Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 First Week at the Provo MTC

Hey all! Elder Horton here. I'm gonna start off by answering all the questions. My companion's name is Elder Andrew Johnson. My teacher is irmao walker (brother walker). My bed is suitable for my needs. It's a long twin so I'm fine at nights. I haven't had to break open my bedding yet because they provided us with bedding. I don't think we forgot anything in packing. We pretty much only wear the suit on Sundays, when going to the temple, and when meeting with the branch presidency. Otherwise we all just wear pants and a short sleeve shirt because it's comfortable. It's still a bit weird sometimes to look down and see the name tag that says Elder Horton but it's awesome. I love it. I am indeed the tallest one I've seen so far. I saw another elder who was 6'7" but I'm still taller. I did get my pants from Mr. Mac, thank you. Thank you also for disconnecting my cell phone :) You're awesome mom. How'd Andrew's job interview with BMW go?? That’d be good :D As for dad's car book....I was enjoying reading that, perhaps I would like it if you printed it off and sent a copy. Or maybe just copied and pasted into dear elder and let them print it off?

Dad, I thought about that too while I've been here that we share the same title as the general authorities of the church. And we represent Jesus Christ of course as well. Bed is long enough. Companion Elder Johnson from Twin Cities Minnesota. The too good. It's not really all that good but it's good enough for me to get... 3 main meals and sometimes ice cream. Yeahhhh I've gained a bit of weight while here. I'm like 215 now :D Can't tell though. Most spiritual moment? That's a hard one. Temple today was amazing. Some devotionals have been amazing. Some prayers have been amazing. It's amazing how much you pray here. I'd say probably at least 20 times a day. In Portuguese :D I'll talk more about the temple and devotionals later.

Mom again, responses to yesterday's letter. Yes you can share my email with the whole family, I can email just about anyone pretty much. I got a dear elder from a sister who'll be serving in six months who we were good friends in the same ward together at BYU. She say you post my info on Facebook so thanks mom :) it was a nice letter from her. I like both ways to get mail, it's a nice break during the week and it saves me time on pdays. So both. My Sunday was awesome! We went to church in the main building called 1M where the cafeteria is. We have 10 elder and 5 sisters in our district so we actually have a very large district. Most districts are only 7-9 missionaries. Our branch is composed of 8 districts I believe. Church was awesome too. What we do for sacrament meeting is we're all supposed to prepare a 3-5 minute talk in Portuguese and then they call on us In the meeting to give the talk. Good news: only 2 people are called on and it's usually people leaving. The rest of the time is taken up by the branch presidency and their wives. They take turns and probably recycle their talks every 2 months because then they'll have completely new elders. The studying is going amazing. Both of the gospel and of the language. We are scheduled for classed usually 2 times a day and each session is 3 hours. Usually though the second session is teaching nosso pesquisador (our investigator). His name is abrao. More on that later. No everyone is not in the same place with the language. I'd probably say, humbly, and my district would agree, that I know the language the best. People come to me for checking grammar and asking questions. The reason I'm so good is because of my Spanish background. It's amazing how similar Spanish and Portuguese is. If I don't know how to say something in Portuguese I'll just say it in Spanish, check it later and I'm usually right. A lot of rules and conjugations are very similar as well. Irmao walker actually pulled me out of class to tell me not to answer all the questions even if I know so others can learn haha.

Sleep, yes. Usually around 7.5 hours mais o menos (more or less). Healthy foods? Definitely not. Getting enough? Definitely too much. Exercise? Every day for about 50 minutes.

That's awesome about Jon and Shelem. What was her interview with? She get it?

That's awesome about AnnMarie as well. Or as I say lately, muito bem (very good)

Alright now I'll just free-write. I was gonna try to upload some pictures but I think I need some special adaptor... I've seen lots of people I know since being here! About 20! People from school, people from dance class, people from Greenville. I'll list off some people you know. Elder Daniel Buffington from the other Greenville stake is actually in my district. Elder Zac Wilson from somewhere in South Carolina.. Sister Mady Spencer from august of course. Sister Lexi Wilcox you probably don't know but we went to EFY together my first year. I had a list so I might be forgetting some because I forgot to bring the list.

Ooh! Elder Bednar's talk "Character of Christ" Watch it. It was so amazing, I'd recommend it to everyone.

The first wed, Thurs, Fri, and sat here were super crazy and super maybe you have an idea but probably not. We drop off our luggage and go to the classroom and the teacher doesn't speak a lick of English. unico portugues. Which is awesome! Best way to learn! It was just a bit hard starting off. At the point I'm at now, I can read about 80% of Portuguese that's put in front of me and can understand an okay amount of spoken depending on how they speak, with what accent and how fast. With the lesson with Abrao I understand most of what he says and if I don't I'll just say como? or repita por favor? And I'll usually get it the second time. With my responses, they’re slow but mostly accurate...kind of haha. I get my message across. Abrao read the book of Mormon in between our first lesson and our second and we asked him if he prayed about it and he said nao (no) and so we actually had him pray right there in front of us to know if it was true and it went very well. Afterwards he felt the spirit and I managed to talk about the good feeling being the spirit and somehow getting to baptism where I invited him to be baptized and he said he wanted to know more but was interested. Okay so Maybe I should also mention that he's not a real investigator, he's just pretending. I'd feel really bad if he was real. He does a real good job of pretending though. It was kinda funny when we had him say the closing prayer too, he was thanking us using our names so he was like "eu sou grato por Elderrrrr.......Horton e Elder.......Johnson" As he looked at our name tags haha. Way cool guy though.

Time is passing faster lately. It was so slow last week but it's good now. I'm starting to see how 2 years will just go by. An elder said the night before he left for his mission that we giving up 2 years of our lives and families so others can spend eternities with theirs. We're doing God's work here and I know I'm where I'm supposed to be. I couldn't be happier if I was anywhere else. I have a friend who used to always say "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Lately I've really had to rely on Christ as I prepare for lessons or am learning His gospel or the Portuguese language. Without Christ I can do nothing but with Him, I can do anything. Quando nao tenho Cristo, nao posso fazer algumas coisas mas com Ele, posso fazer algumas coisas.

The new temple video! Is absolutely amazing, I really love how they did every part of it with more emotions and realistic situations. That's all I'll say about that though. I also love the Provo temple, it's the first time it's been open for a month or so now so it was super busy but thankfully they have a large capacity.

AnnaMaria...I mean AnnMarie <3 XD Thanks for the birthday present I've been using it lately to take notes and write down what I want to write about on pday so muito bem :)

I'm happy I can type fast otherwise this would be hard to fit in in an hour.

I don't think I really have anything else to say.... poissss (soooo) Tchauzinos! (little good byes!) eu amo minha familia (I love my family) E também eu sei que Cristo é nosso salvador e também eu sei que esta igreja é verdadeira e eu estou fazando a obra de Deus (And also I know that Chris is our Savior and also I know that this church is true and I am doing the work of God) Em nome de Jesus Cristo, amèm (in the name of Jesus Christ amen)

That was an AWESOME letter!!  I started reading it aloud to Andrew and Shelem and started crying, so Andrew read it to us!!
Hah, sounds like you. Good thing I didn't say *pat pat pat* I don't know if I'll be able to send any pictures this week...but most likely next week
So are you in the main MTC in the bunk rooms?  How many Elders in each room?  Sorry if I may have missed some of Andrew’s reading – I was a bit emotional and haven’t had time to re-read it to process all the info properly!!
Yeah I'm in the Main MTC bunkrooms, we have 6 elders in our room and that's about standard lately but they used to only do 4 per room. Thanks for the pictures yeah I got them :)

Glad you got the photos!  You sound so good!  Kelsi Lucas is going to the Provo MTC next Wednesday …. Instead of the Brazil one.
Muito bem! I'll look out for her

I've gotta go now though sooo maybe I'll get back on later...but don't count on it. I'm sad I can't send pictures right now. Ate logo! (see you later)


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