Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9-15-14 Jacquelyn is going to Bulgaria!


Hey mom!

Interesting comment made by Alexandre, one of President Celio's counselors in the branch. He said that when I get back home that I'll be a good ward mission leader because I'm good at incentivizing and making people excited and that when I get on the pulpit, I don't just talk but 'exult' the members. He said that for this reason, he likes me. That's always nice to hear, it made me happy

Me and my companion are doing well, always getting better!

one of the sisters, in her farewell testimony (just one more week) said that she had a dream in the which she was in the pre-existence and even saw some of the missionaries in our zone there with her. She said that there was like a final feast before we entered this world as babies and that at this feast, there was like healthy, good food but simple food and that everyone had received all the lessons and the trainings necessary to enter this world and she said that she saw this group of people, and also another group of people that were eating unhealthy things that were kind of slouched in their chairs, kind of lazy. She said that the first group was also dressed in armor and had swords and shields and she even said that she saw our current zone leader there and that he was the leader of that group and that was a great leader before and is a great leader now. When she told us all that I was kind of surprised, it's interesting, I thought I'd share this story with you guys.

How was your week? 
It was good, we found some cool new people to teach that invited us for some Brasilean churrasco this week! THat's what I'm talking about! We also had one investigator at church, Nicholas. It was his second time. He's a cool young guy (16 years), we'll see what happens with him.

This past week, we did a division/splits with the zone leader and that was cool. I stayed with the zone leader and Elder Rivera stayed with the ZL's companion. I learned a good amount of stuff with him. It was interesting too because we were studying together like normal and he told me that when he got in the mission, he wanted to baptize 500 at the end of his mission but has not even come close to that. I asked "Well what's necessary to baptize 500?" I thought that maybe the answer was public preaching like in olden times. He then told me a story about missionaries who, a long time ago, gave books of mormon to book stories and any place that would sell the books and put up like advertisements and then a Lot of people just started reading the book and then ended up calling the missionaries saying "I've read the book of mormon and I want to be baptized in the true church of God"  and I thought that was awesome and you guys know me, I like big ideas. So we're started to talk about how we would do something like that. We've got a rough plan but we need to talk with President Andrew about it. I was gonna talk with him today about it but he left early :( but that's okay, I'll just call him later. We'll see what happens with this

What interactions have you had with your new president?
We got to know him today! He told us about his life story and that was nice, their lives are full of service. He and his wife speak portuguese really well. 

Did I tell you Jacquelyn got her mission call to Sophia Bulgaria?
Yep you did, she also sent me a personal email letting me know too

Dad, I hope you get feeling better soon, I know it's tough working and doing everything when you're not feeling well.

Well I think that's about it. It's not the longest letter this week.
Thanks for all your love and support

Elder Horton

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