Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

7-29-14 Campos do Jordao

Hey mom!

Yesterday, p-day, we went to Campos do Jordão which would be fields of Jordan. It was way cool there! The architecture was Swedish in style and it was cold! I could see my breath! Been a while since I've seen that. 

We had our zone meeting and district meeting at one of the sister's house who lives there. Sent some pictures.

We played soccer in a field that was kind of muddy and that was really funny because everyone was slipping. I slipped 2 times I think but I had changed clothes so I was in my jeans but Elder Gilliat, he didn't bring a change of clothes so he slipped in his church pants and it got all muddy! That was funny. But he cleaned it up later. My team won.
We ate estroganofe that a sister who lives there cooked up for all 22 of us and that was delicious.

We went to the turistic center at night and that was cool. There was a lot of chocoalte, we got some free samples but I didn't buy anything :( Mão de vaca, cow hand, hard to spend money. But I did see a all you can eat chocolate fondue for 50 reais which is like 25 dollars which I would Love to do. It was way cool there.

How was your week?
This week was the best week we've had yet as a companionship. I said that to one of the other elders here in the zone who is also majoring in chemical engineering and he asked me the following question "Qualitatively or quantitavely?" And I just laughed. Man I love nerds haha it's great. I responded "both." Later he made a joke about a pipette! He said that I'm one of the few people he feels comfortable around making that joke because others wouldn't understand or would just laugh at him but I deeply appreciated it and it was good to remember of the BYU days with chemical engineering.

I'm excited for this week, we have some awesome plans and so I'm excited to put them to practice.  

How is your teaching going?
The teaching is good, we're still looking for a lot of new investigators but this week will be really good for that. We’re going to work very close to a member's house so that way, in the future, he can help us.

How is your district? 
They're good, they're getting better every day. I offered them pizza if they could wake up every morning at 6:30 and exercise or stretch until next Monday. We'll see how they do.

When are the next transfers?
August 12th

Did anything special happen this week?  
That I can remember of the top of my head...I can't remember any experience in particular that was especially special

What made you happy this week? 
When I went to church and 1 of our investigators went despite her husband not wanting her to, that made me happy. And also seeing some less actives at church. Pizza also made me happy. Brasilean pizza is awesome.

Did you notice any tender mercies in your week?  
Same thing...that I remember, not particularly

What were your challenges?  
My companion has been a small challenge but he becomes less and less of a challenge every week. He has a problem with accepting correction. Like sometimes I can say something in a very nice, calm way and he defends himself like I'm calling him a fubeca haha sooo we're working on that, my training yesterday was actually a bit about that. Read some scriptures D+C101:5, 105:6, 136:31 that basically says that whoever can't or doesn't want to support correction, isn't worthy of kingdom of God. I did it without calling him out or burning any one but I left it very clear. Advantages of being district leader and doing trainings :)

Who do you hear from that you enjoy getting encouragement from - friends, family, missionaries, etc.
I like hearing from other missionaries like Sis. Tantillo, Sis Cork. I like reading Grandma's letters. Your letters of course as well. I like talking with Elder Campbell on the mission, the other tall, blonde American. I like the scriptures as well. Dad's little words of counsel are cool as well. There are probably some others as well that I can't think of right now.

My time is up and soooo I'm gonna go now but I love you guys and thanks for your prayers and letters and love!
The church is true!
Elder Horton

We were riding in a brother's really old car and it caught fire! 
I grabbed the extinguisher and helped put it out but it was really funny. 
I started to see the smoke and knowing it was an old car, 
I was about to ask, "is that normal?" I thought it was exhaust 
but then it grew and I knew it wasn't. Only in Brasil haha 
the seat in the back was pushed so far down that it sat 
on the battery terminals (which are next to each other and 
unprotected) and shorted it and thus the fire started.

Our District meeting. 

Andrew this one's for you you! Beautiful socks for beautiful people! 
I saw this sign and thought of you. In English too! What are the chances?

 I'm thinking about starting a snowglobe I crazy?

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