Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, January 26, 2015

A missionary's shoes are hole-y

Mom and family

So transfers!...I'm staying here in Penha, which was almost a given, and the other 3 elders are leaving! We still don't know they're going yet, we'll only know tomorrow. So I'll have to me virar (do it on myself) to get to all the lunches and help the new companionship to get to know their area and what not. It'll be a challenge but it'd doable. Elder Y. Gomes thought he was gonna "die" or finish up his mission here so he was surprised to find out he's being transferred.

I'm happy that you liked the note from Ana Paula, they really are a special family.

Guess what! We went to this place that sells ties that are SUPER awesome and pretty and where they'd normally be like 30 reais, they were only like 5!! :) I bought 21 ties for 120 reais! Thanks for the Christmas present! It rocks! Later I'll take pictures to show you guys, man these ties are awesome.

So glad that Carolos was baptized last week!  I know that is a good feeling!  You do so much good each day that doesn’t turn into a baptism, but it’s nice when all that works brings that particular fruit!  Are the other family members starting to be interested in the gospel?
Yeah they are! His cousin is being a bit annoying but his sister and other family members are super interested and humble enough to accept the change whereas his cousin is too proud to accept the change. Like it says in Moroni 7 I think, No one is accepted in the kingdom of god unless their humble. In the next weeks, I believe we'll be able to baptize some more from his family. 

How is E Gomes’ back doing? 
He's 100 percent now

How was your week?
My week was good, I finished Jesus, the Christ this week! Man that's a really good book, I would encourage everyone to read it when they have the chance. Just a couple pages a day, it's so awesome. One of my favorite parts was the part about the apostasy in the 3rd to last chapter.

What is your weather like now?  You’re probably at your hottest?
Thankfully, it's been raining a good amount lately and so the weather's been a bit cooler, more tolerable. I hope it continues but I know it want. Did I tell you guys that there's a lack of water here? Because of the lack of rain, the water deposits are down to like 20 percent or something like that, it's not a huge worry for now but we try to save water.

How is this ward/branch different from your last one?
It's more friendly, bigger....more willing, more excited, dedicated. 2 people have already asked me directly "Elder, what can I do to help you and your investigators?" And at first I just smile and am speechless, than I thank the person, and then mark a date to work with that person.

Are there many returned missionaries in the wards there? Not young ones necessarily, but older members who served a mission and give strength to their ward/branch.
Yeah there are many, I'd say more than half the men in the word served missions.

Have you eaten anything yummy lately?
Pumpkin sweet, it reminded me a lot of your pumpkin pie!
estroganofe with meet. Man it was like my 2 favorite things put together, brasilean churrasco/BBQ and estroganofe. It was perfect haha
Homemade pizza

How are your shoes holding up?
They're better now, I got them patched up so now they're not holy :)

So yeah, that's about it.
Oh and I made a pocket for my planner that I'll take a picture of and show you later too. It's cool because it's also a good place to hide money!

I love you all!

Elder Horton

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