Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

12-15-14 Transfers - I'm leaving!



Are you sure dad hasn't retired yet? It sure seems like you guys are traveling a lot, as if he didn't have to work haha

The big news about transfers! I'm leaving!... :/ I didn't think I'd be sad to leave, I thought I'd just be whatever, but when the Zone Leaders called me telling me I was leaving I got kinda sad. Pinda has become a home to me and I've really grown close to the members here. They treat me like their son or their brother and I'm sad to leave them. I never liked good byes. I don't like that moment when you know you're never going to see someone again in a long time. Sometimes I prefer to just disappear without saying goodbye. That's what I did with SES, that internship, everyone knew I was leaving but I didn't want to just stick around saying goodbye so I just left as if it was a normal day. If I did that here though, some people would get angry with me haha. Today I'll be going around and saying goodbye to some people. I've already started to say goodbye to some and Maria do Socorro (that woman that we baptized) started crying and thanked me very much for helping her find this gospel because she was in such a hard moment in her life and we helped her out. Others told me that I did a great work here in Pinda. Others told me that they or their kids would never forget me (how could they, I'm the tallest elder that ever passed there haha) I still don't like goodbyes that much but I like hearing things like that.

My last Sunday in this area and the attendance in the sacrament meeting? 100. The highest since I've been here and a perfect 100. Not 99, or 98. 100. I was happy to see that :)

This last week with Elder Bolognini was a good one, we've really grown to be good friends. Yesterday was his birthday and he we all did something for him and we had a heart to heart moment. He was very grateful and started to get emotional and thanked us for everything we taught him and learned from him and for being his friend and helping him to end his mission happily (even though he still has 2 more transfers). He's a good elder, I'll miss him but I'm happy that I'll have the opportunity to get to know other elders and other people in other areas. We're being separated now, but I've really gained a brother on the mission. He's taught me this as well.

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories??
It's interesting that you ask that because we had our activity and that a word? Like brotherhood or friendship activity. Basically the branch Christmas activity. And they asked us missionaries to share the same thing. I didn't really remember anything all that funny in the moment so I just talked about my family and being close to them.

Did you know that yesterday was 12-13-14??  Interesting, huh?
Actually, for me, it is 13-12-14, the day comes first here

What will the arrangements be for talking to you on Christmas Day??  Will we be skyping?
Yes we'll be skyping but I'm not sure whose computer I'll use and what not because I'm being transferred, But I know that there is a way to do 3 or 4 or 5 way skype with video

As for a Christmas present for me, you know me well mom haha, I think the pens you guys sent also was a part of my Christmas gift, just a bit premature. So if you want you can just throw like 50 dollars on the account for me to use.

What were some of your favorite things from seminary?  Fun activities….  Important things you learned…. etc.
I always liked when there was a game or activity on Fridays with some kind of treat after :)

Love you all!

Elder Horton

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