotta do what you gotta do to teach the people that care and want our help.

What made you happy this week?
What really made me happy this week was yesterday when we had stake conference and I got to go back to Penha and see everyone there! Man and it seemed like every other person wanted to talk with me because I didn't just make friends in Penha and São Mateus but with lots of people from other wards as well so it really seems like this is my stake and I feel at home here. I marked some appointments to visit some people in Penha that really meant a lot to me so that'll be cool too.

What should returned missionaries do to keep their “eye on the mark”?
Really it's simple, just continue doing the simple things, read the scriptures, continue to pray, and try to be more and more like Jesus Christ and to fulfill responsibilities and do what God would have us do. If you do that, you'll continue heading in the right direction.

What is a favorite memory from your birthday celebrations?
I remmmemmmber that one time that I had  a "surprise" 16th birthday party but that wasn't that much of a surprise because mom left her email open and an email popped up in the corner of the screen "Garrett's surprise birthday party" But it was still fun the same :) Fire and smores and fireworks.

You know I don't remember a lot of birthday party celebrations....when I was younger, my birthday was always dwarfed by that of James and Rie which I think I've always been fine with. I don't remember ever having bitter feelings because of that, I've always been easygoing.

….fav memory from cousin times??
I remember the great cousin times on the cruise ship for Gpa and Gma's aniversary of some great number of years...was it 50?... and we stayed up late at night on the cruise ship playing around and Jacqueline wanted to stay with us but could hardly keep her eyes open and I was very young and awkward and Jonathan found a friend in the library haha good times. Or when everyone was at park city or arizona. They're always good times.

….fav memory with grandparents?
It was really nice when they picked me up at the airport and then we went to J Dawgs and dropped me off at the MTC, some quality grandparent grandson time.

Well I think that's about it. I love you guys!

Elder Horton

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