Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Church is True!


Dear family
I liked hearing about you guys and your stories and how the families doing.
Turkey feta burgers sounds really good haha reminds me of that other salad that I love :) It'll be weird to eat American food again after eating so much rice and beans.
I heard about the USA, Portugal game too. I saw about 30 seconds of it in the beginning while we were on the street. Man, I was sad when I found out that we almost won. Now to advance, we have to tie with or beat Germany...yay! Good luck!

How was your week? 
This week has been a good one. We're working with some cool people but unfortunately no one went to church...we had like 4 people that said that they were firm and like 6 other possibles but no one ended up going which is always a sad moment for a missionary.
We had a cool experience this week, talking with a member of the church. She told us of one time, when she was cooking, hot oil exploded and got her in the eye and the doctor said that 100 percent chance that she'd be blind. The Elders passed by her house that same day without planning to and they gave her a priesthood blessing and today she's not blind but can see. Miraclesss

I was sitting in church and this Super old couple walked in. They have like at least 90 years and are super old and super ancient members. I heard they speak like 5 languages too but I didn't speak with them.

I've had some opportunities to play guitar this week which has been cool :) But I always have to make my own capo.

Who are you teaching this week?
We're teaching this one family thats ridiculously rich and has a ridiculously huge house. THe biggest house that I've ever seen on my mission.
We're also trying to complete/reactivate a part member family. The wife and 2 sons are baptized but the husband and another daughter and her boyfriend aren't. We're working with them too and they're liking our visits up til now.

How are things with your companion?
Things are good, he's not the perfect, most obedient guy but I've developed a lot of patience and tolerance and love. We have a good relationship which is one of the most important things.

How is the missionary work going with relation to the World Cup?  It's a bit different. We don't work on the days that brasil plays and we watch the game in the house of some member. It's about the same though.

Have you gotten any new people to teach from watching the games?
Unfortunately not yet, not for lack of trying but just because it hasn't worked out until now.

Which games have you seen?
We're only allowed to see the games of brasil but I've seen some parts of other games. I saw a part of France's game that was awesome! They did like 2 goals in like 30 seconds which was cool.

How are your clothes/shoes holding up?
So, everythings doing pretty good. My shirts are slowly getting more and more yellow. My shoes are slowly dying. The eccos that we got, I think they almost got a hole in the bottom. They're working on it at least. I'll let you know when a replacement is needed.

Do you have more than 1 reia (I know that’s not how you spell it…) in your wallet this week?
it's 1 real and multiple reais, or since you're american, you could just say reals if you wanted to. Yeah I actually have a lot of reais now! A lot of money fell on the account at the same time so I'm doing great with money!

"Isaac and Jana are SOOOOOO cute!  I’ll try to get more video to send you when they’re here."
Pleassse do that, I miss them.

My district of sisters is doing okay. They're having difficulties with their areas and they're having some pains and illnesses this week..there was one day this week where 3 of them had to stay in house and the 1 that wasn't broken did a division (splits) with an irmã from the church. They had one man that was "firm" to be baptized this week but he had to work unexpectedly and so that couldn't happen but he should be baptized this week which is awesome for him and for them!

I do like being district leader, it's not always easy but I like having a bit more responsibility and I like the opportunity I have to help others. With them, I've been focusing a lot on faith and how faith can help them perform miracles and it's been cool to see the difference in them as I talk about faith :) I'll give another training tomorrow.

This next week will be interesting because this is the last week of transfers and the next week will be a new transfer and I think the 2 zone leaders here will love so we'll see who'll be the new zone leader.

Thanks for your letter and your love!
The church is true!

Elder Horton

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