Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Brazil!


Thanks for letting me know how everyone is doing there, it's good to get the updates.

I didn't write an incredible amount of stuff in my planner to write about today so I may not send a very large email.

Are you saying that you'll send Dad's car book to me? Or is that something that I'll get when I'm home. I'm fine either way, I'd like to see it but at the same time, if you send it here, I'll read it, enjoy it, but then I'll just carry it around and plus you'll have to pay to send it here. I'd just keep it there.

We met a really cool man named Joaquim who's form Japan but he's lived here since he was littleish and so talks like a brasileiro but still knows some Japanese. He worked for the police and so has a gun (unlike the US, they don't have the right to bear arms here) he also has an awesome bb gun that was like 1.200 reais or around 500 dollars. But he is really interested in finding an answer for himself from the Lord if the church we represent is His church. He likes to talk a lot and so we were with him for about 2,5 hours. But I know that with his strong desire to know for himself, that he will receive an answer. The only other thing is that he's been smoking since he was 12 (he's 65 now) and so we'll have to help him overcome this addiction but he's super willing.

Other than this we have maybe one or 2 more people with which we are working but it's pretty empty unfortunately...we've been working pretty hard, it's hard, a lot of people aren't there when we have an appointment. This same thing happened in Vista Verde. It was hard at the beginning but we got going and we got the trust of the word and it was awesome. I'm hoping and thinking that the same thing will happen. We just have to actually merit the trust of the ward. And the Lord. 

We had a mission Christmas conference this week.  Everyone from the mission was there. It's true I'm the tallest. It was cool, President and Sister Ferrin talked, and every zone had a presentation that was basically a hymn with the different parts that was practiced a bit beforehand. There was a noticeable difference between the zones with and without sisters. Also they showed the video of the mission which was cool. And fed us a delicious lunch. And I got a cool pillow case. And we exchanged presents. I got a hand rechargeable flashlight.

I saw Elders Matheny and Charles from my MTC district at the Mission Christmas Conference!! They're both doing well and learning Portuguese good.

This is going to be an interesting week and transfer. After this week the transfer is already half way done o.O very strange. Time passes fast, yet very slow sometimes.

But anyways I love all of you, thank you all for all your words of love, advice, and support. I do really enjoy this time that I have every Monday to hear from all of you.

Stay strong in the faith. Read your scriptures. Say your prayers. Fast. And make unto yourselves a house of the Lord. And if you want to prepare your family better for the second coming, read section 88, especially the last verses.

Lots o' love
Elder Horton
Lil Brudder

 Division with Elder Rodrigues back in Vista Verde about a month ago

Elders Matheny and Charles from my MTC district
at the Mission Christmas Conference!

 Bras Cubas - we were walking and I saw this and had to take a picture. 
I was it and thought that maybe the second coming was already happening!

 AnnMarie, I saw this and I had no choice
but to take a picture and send it to you :) <3 you!
South Carolina style - we rode in the back of a truck with a piano
to the mini-show of our stake's choir at a public Christmas event

 Christmas choral performance

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