Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, August 25, 2014

President Ferrin is leaving :-(


Hey mom!

Dad, I enjoyed your story, I'm happy to hear that everything came out alright if you know what I mean *nudge, nudge*  And how's your sunday school class?

Man I'm gonna have aNother little one calling me tio (uncle) this week! That's awesome!

How was your week?
My week was good, Carlinho went to the church for the second time and it was a small miracle and very cool. We were at his house Saturday at night and we were teaching him about the restoration. He had already gone to church once without us even teaching him which was very cool as well. After he went to church, Elder Rivera and I decided that we'd stop teaching people and just invite them to come to church and then they'd all come. We were joking of course. But anyways, we were finishing up the lesson and we invited him and his mom (who was there) to be baptized. He accepted as did his mom (which honestly isn't that rare of a thing, the hard part is following through) and it was cool too because his mom was like "yeah, go there, get baptized!" haha and then we set them for a date (the 7th of September) and then the mom, Geralda, said that she was already baptized. We explained it to her and she understood it so well that she said she'd be baptized again if she felt that what we said was true. But then came the invite to come to church came and he said he would have to work on his house that he's building tomorrow. Elder Rivera and I were a bit sad but we told him of the importance of the day of the Lord and to not work on this day and we promised blessings and after about 5 minutes of talking, he said he'd go to church! He's a little timid but he has a good desire to follow Christ I believe. And tonight we're going to a family night with him and another member of the ward who lives very close and this Saturday we're going to be one of the Lord's "blessings" We're going to help him build his house with some other members of the church! I'm hopeful that we'll be able to help him to come unto Christ through His church. We have some barriers that we'll have to knock down first but it's possible. He's not married and his wife doesn't want to marry right now but I know that if we can help him.
Mission conference was cool, I learned about the importance of specific prayers and specific planning. And we're excited to apply other things that we learned as well. We'll see if it makes a big difference
Any news on your mission president yet?
It's for sure now, President Ferrin and his wife will be leaving us by the end of this week and the new president will be arriving. I told them to say hi if they see you guys in Houston.

Have you had your night of integration yet?  If so, how did it go?
Yeah we did! It was cool. Everyone seemed to have liked it. It was a good start. We'll be in charge again this week and we'll have the theme of the tree of life. But next week, and the week after, 2 other organizations have already volunteered to be responsible for those nights! That's awesome! I'm happy for this :) I was thinking. I may not baptize the most or be the best missionary in a lot of aspects but I can at least organize an activity and make it so that even when I leave, the activity will continue thus blessing the lives of many others. It's become a goal of mine, to set up integration nights and other such things in all the areas that I pass in.

Well... I think that's about it. The times about up so I'm gonna send this off but thanks for your love and prayers and letters. I love you all!
Elder Horton

Last picture with President Ferrin on my mission.

They think that it's kinda is.  Cool backpack huh?

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