Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Transfers - Happy Tuesday!


I did get transferred!!! My first thoughts were "No I can't get transferred I have to stay here and work with our investigators" But then I remembered that President Ferrin is inspired of the Lord and that the Lord knows what is best for me. I have been transferred to the BrĂ¡s Cubas area in the zone Mogi das Cruzes. My new companion's name is Elder Cosme. He's from here in Brazil and so I will be completely immersed in Brazil and the language except for my weekly letters home. Elder Cosme actually was in my district my first transfer and I already have a tie from him from when we switched the first transfer! Elder Steele will have a new son which is great because that means I won't be an only child anymore! He's excited for the opportunity to train again. He'll be staying in our area in Vista Verde. Right now I'm in the mission office using one of the computers of the secretaries. I'll probably work some more on my excel sheets when I'm done here :) Take advantage of the time. If you'd like to chat, feel free too, I'm on for the next little bit.

Oh!!!!! and 2 of the elders in my district in the MTC are arriving today!!! That’s also another reason why I'm here. I'm waiting for them! They should get here in more or less a half hour. Elder Charles and Elder Matheny.

I also got the package for Christmas. The one with the papers. An elder came up to me and told me I had a package but that he'd already opened it because he thought it was for the zone haha so I have it with me now and I'll wait to "open" it til Christmas.

Love all of you!

Oh also, I paid a man today to make scripture covers for me! For my small bible and my triplet (BOM,D+C,PGP) it was 135 reais or about 60 bucks. So that's part of my Christmas present for sure. Thanks mom and dad!! When I get it (next transfer [jan.21]) I'll take pictures to show you guys. It's Very cool. It'll protect the scriptures Very well. Leather and all that good stuff.

Happy Tuesday!

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