Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Because I'm Happy!


Hey mom!

I liked the Tour de France story and I also liked the story of the begging woman, that really is useful to teach some good principles.

I was actually rooting for Argentina as well because of James and Jonathan and another sister that's in our zone that was in my district last transfer. The rivalry is bitter but it's not vicious. I laughed at James' story about the cup in Argentina haha, thankfully that hasn't happened to me but the day after Germany DESTROYED Brasil 7 to 1, people were looking at me weird but no one said anything. I was expecting that Germany would win though because they're team is super good, they've been preparing for the past 6 years!

It seems like you guys sure are travelling and flying a lot

In less than a year, I'll be home. Not that I'm counting but it became true yesterday, Elder Gilliat who is in my "group" told me. Hump day!

Thanks for the letter too dad, I always love hearing your counsels and what you have to see. I'm happy to see that you're doing your best to magnify your calling :)

So how was your week?
This last week was actually kind of annoying because there were 2 brasil games and then the branch had an activity which was all awesome it just ate up our week so it was kind of hard to work but this week there won't be any other additional "p-days" and we're gonna work super well this week, I'm excited. Especially since my companion and Elder gilliat's companion, and all of us promised to try and be as obedient as possible for these next 2 weeks and to see the difference it makes in their lives and missions. My training in the district meeting was about this and I extended that invite to make that promise. So far so good! We'll see how it goes! Oh and Elder Rivera studied about prayers with faith lately and I'm really seeing him change his prayers for the better which is awesome :) We decided today that really we can do anything with just our prayers. There are some missionaries that work and work and work and work and work but forget to pray or don't pray with faith and they don't have as many results as the missionary that really pleads unto the Lord and talks with Him and has faith. We've both had proof of this in our missions and my testimony of this is strong. Actually I would even like to invite you all to study that section in Preach my Gospel about Pray with faith in chapter 4.

How do you like being senior companion and DL? I know you’ve done this before, but this time seems different since your companion is a junior comp.
It's cool, it's a bit different but about the same. I walk with the phone all the time now.

How do you like having E Gillat in your district?
It's pretty awesome actually, it's cool because we're not perfect but we're good influences on our companions and sometimes I go to him for advice or ideas and he's been pretty helpful up til now.

Who are you teaching?
We actually don't have as many investigators as we should but that's soemthing we're really going to focus on today and this week. The other area in my district has a young woman that should be baptzied this week though so that'll be awesome!

What is something you have learned or been inspired by this week?
I've been inspired this work to always study with my companion and exercise in the morning. The president had a standard of excellence but he just raised the bar so now, exercising in the morning is mandatory because there are a lot of missionaries that are having health problems. For exapmle, one of the sisters in my last district is actually going home today, 5 months early, because of pains in her leg and back that won't go away....we all said goodbye to her yesterday. She was sad but I told her that the Lord has a plan for her still and that He wouldn't want her to return home to just to be sad.
I've also always learning about the blessigns of obedience and the lack of blessings of disobedience in the scriptures with the nephites and lamanties, I just finihsed Alma and I'm reading in Helaman 6 now and it's amazing the differenc obedience makes. It's very blatant. I've found some really awesome scriptures too but I don't have my scriptures with me to share with you guys :/

What was it like there when Brazil lost, and then lost again?? L  We were watching it and the Brazilians in the stadium were literally in tears!  I know it must have been rough!  Hopefully not too rough for you, since you look German!
Everyone, me included, was just kinda sad and depressed and surprised. No one expected that kind of defeat. It wasn't like life ending or anything but it was sad. I wanted brasil to win the cup :( 6 stars is a lot better than 5.

1 last thing. at the family night yesterday we started talking about basically things we can to go inherit eternal life and I suggested 4 things that if we do that I can practically guarantee eternal life. The four things are 1) pray with frequency 2) study the scriptures (not just read) 3) fasting and 4) going to church. Just these 4 things, if you do these 4 things, it's really hard to not make it to heaven.

The church is true!

Elder Horton

Stop.  Look.  Listen.

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