Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, January 19, 2015

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Hey Family

I found an awesome link! Look into it! Read it! Share it! (Facebook)

I don't have time to watch these videos but it seems like they'd be interesting, I was reading a book about Member Missionary Work and it cited this movie

Another cool story :)

Mom I think you just made a record. I think this is your first letter in more than a year that I'm on my mission that you didn't ask a single that's weird haha but I'm already used to your questions. "How was your week" and what not

This week was awesome! We baptized!!! Carlos! My first baptism here in Penha. We found him a 3 weeks ago when we were going to call some of his family members to go to church, we hadn't seen him yet because he hadn't been living there long, his family was sleeping (slackers) but he was up and awake and we were like "hey, wanna go to church?!" "sure" and he had a really good experience and was and is really excited which made the others excited as well :) We're hoping to baptize his sister and other family members in the coming weeks, we'll see. It's also the first time that I got in the water since Bras Cubas with my son, Elder Mikulecky when we baptized Jose Carlos. It's been a while.

The week was a bit difficult because my companion, Elder Gomes, is having some back problems so that's made it a bit harder but the good news is that he's getting better.

The zone has 8 people marked to be baptized! I hope that the missionaries follow through because if they do their job well, we'll reach our goal for the month of january! which would make me a happy zone leader :)

Every day is another opportunity to learn.

I learned or reinforced something this week. The best missionary is the missionary that really tries to become like Jesus Christ and take upon him His atributes of patience, love, dilignece, obedience, and the others. We had an experience this week with a family. We were teaching the father of the family who was interested in our message and the family didn't really want to hear a lot of what we had to say the times that we'd passed by there, we always offered but they never really wanted to listen. Well this saturday, we went there again and they started off telling us how angry they were with us and criticizing the church and things we'd been teaching and what not and man if we hadn't had patience, humility, love, knowledge and diligence, man we would've just burned them then and there and left them even more angry than when we got there. And at times, I really did just wanna burn them (does that make sense in english??) but we had patience and humility and when we lift, they were smiling and friendly with us and we were able to mark another visit to come back and explain more.

I got to see a young woman open up her mission calling this week :) It was cool to see her excitement and feel the spirit of that again.

Well I think that's about it...yep......I can't think of anything else. If I do, I'll write it later

Love you all!

Elder Horton

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