Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, October 6, 2014

Get to know someone new this week


Hey mom guess what, the wife of the branch president said to me yesterday that you prepared me well for my mission :) So congratulations! I've also shown your picture to seem people and they're like "wow she's pretty!" So that's a job well done and you can feel even better about yourself today :) best mom in the world!

I found out today that one of my converts, Bruna, will be serving a mission! She put in her papers yesterday and here in a month she'll know where she's going! I'm super excited!

Maybe you can use your hymn playing to bring the Spirit when you teach?  Is that allowed?
I don't see why not, there's no rule against it. I'm gonna learn some church music now that I have a guitar

Did you get to watch conference and if so, what were some of your favorite messages?
Yeah I watched all of it, my time is short so I won't talk a lot but I learned some principles and techniques about being a leader, I learned better ways to be a missionary and to serve others.

How was your week and how are the missionaries in your district?
The week was cool, we started to work in Pinda instead of just in Moreira Cesar which is really far from the church and we've had some successes already! We brought a less active family back to church this Sunday and they really liked it and so I'm happy :) The district continues to improve including my companion

Do they celebrate Halloween in Brazil?

Looking back over your mission so far, what have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before the mission?
I've learned that I wasn't as patient or humble as I thought I was but I've improved in those areas. I've really become more focused on the Lord's work. Before, I just went to church and seminary and sat there without really worrying about anyone else other than me but now I'm able to see things a bit more as God sees them and how He cares for His children and I'm motivated with the desire to help them. I've also come to recognize some gifts that I have as I've put my shoulder to the wheel of God's work and glory. That was a good question, a thought provoker.

Well, my times basically up. It’s not the biggest letter I've sent but I've seen the letters of other missionaries and they're a lot shorter soooo yeah. I also forgot to look in my journal to get some highlights of the past week and I can't think of anything right now so yep that it.

Get to know someone new this week at church! Ask the missionaries if there's anything you can do for them!

The church is true!
Elder Horton

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