Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, December 16, 2013

Oi familia!


Oi familia!

This week has been my first week with Elder Cosme. He’s one of the fastest speaking missionaries in the mission and he uses a lot of jiria (slang) and so it's been a struggle to understand him and he has to explain what he says a lot. He says he doesn't want to lose his accent or the way he talks and for this he doesn't change the way he talks. But it's all good I'm learning a lot. It's been really interesting working with another companion that's not Elder Steele.

Pete gateau (a French sweet) is very very very good. Look it up and make it! And you also have to use marshmallow cream stuff. Look it up too.  Also Frango ao creme. Chicken with creme de leite (milk cream, cream of milk?) I don't know but it's also Very gostoso.

I don't know if I already said this or not, I think not, but every young man here flies kites! like literally I'll look up and I can probably see 30 kites. They have more in the north apparently. There's soltar pipa, (flying kites) and cortar pipa (cutting other kites with a string that's sharp!)

A funny saying I heard. não cuspe pra acima. Or don't spit upwards. Because it could come back and hit you in the face! Or basically don't say or do something that you might regret in the future. You can say it in English and then explain and then the people will laugh probably.

Elder Henkel arrived from a mission in Salt Lake City south I think it was. He was there waiting for a visa for 9 months! but the good news is that his president let him study the language and so he just has to learn to listen and understand and speak...which I guess is everything but he already knows the grammar and a lot of words. He also has a gluten allergy! Which I thought was interesting. It’s not so sensitive that he can't eat even a particle of gluten. But he doesn't eat the bread here or anything with gluten obviously. It's hard he says but he's awesome.

It is this. I'm not perfect. But I Am called of God to come here and serve a mission here Brasil São Paulo Leste. I'm trying to find what will be God's ultimate purpose for me here.

Elder Horton
 My zone during the last transfer

Last pictures from Vista Verde 
  My father had another son, and so I now have a brother (Elder Steele is training again) fresh out of the MTC in Sao Paulo.  I haven't heard about how things are going there yet but I will sometime today or maybe tomorrow that the mission Christmas conference.
 Some pictures from my new area.  It is Very hilly...demais (too much so)

the house of an irmã reminded me of lord of the rings where
I'm Gandalf and that was the house of Frodo XD

 My new companion making a call to some member...don't remember who anymore

 Ward Christmas party was awesome.  got to know the members better! 
Also a really tall Christmas tree.

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