Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I had a dream for the first time today!

And so now I want to tell a story that's pretty cool :) La in the beginning of our time here we ate at a sisters house for lunch after church and she has a son who has a girlfriend who was also there at the lunch. And his girlfriend’s name is Camila. And she had a cousin who was also there visiting from another area. Neither Camila nor her friend, Pauliana, are members so we took advantage of it and taught them the first lesson. Camila was pretty distracted..her boyfriend, Geovani, wasn't helping us and she doesn't seem to have strong desire but her friend! Was paying good attention and I could see that she really wanted to know about the Book of Mormon and about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the truth. The sad part, was that she doesn't live in our area :/ and so we passed her information on to the elders whose area she was in and she was baptized!!!! And she said she wants to see Elder Steele and me so I think next p-day we're going to go over there and see her! It's cool because if she hadn't been there at that time, she still wouldn't know of these truths. It wasn't us though, it was God who did all of it.

Elder Steele and I are staying together this transfer and we're both way excited about it because lately we've really started to learn a lot together and though we still don't have a baptism together I'm confident that if we keep doing what we're doing we'll have one. The hardest part, I think, is just that the people don't fulfill the compromissos or seja (in other words) they aren't at the house.. :( We're working and thinking on how we can overcome this barrier.

We planned last Sunday for about 4 hours and that was way good because we haven't had a good planning session in too long. Things kept happening on Sunday. It’s also way cool to see promised blessings of the Lord, His prophets (in both old times and today) and His apostles. I'm thinking about super studying this when I get back and making a database of it. Like "oh you want this gift? Then you have to do this and this and this."

I was talking about something with some members and being very blunt..but not up front but not in a mean way or anything and the members said I was sem frescura which means without freshness and I was thinking..and it didn't make any sense to me but apparently sem frescura means being blunt in a way. So if someone’s being blunt la nos estados unidos, just say they're without freshness haha

The longest word in Portuguese (or close to it) inconstitucionalicimamente. It’s a mouthful. Learned it last Sunday.

Every personal study time is a treasure to me and I really enjoy that time I have to study the things of the Gospel. One of my favorite parts of the day every day.

Time to sign off!
Til next week! Or maybe a bit later today
I love all of you
The Church is true
Don't forget it
Elder Horton

Picture that Elder Steele wanted to take to show how buildings are constructed here.

Interesting.  Do they use the cinder blocks because of termites, or cost??  Or do you know?
I haven’t heard anything of termites, I think cost and the easiness and the construction...but I don’t know for sure. The base of all homes is those and cement though. Never do you see carpet or rug or coisas assim. Things like this.

Good timing!  I just got back from driving Shelem to work…  Great letter(s) this week!!!  You sound good!
Thanks! I Am good!

I'm doing research into a more effective (money wise) way of making calls. Right now we spend 30 or 40 reais a week making calls which is pretty steep.

As for Christmas, I have no strong desires for anything...except for maybe sometimes nutella. Which they have here! And the thing is, when you send something here from the US, I end up having to pay 60% of the item cost just to get it so if they have it here, I should just get it here. On that note, I'll think about things that I want that they have there in the US that they don’t have here...but I can only think about the reverse haha like things they have hear but not the US. 

I had a dream for the first time today! But it’s a different dream than Martin Luther's dream. My dream was delicious and full of cream. It was like a donut with cream inside except the cream was showing and had sugar on top. yum. It’s called a sonho which means dream :) Maybe MLK was really talking about this Brazilian food.

I'll keep thinking though! Let me know if you'd be heartbroken or have any problems with just not sending me anything though. Em vez disso. Instead of this, I could just buy stuff here that I haven't tried or that I like (nutella would be on that list). I feel like you want to send me something though even if it doesn't make sense logically...How do you feel about this?

5 minutes left so I'll probably just read and respond next week.  I hear it takes 3-4 weeks to get here more or less.  Placing pictures of Jesus and Brazilian depictions of him on the box is an idea that helps I hear as well.

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