Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Father's Day and the World Cup



If you find that talk by Elder Bednar about the Character of Christ, send it to me and then read it/watch it. That thing is awesome. I watched it in the MTC. It's a life changer.

I like hearing that you and dad are helping others in the ward and doing acts of service. You guys are good examples for me and for others :) Always seek opportunities to be examples of Christ, the believers and a light unto the world! I actually talked about this in church yesterday. I was a bit nervous in the beginning but the talk went pretty well. I could tell some people internalized what I said which is really the goal.

Do they celebrate Father’s Day in Brazil?
As far as I know, nope. 

How was your week? What was the best part?  What did you learn?  
We had leadership council this week which was pretty cool. Normally it's just the ZL that go but as I'm the comp of a ZL, I went with him. President of Brazil, elder costa, was there and he talked with us for about an hour and a half and that was awesome.
The best part of this week was having 5 investigators at church. With the game being close behind :)
Oh and I bought the World Cup Album. It's like a book with all the teams and you have to collect the individual cards of each player and stuff and put them in the book. There are over 600 empty spots. I started mine recently and it's pretty cool :) I'm doing this with hopes that in the future I'll be able to sell it and make some good money but if not then that's fine, it's a cool experience :)
In all, this week was good. I got nothing to complain about which is a really good thing! Today we played some soccer and I made 2 goals!!

What deep thoughts do you have? 
I've been thinking again recently about what it'd be like to be a father and the happiness and responsibilities that I'll have when that happens but I haven’t developed any new thoughts on that yet.
I've been really focusing a lot on faith and praying with faith lately with myself and with my sisters in my district so I've had the opportunity to learn a lot about that and grow my faith which is cool :)

Did you watch Frozen yet? 
I did! It was awesome! Later I'll watch it in Portuguese. After watching movies like that, I always wish I had the powers that they have and imagine the things that I would do if i did.

How has your World Cup experience been?
My world cup experience has been pretty cool :) everything is brazilianized with green and yellow everywhere and everyone wearing soccer shirts and Brazil shirts. There are also more people drinking and what not but that's not too bad. Some guys made a comment as I was walking by "What is this, an American with the Brazilian flag and i, the Brazilian, don't have anything?" During these days of proselyting, I was carrying a Brazilian flag on a little flag pole sticking off from my backpack, it was pretty awesome :) A lot of people were looking at me and attention is always good for a representative of Christ. Now I have a backpack of Brazil so it's more natural and easier to show my support for brazil now.
We were in a pretty big station of trains and buses and we were waiting for our bus to come and sitting in a restaurant with a tv watching Spain play against...some other team and we saw 2 young men come in with like 18 or 20 years and they're both blond and white and tallish and i was like "They're not from round these parts..." in my head and I asked them where they were from and they said Germany and I was like "My brothers!!" Because everyone thinks I'm German ( I didn't actually say that though) But they spoke fluent Portuguese AND English which was pretty awesome. And then they asked for beer and I was like "whaaaaa?" Silly Germans, always wantin that beer.
In the same place, we saw some argentines that were pretty patriotic with the shirts and the flags and everything and I was like "danggg, they gonna get mugged!" and one of them asked elder Orellan in English "Can you take a picture please?" and he said "cara, yo hablo espaƱol" and the guy was like "Oh that's awesome because I don't speak Portuguese anways! That was funny. If I was miss. pres. I would put a missionary pair in that station just to talk with people and do contacts and make friendships. I think that'd be awesome.

Who are you routing for?  Rooting for??
Brasillllll!!! Did you guys at least watch that first game? That was a pretty good game :)

Yep well that's about it. I love you guys!

Elder Horton

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