Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, October 7, 2013

Even less time this week

Even less time this week haha sorry. We're leaving for Jacarei, Elder Steele’s old area today and so have less time.
General Conference was awesome! I'm sure! It was a bit hard to understand in Portuguese...nossa. But it was good! (Nossa is just like, man...or dang...or sometimes "wow that sucks" haha) I took some good notes on what I understood and it was a great chance for the spirit to help me feel inspired! I was only able to listen to the Sunday sessions but I’ll listen to the rest and read them later
Helping less actives is amazing! We’re working with 3 less actives right now and sure we don’t get to baptize them but hey it’s just as important! We’re helping them live happier lives with the spirit and, some of them, be sealed and live for eternity!
That’s a funny story about the prophet and the other man

Entao (then) the 2 baptisms did not happen this week. The appointments we had set fell through because they weren’t there or other things. That’s probably the hardest part of the work. People not being there. I’m going to implement a new method this week. I’ll let you know how it works next week and what it is. Ask about it.
That’s way exciting about Bonnie! I'm happy for her!
I got to help give 2 more priesthood blessings this past week. One to a sister who had a pain in her foot that wouldn’t go away and another to another Elder in our district who had been bedridden for a whole day and couldn’t work. It's amazing how the priesthood works in all languages.
Thank you for the info on the card!
Happy to hear dad is still losing weight!
I hear the US has Acai..but it’s not the same :( So go ahead and try but no guarantees
What was your favorite message from General Conference?  I loved Richard G. Scott’s talk on the atonement and more. I also understood that one the best haha

Where did you watch it?  Jardim Paulista, where the stake center is located

Was it all in Portuguese, and were you able to understand all of it?  It was ALL in Portuguese. I not all of it. It was hard to understand :/

What was the best part of your week? The blessings and spirit and seeing the Lord's hand in missionary work

Do you have a Ward Mission Leader that you work with?  We do, his name is Neumar and he's the man. Very helpful. His wife is the seminary teacher.

How many missionaries in your ward?  Just us 2

Do you have many sister missionaries in your zone?  We have a Heck ton of sisters in our zone! Probably just as many as we have elders. Maybe a bit less.

Did you get your washing machine fixed?  Or how are you doing your laundry now?  We did, it cost 250 reais but we'll be reimbursed.

How is Elder Steele’s foot…toe?  I hope it’s getting better!  That would HURT!!  I think it’s better now!

How is your health doing?  Any sickness or hurt body parts?? I am doing great! No more blisters besides the one the first week. The hardest part is fasting haha its sooooo hard to fast when it’s hot, and all you want to do is just drink 10 gallons of water.

What do you do for the meals you do on your own?  Lately grilled cheese sandwiches because they’re quick, easy, and delicious but also fruit and I’m going to mix it up some later. I’ve been doing potatoes too in the morning and this morning it was way good!

How are you sleeping? Great! Some nights I'll wake up in the middle of the night but usually just fall back to sleep. It is a bit difficult having a bed that’s about 6 inches too short. But I will survive!

Do you know your mother loves you and prays for you daily and thinks about you often??  She does?....Hm...haha I'm just kidding, yeah I knew that. Thank you mom, love you too and pray for you as well!

This is not a photo he sent, but a map I found that includes his mission area.

This is Garrett and his Cousin Bonnie (Sister Tantillo)
and their companions just before Garrett left for Brazil. 
It was special that they got to be in the MTC together
and that they got to see each other so much!

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