Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

11-10-14 Skipping class


Hey mom

Big news! There were transfers! ANddddddd the whole district stayed the same. Elder Gilliat continued training Elder Elias and I continued with Elder Bolognini. He and I get along well. We play around, we joke. He buys something for me and I buy something for him. He's used to things like that. Like just buying things for your companion. It's a good thing but it's hard for me. It's really hard not to keep a mental track of how much I've given him and how much he's given me to see if we're "even" man that's hard haha. But I'm trying. Preparing myself for the law of consecration.

I loved the pictures of little baby Ames :)

So how was your week?
The week was good, unfortunately some of our investigators are deciding that they don't want to go to church and these things and in that case we can't do anything :/ it's kind of sad as a missionary because sometimes you just want the best for that person. I was talking with one of the young woman that was helping us to teach 3 of her friends who are losing interest and I was trying to encourage her and tell her not to give up just because these 3 are losing interest and she ended up encouraging me. She said that her dad knew the church for years before becoming a member and maybe now just isn't their time. Which is true. Maybe now, they won't be baptized but I believe that without a doubt our involvement now was key to their conversion after.
I made more cookies. And ate them all already :) It's kind of expensive to do those cookies here...peanut butter is like 10 dollars. to make 2 batches, I spent like 35 dollars. Ridiculous right? But it was worth it, it was very good.

How has service as a missionary changed your outlook on things? 
Being a missionary, I've really gained the ability to see things in a grander perspective. Before my mission, it was just me, my family and 1 or 2 other people but now, it's the whole ward and how everyone works together. Who's there and who's not there, who's growing and who needs some more help. I've started to worry more about that one brother that only comes once or twice a month or even that sister that I've never even seen but that I can visit and help and invite to come back to church. I liked the quotes that you gave because they really are true. Especially that first one.

What are your thoughts about service?
Service is something that can be menial at times but only if we choose it to be menial. If we serve like the savior served then there is a great amount of joy and love that can be shared as we serve. I've passed in many wards and gotten to known many members. I've seen every kind of member. The happy member is not the member that sits in the bench listens and leaves just to come back in a week and do it again without interacting. The happy member is the member that interacts with others, has good friendships inside and outside of the church. The happy member is the member that chooses to serve his fellow brethren instead of just watching the news or something like that. It's tiring but it's worth it and with the Lord, we can take upon us His yoke with is light and he can help us.

I love you all!
Elder Horton

(In response to Dad’s letter)
I always enjoy reading your letters, thanks for taking the time to write them and let me know who things are going with you. I'm happy to see that you're helping your Sunday School class and helping them to gain their own testimonies about the principles of the gospel :) You're a good instructor. I remember when I was like 15 or 16, I would skip class sometimes and go to the YSA because I thought the teacher boring. But I don't think I would've skipped your class.

Thanks for being a good dad and a good example and a good instructor in my life growing up :) You and mom both.

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