Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, October 28, 2013

Life is good!

So today is interesting. It's not really p-day but we're writing our families because still because we don't want you guys to freak out like I think you might do haha it's all good though. It's weird today because of transfers tomorrow. So we have transfers tomorrow and so we'll have a full pday tomorrow but we also wanted to right today because if one of us Did get transferred tomorrow (highly improbable) we probably wouldn't get to write families...não sei. Mas eu só tenho..but I only have 12 more minutes and so I'll read but won't respond probably to the other letters just yet. I'll get on later and respond I think.

Lots o love
Elder Horton

I don't have time to read all of it unfortunately. Elder Steele is already done with his writing and so I have to be done soon too :(

Yesterday we were present for a baptismal service in our chapel that was for a young man that had reached the age of 8. The father spoke before hand and he spoke very highly of the experience and you could see the level of respect he had for it. When he was baptizing his son you could also see how important it was too him and the spirit was strong in the room. Elder Steele and I also had the opportunity to help confirm him and give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost and this was very cool as well. The Spirit was strong there.

One of these last days, a lot of our commitments had been falling through (this seems to happen a lot) But I think All of them had fallen through except for maybe one... but it was interesting that we were able to see the hand of the Lord more in this day. Elder Steele commented that perhaps this was just so that we wouldn't be unexcited about the work haha I also know that it's after our trials that we're given success and soooo we're hoping that the success will come because we're working hard. It was on this same day that we were waiting at a bus stop and a man approached Us, which normally doesn't happen, and he was talking about how every church has errors these days and I said that yeah a lot of churches do have errors, then I asked him if he thought that the church that Jesus established had errors and he said no no of course not! And then I taught him about the restoration of the church with the apostasy, and the Joseph Smith restoring the church. We'll visit him later this week and I'm excited for that. He also said that he doesn't do everything perfectly like he smokes and drinks but that he wants to walk the path of Jesus and then I said to him, "Oh if you want to walk the path that Jesus walked you'll need to stop drinking and smoking." Elder Steele had a look of shock on his face for a couple moments that was quite enjoyable but the man, Luis, took it and agreed with it and wasn't angry because of it.

I'd love to write more and share more stories but the time is up.....sorry! Love you all! I'll talk to all of you next week!
Elder Horton

Tiago, guy that Elder Steele baptized a year ago in Jacareí that we visited last p-day!

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