Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9-1-14 President Don Leo and Sister Claudio Ann Andrew


Hey family!

This week was alright. Our numbers weren't that great and I was outside of my area for 2 days doing divisions/splits with the other companionship. We didn't have anyone at church which was also a bit sad but we did our weekly planning session and set some plans and goals to have a better week this week.

In the other area, when we were doing splits/divisions, we were knocking doors and we happened to knock on the door of a less active couple! I believe that it wasn't just coincidence. We talked with them and they were very welcoming and friendly. The woman had actually just returned from a trip to the US in Minnesota to visit her family! She doesn't speak English though...She said that they were baptized in São Paulo (in the capital) and then moved here to Pinda but that when they got here, they weren't very well received and the Branch President and the Relief Society President were gonna visit her but never they became inactive for 8 years. But Saturday she entered into the church chapel for the first time in 8 years to participate in an English class that I and Elder Gilliat are teaching. She got to know some members of the church and so we're hoping that with some visits from some people, they'll come back to church.

The other elders also are preparing a man to be baptized this week, Tércio. He's very prepared. They taught him about fasting and fast offerings and then the next day, he did a fast and asked us "I'm fasting, how do I pay the fast offering?" He did that without them telling him to haha he's awesome. I'll probably interview him this Friday for his baptism.

Do you have a favorite memory of going to Edisto?
I liked going with the Fowers, because then I got to hang out with Chase. I don't have any single memory that stands out though..lots of holes...body surfing...sun burns and what not. It's all good memories.

So you’ve got a new mission president by now – tell me all about him and the transition and all.  I love the photo you sent of the last picture you had with him.  Is he from Houston??  You said something about running into him??  I think that would be a very frustrating way to end a mission!!
I don't think he's from Houston...buttt who knows if he'd pass by there.
So we do have a new president. President Don Leo Andrew and Sister Claudio Ann Andrew. They were serving in the Recife Temple and they were invited to serve as mission presidents here by the first presidency (which shows how far up this change went. The very prophet was thinking about this mission). We haven't really gotten to know them yet but we will get to know them.

You mentioned “mission conference” – was that a mission-wide gathering and meetings?  I’m assuming Pres Ferrin wasn’t there – tell me more about it.
Actually, President Ferrin Was there. It was a half of the mission that was there. President Ferrin wanted to have one last meeting before he left. He's gone by now.

How did the house building with Carlinho go yesterday?  I hope he was able to come to church today!  And Geralda too!!  Do they build houses there with wood like we do, or is it more stone like I remember some of the houses in Argentina?  Is he building the entire house, or just doing some of the work?  Hope it all went well!!
And so, yesterday we did a division or splits and so I stayed in the other area and my companion and another missionary tried to find his house to do the service. "Tried" because they went to the address that he passed to us and neither he nor the house was there..and then he didn't go to church yesterday and so I'm not really sure what to think about him right now. I'm also a bit less hopeful about him being baptized because he needs to get married and his wife isn't very open to us.
Houses here are similar to houses in Argentina I believe. A house made from wood is Very rare, I think I've seen one in my entire mission.

What news do you hear from family and friends and other missionaries??
I don't communicate with a lot of other people. Every now and then I'll talk with Sister Mady Spencer or my son in the mission but I usually just talk to you guys and mess with microsoft excel

I'm reading Doctrine and Covenants in my personal study and I never knew how much that D+C talks about missionary work! Like 70% of the sections talk about it. This really is the most important work and responsibility we have as members of the church. I remember a verse (I don't remember where right now) that says that before we should go back to our houses, we should proclaim the gospel on the way to the people we pass, our neighbors, friends and everyone.

The church is true!
I love you all

Elder Horton

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