Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, May 18, 2015

Transfers Next Week


Hey family!

This is the last week of the transfer, next week, there will be transfers andddd we won't know who's going and staying until Sunday. I wanted to stay..but I don't know if that's really what'll most help the area and what not, maybe it'd be better if I left. I don't know but I trust in the Lord and I'll do what He wants me to do.

My son Elder Amoras is doing well, he seems to be learning a lot and I have many opportunities to train him and to teach him about how to be a better missionary. I think that by the end of the training, I'll have passed like...60 percent of what I am and know to him. Maybe less.

We live with an elder who's gonna "die" this transfer haha and man is he dead (as we say on the mission) dead in the sense that he's trunky and ready to go home and not working that much. But what are you gonna do right?

I've already prepped my planner for next transfer and for the transfer when I get home :) You guys'll really love the home planner, I did something fun with it.

Do you remember father & son campouts when you were young?  You may remember some fun experiences with your brothers as well as your dad.
Yes as a matter of fact, I do remember some. Some of my greatest memories are of Capture the Flag and fire and Frisbee and that one time that I was very young and dad had to clean me up in the lake after I made a mess of myself, I think because I was afraid of the woods...I don't remember, maybe dad remembers this experience

I love that you got to help the school children learn a song in English!  Was it very difficult?  So did you get to see them perform it for their mothers?
Yeah it was a bit difficult to help them pronounce some things right but they did a pretty dang good job for a bunch of kids. They got like 90 percent of it right.  And yes I saw them perform for their mothers, I was even on the stage with them. Yay! Publicity!

How was your week?  
My week was good, nothing super special to note on. Other than the fact that the young woman here are awesome. They've now taken the initiative of visiting less active young woman and are managing to have a great impact and are going to start handing out invites to come to church to their friends.

Who are you teaching?  
We're continuing our focus on just about the same people, Clementino, the bishop's friend, Meire and Rose, the mom and grandma of Gabriel that was baptized, and Hugo and Tatiana and their family. They're the ones who have most potential right now. We have some other investigators and we're always looking for new people.

What have you learned?  
I was thinking yesterday at church about why stake presidents and bishops and people who generally have more responsibility tend to be so intelligent, wise, good speakers and what not. One would say that one thing results in the other that because they have these attributes that they're capable of more. I thought about something else that is really kind of obvious but it kinda hit me yesterday. The Holy Ghost teaches all truth, truth is light. So when we accept the light and the truth, we accept the holy ghost and as we accept these things in our life, we receive more light and more truth which results in intelligence and wisdom and the ability to speak well. So when we truly follow the Lord and look for light, we become blessed with these things. Makes sense right?

Did I already tell you guys about my thoughts about the spirit world as well? I don't remember...but I've always thought of the spirit world as like a literal prison for the wicked and a literal paradise for the righteous but I've come to believe that it's not like this but it's like the world where we live now and that there are organizations and groups of people and agency and everything that we have here, except for bodies. So it continues being a great trial and challenge to choose Jesus Christ because the 2 sides continue on the other side.

What are you thankful for?
I'm thankful that I was born in the gospel because sometimes I worry if I hadn't been born in the gospel haha, I would've had to have found the church fast. That's what I love about the Church of Jesus Christ is that it really is a help organization for our eternal happiness and salvation and whoever doesn't have this in their lives, will always feel like something is missing.

The church is true!

Elder Horton

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