Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crazy News

Hey family!

Here's some crazy news, our mission president went to renew his visa but he went a bit late, after it had already expired. He thought that they would just have to pay some extra tax but it's actually a bit worse than that. They'll be returning to the United States until they can renew the visa. He'll continue as mission president (I believe via skype and what not) but he won't be in Brasil until they can resolve this.

I liked reading the letter and loved the pictures of the kids and their pirate party :) It seems like they invited another family too.

Since I've started to work out, my muscles have really gotten big! Like not Arnold Schwartznegger big but a bit bigger at least. I'm excited :) when I get home the ladys won't be able to resist me ;) But I'm not worried about that right now, I'm worried about the mission. 

Quote of the week I was playing guitar and Elder Rivera said "If the girls don't date your face, they'll date your guitar" which doesn't seem to translate very well....but basically if I don't have good looks, they'll at least go out with me because I play the guitar well. We were at the house of an investigator family and one of the sons plays guitar (acoustic and electric) since he was 10. Men he played a bit on the electric guitar and that was Awesomeee. Made me want to learn. He taught me one thing which I was happy to learn, I think it was by ACDC. It was very legit. And then we ate a delicious lasagna and Churrascoooooo!!!! Man I love brasilean BBQ.

We watched the other side of heaven today this morning already. Very good movie, I forgot that that was Anne Hathaway. I learned some things also that I think I'll be able to apply to my mission. We're going to watch Ephraim's Rescue as well later today :)

I feel like if it was obligated that Everyone in the world had to watch this film, that there would be millions of converts to the church of Christ

How was your week?
This week was a good one, my district is being more obedient and my companion and I are doing better. We worked pretty hard this past week and we're seeing some of the fruits.

Did you do anything special for pday today? 
Nope, today we're keeping it chill, I really just wanted to rest today. I think my companion and Elder Paulo, the Brasilean are gonna go play some soccer but me and Elder Gilliat are gonna stay at home I think. at 6, we'll start to make our rounds so Elder Paulo can say goodbye. We don't Know what's going to happen yet but he has 6 months here so he'll probably be transferred. We'll see.

Do people comment on your accent anymore? 
That's an interesting subject. The other day, a sister in the ward was praising me for how well I speak portuguese and basically without accent. And the same day someone couldn't manage to understand me when I was talking normally. Sooo it's on the 2 sides. I don't know, maybe sometimes my accent is better than others, maybe sometimes I'm more tired or lazy. I dunno but I feel like my accent is pretty good. It doesn't help that I've only ever had 1 brasilean companion and my current companion speaks with a strong spanish accent.

Do you speak Portuguese with your companion?
Yeah, that's our only common language. But I Am learning spanish with him which is pretty cool. He learns some things in english too but doesn't try as hard to learn or speak as I do.

Tell me about your apartment in this area – I keep forgetting to ask about it!
Well....what do you wanna hear? 2 rooms, study room, kitchen, bathroom, bathroom of death too (as said by Elder Gilliat)

Did you say transfers are this week?  Seems like they’re coming up soon.  It seems like time is speeding up, do you feel it??
Yep, the time is definitely speeding up. There's an Elder that's going home now, he said in his last zone meeting that it doesn't feel like he's going home, it feels like he's leaving it. He cried a lot too. The last time he followed up with me, I asked if there was anything I could do to help him, he just said "give me some of your time" I might could've cited that movie Time and said some smart remark but I just offered to ask the presidnet if I could give him a month of my mission haha.

What was your favorite scripture you read or studied this week?
I like 2 Nephi 26:24-28 that talks a bit about the nature of Christ and it's an open invite unto All  men to come unto Christ and to be saved.

I love you guys
Elder Horton

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