Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

12-30-14 On the way to being like Christ, I want to be like Elder Campbell


Hey family

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, all the lan houses were closed or filled because of the holidays. I don't have a lot of time today either.

Tell me about ….. your Christmas Day … your week … your companion … other Elders you work with … thoughts you’ve had recently that are meaningful … any New Year’s resolutions? … anything else that’s on your mind…
Christmas week was cool. I loved talking with you guys, that's always fun. The work itself was a bit hard because people were running to make last minute buys or traveling and what not but when we were able to visit someone, it was nice. My companion is awesome, I'm able to learn a lot from him though it seems we're never together, the last week, we did divisions or splits Every Day haha I wrote his name in my planner as being my companion but I'm really thinking about erasing it and putting the name of All the elders that I do divisions with haha. But it's a part of being Zone leader as well, the need to de more divisions.

Lately I've really been learning a lot spiritually and, I believe, becoming better spiritually. In my journal, I always write about spiritual things that I've learned and for a couple of days and weeks before, I wasn't writing that much but in the past week or two I've written a good amount of stuff. The Lord is trying to help me to learn, because I asked him too.

I was talking with a recently returned missionary today. He showed me his room. Man what a perfect room. He had various pictures of Christ and gospel related themes. He had like 20 books written be leaders of the church, and 4 that he specifically showed me that he bought recently that have to do with the atonement of Christ and one other important subject that I remember. He's just now reading “Jesus, The Christ,” like me, and I made the comment on all of that, based on what I have Really Learned in the past 2 weeks. The comment I made was something like this "It's interesting, it seems like the more we understand, comprehend or know with respect to Jesus Christ and His atonement and his Gospel, the more power and authority we have as we speak and the more the holy ghost will bear testimony of our words and the more we become personally converted." I don't remember very well now but when I got done he said something like "Elder, that's really the underlying principle or doctrine behind everything that the church teaches." or something like that. I find it amazing that he understands the same thing that I understand and that we have the same thought. It confirms my thoughts and strengthens my testimony. He told me after, "You're an example to me Elder." And I told him that HE was an example to ME! I wanna be a returned missionary like him. He also said that life is like when you're juggling that whole bunch of plates on sticks like they do in the circus, you get one going and then the other and then the other and then the other and then the other and then return to the first one to keep it from falling and he related this to life saying every plate was like the church, family, kids, educatino, and other important things. I asked him if he managed to do it all, like to keep all the plates going and he responded quickly and with a smile on his face "no" haha and I was like "nooooooo, don't tell me that!" like as if he was killing my hope right (but joking) He said he's even thought about giving up before. Not from the church but just from trying so hard but he said that every time he thinks like that he remembers his Savior and that helps him. He said the Savior's life and His atonement helps him to cope with everything and manage to do everything he needs. HE ASKED US "Elders, what can the Elders Quorum do to help you in your missionary work?" DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT??? I told him I wanted 15 men like him in every ward haha. I wanna be like him one day.

Speaking of being like people. I want to be like Christ right? So on the way to being like Christ, I want to be like Elder Campbell first! Man that man is awesome! The bishop here described Elder Campbell the following way: "When you look in his eyes, you see something different, a glow. And the way he talks about the can really tell that he really loves the gospel. He was only here 1 transfer (6 weeks) but in that 1 transfer, he started a new page in this ward, gained the love of every member, and really made a difference." MAN THAT GUY IS AWSOME!!!! I don't have a lot of time to learn to do that so I’m trying my hardest to be able to do that by the end of the mission.

The church is perfect, the gospel is perfect, Jesus Christ is perfect, God's plan is perfect. Everything's perfect! We just have to follow Christ and do the things we know we ought to :)
Study Jesus the Christ!!!!

I love you all!
Have a great week!

Elder Horton

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