Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Short On Time

Hey mom!

Sorry I'm really really short on time today, and the period button isn't working, so we're going without periods today, one continuous sentence the whole letter, great isn't it? I think so, but anyways, time's short because one of the elders with which we live hurt his foot and had to go to the hospital and so we couldn't go to the normal lan-house to use the computer so we went to one that was closer, but it was closed,,,so now we're in a member's house, who is awesome, and I gave him priority to use the computer and talk with his family and now the time's almost up and we have to leave soon, buttt I read all the letters that I got from you! But I won't have time to respond to all of the letters now, maybe, if I'm lucky, I might return later today to the lan-house to write better,,,I think that's what I'll do, but if that doesn't work out then I'll just talk quickly about the week

It was hard work, lots of visits, Pedro, a referral from headquarters, is stopping drinking and went to church! Alone! On foot! 45 minutes! Awessommeee, we had 6 people at church 1 of the people we went to the church where they were going and pulled them out of that apostasy, I wanted to do it in the middle of their meeting but we couldn't find her :( so we waited until the end watching the meeting, it was interesting, when she saw us, she said "wow, you really came??" Because I'd told her we would come get her and I told her "Yes, we came to bring you to the true church of Jesus Christ" And so we walked to church, and missed the latter half of the sacrament meeting, but we got the sacrament, and we got there and her son, active member, was bearing his testimony, I've never entered in another church in my mission until now but it was good, bold, missionaries need to be more bold,

I don't have many plans for when I get back,,,I'll think about all of that on the plane ride home, it's better

That's about all I'll write for now, hopefully we'll talk better later love you guys!

Elder Horton

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