Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8-5-14 Hare Krishna

Hey family,

I enjoyed the letters and the pictures and the pictures from the beach, that looked like a pretty awesome experience and I did get a bit trunky but I'm already over it. It's funny sometimes I remember some things and I get a bit trunky but I don't stay trunky, which is a really good thing.

Unfortunately, my district did Not meet that goal and so I will not be giving them pizza today...buttt maybe I'll give them half a pizza. I told them that if they didn't use facebook today I'd buy them half a pizza. Elder Paulo accepted that but my companion is a bit more stubborn. He says he doesn't even use facebook to talk with people, he just uses facebook to play games. We'll see if they earn this pizza today.

This transfer in Pinda has been the transfer that I've most taken advantage of P-days. Every p-day we have done something and gone to some place. Today we went to the Hare Krishna temple. It was pretty cool. It was out in the sticks and it was very beautiful there. I'm sending some pictures as well. It was interesting to see. I learned some stuff about them too. We went there and we talked with someone who works at the lunch place and we were talking about the beliefs and a lot of their beliefs are 100% what we believe. They don't even drink coffee! They still believe in Jesus Christ and that he is our Savior and they follow his teachings which are in the bible. But the big difference is that they don't eat fish or meat and Krishna who they believe is God. They believe that he lived on the earth like 5000 years back and that he's still the father of Christ. It's interesting. He's blue too. And yellow, depending on the conditions. But we told them that we were missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints and they had already had some previous connections with missionaries and thought we were awesome and it was cool. I think another day we'll go back and bring some books of mormon :)

I feel like in our area, we're finally getting some momentum which is a good feeling. We have some good investigators with some good potential and we've picked a good area to work in to get new investigators. I'm excited for the future. We have 3 potentials to be baptized this week, a small family. It's possible but it'll require a good amount of their faith so we'll see but they're ready.

I hope dad gets feeling better, that's gotta be painful.

I finished the book of mormon in portuguese for the first time this past week! That made me happy. Now I've restarted it and I'm already almost to Mosiah.

Man, we had 2 lessons this last week that were pretty interesting. One of them was with a woman who refused to admit that prophets and apostles were something that God would always call even when I showed her scriptures saying exactly that. And the other one, the man refused to agree that there was only one true church of God even though I also showed him other scriptures proving that. In both cases, I tried to help them understand the error in their thinking by telling them that they don't understand the bible haha but the way I said it wasn't like joking it was serious. The brother from the church that was with me said that we have the power and authority to say things like that so I'm not sure if that was 100% the best thing I could've said but it was an interesting experience to say the least. Reminded me of Jacob 7:12 I believe.

So today is actually Tuesday now, I couldn't finish this letter yesterday because the internet stopped working! :( soo today, we've already had our zone meeting and that was one of the best ones yet just because of the improvements that will be made I think. One of the zone leaders said that this is the most obedient he has ever seen the mission and All of my district promised to obey All the rules, they're already deleting music and saying good bye to friends that they shouldn't be talking too online and planning on waking up early and other things. It's pretty awesome and it's cool that I can be a part of this change being their district Leader. I bought 2 of them half a pizza yesterday becasue they didn't use facebook. But the other Elder bought his own pizza because he used facebook haha but this week I'm doing a new thing. Every day that they wake up on time and work out is 50 cents for that elder for pizza. Not listening to music that isn't of the church is another 1 real and so is not using facebook. Summing up to 5 reais at the end of the week on p-day which I'll spend on pizza at night haha.

The church is true!

Elder Horton

 I showed off my flying skills at the temple

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