Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My 20th Birthday and a Dog Bite!


Hey mom!

Thanks for the letter and the update on you guys. I always like hearing about family and especially my cute little nieces and nephews (Future and present) :)

Will you do anything special today?
Nope, the bishop's wife invited me to her house today when she knew it was my birthday but I had to deny because today is transfers instead of tomorrow and I didn't know how that was gonna work out so my day is pretty normal.

How was your week?
The week was good. We started to work in a new area that I liked because it had a lot of people on the streets, the only downside was that it was at the top of a mountain. But also at the top it had a woman that sold geladinhos which is like ice pops only 10 times better :) only 40 cents!

Did you say transfers were coming up again? It seems like you just had them.
Yeah this transfer was only 5 weeks long. And I'm getting transferred, and so is Elder Orellana so 2 new elders will "open" the area again...I feel bad for them and for the area and for the ward, that kinda sucks but maybe it'll be a good thing. I'll be transferred to Pindamonhongaba 2 (I really want to hear mom try and say the name of that city haha :) ) It's in the same zone and pretty close to Taubaté (my last area) My new companion's name is Elder Rivera and he is form Colombia which will be interesting this Friday with the game between Brazil and Colombia haha. I've already gotten to know him a bit and he's a pretty cool guy, I'm excited to work with him. I'll be district leader there too. I don't really know who's in my district yet but I'll know by tonight I think

So maybe I’m confused.  I know Brazil played in the world cup yesterday (I think…) Not sure if they won or not.
Brazil played against Chile and they tied 1vs1 but at this point in the world cup, they can't tie, so they had another 30 minutes to make a goal but neither time did and then it went to penalties and Brazil won the penalties. Man that was a very tense game for me and every other Brazilian. They came very close to losing. Also, I swear, I've learned more about soccer in this time on my mission than I ever have in my entire life.

I think the US plays again, but not sure when.
They play tomorrow against Belgium I believe

How are things with your companion?
Things are good! But now they're over with him. We ended on a good note. In our 5 weeks together, we never fought, we had some disagreements every now and then but it was always resolved without a problem and without fighting. Yay preparing for marriage life!

Who are you teaching?
I Was teaching Carlos who went to church and has problems with alcohol but if everything goes well he should be baptized this Sunday! We said our goodbyes to him and his family and left a final message of strengthening  

What was the best part of your week?
The games of Brazil, seeing Carlos at church, geladinhos as a reward at the top of the hill, personal study time and finding awesome scriptures that tear down the false beliefs of others :)

What do you like best about turning 20?
I haven't thought a whole lot about my birthday actually. Something interesting: Like I said, the bishop's wife invited me to her house today for my birthday and like I said earlier, I had to deny. I'm kinda weird I don't like attention or parties that are about me but I also love grabbing attention and I love parties. It's really weird. I think it's because I feel like if the attention or party is about me because it's my birthday or something, then I'm like responsible to be excited or happy or super thankful or put on a show or something and it's really weird. And for this reason, I feel like surprises are always the best for me, that way I don't get anxious about it.

How is your district doing?
My Sisters are officially broken haha man it's been hard this week for them. 1 sister had to stay in house for FIVE DAYS without being able to leave. And that kind of crippled the 2 areas because they were both at less than half capacity. And another sister still has pain in her foot but that hasn't hindered her too much and the other sister had some bad headaches this week that Did hinder her. Man I felt bad for them butttt I couldn't do anything.  

What kind of training are you giving them this week?
I....still haven't decided that yet. In the past weeks I've focused a lot on faith and prayer but I don't know what I'll talk about tomorrow with my new district. It's difficult because I don't know them or their areas.

This change of area will be a bit difficult but I'm excited to get to know new members and new people and a new area and I'm happy for the chance it gives me to have a new start, a new beginning. I need a little restart to get a good clean start. It was a bit difficult with Elder Orellana because he was almost "dead" and so sometimes when he got trunky, I got trunky haha but I'm looking forward to the future.

I also heard something interesting that Elder Holland said. He said that if members really understood the word of wisdom that they wouldn’t drink coca cola and that not him or any of the 12 apostles drink coke. That was interesting. I don't know what I'm going to do with this information. Coke is just so good! I think I won't try and drink it but if someone offers it to me and I'm practically obligated (because that's how it is here in Brazil, sometimes you're practically obligated) then yeah I’ll drink it. But otherwise I won't buy it or drink it. 

I was bit by a dog! The last day in this area! I was playing with a dog through a fence because he's funny because every time we pass by he runs in super tiny circles and I thought he just wanted to play right so I've always tried to play with him and pet him and today I was trying again and he bit me! But it's just a flesh wound. I used some Neosporin and a band aid from my handy marvel superhero first aid kit and I'm typing without problems. (I've included photo)

I've also included a picture of me with my district of Sisters :) It was cool to be able to work with them.

Study the scriptures every day for at least 15 minutes!
Pray with faith! (study about prayer with faith in preach my gospel, chapter 4 about the holy ghost)

Elder Horton

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