Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013 Last email from the MTC

So obviously I didn't get a reassignment today but everyone else did! It was so crazy we all couldn't concentrate leading up to opening it and everyone was so anxious and excited! It's like opening up your mission call all over again!!

Everyone else in my district has been called by God to serve:
Billings, Montana
2 California missions that I can't remember
New York New York North/South (can't remember which)
Atlanta, Georgia!!!! North! 4 of our elder's are representing our district there!
Saint George! That's where Grandma Horton is isn't it?
And last but not least, my companion, Elder Johnson, is serving in the....... PROVO UTAH MISSION!!! haha it's great. He's way excited. Our teacher, Irmao Walker is actually a ward mission leader here and offered to go on exchanges with anyone who served in Provo so that's what Elder Johnson will be doing! It'll be way good because he'll talk with Irmao Walker in portuguese in between.

I'm so excited for all of my fellow elders and sisters to serve!

I'm emailing because my companion is emailing to let his family know.

I love all of you!

Mommmmmm haha I love you, thank you. I won't be able to eat it all on my own as much as I'd like to, I'll definitely be sharing. I haven't gotten it yet! That front porch decorative covery thingey looks way good! way to go guys!

Okay, I appreciate you doing that. I'm sorry the shipping and what not must have been substantial...I'm sure I'll use them though and it'll be way nice to have so thank you mom :) You're the best. Like literally. I ran out of time last time to say so but I wanted to thank you and dad for the amazing parents you've been to me. I don't know if it just took you 3 kids to get the 4th one just right or what but you guys were and are amazing parents. You both should have no regrets about your parenting because yes we all had bumps but you have THREE kids married in the temple! And one is faithfully serving a mission for God! And I Know that God has an amazing plan for me and I'm so excited to be a part of it! We were talking about those missions today where people say that "there aren't baptisms" and I was thinking, something along the lines of anything is possible with God and that I'd love to go there and serve God and the people and I felt the Holy Ghost really strongly just then...I'm pretty sure God is going to give me some crazy hard trials on my mission and some "impossible" areas. And I am so looking forward to it!! I love this message I have to share with the people and I love my nametag and that I represent Jesus Christ. I love you all! Stop crying mom! *pat pat pat* You guys are great.

I'm going to be solo! When I'm traveling, I won't have a companion....It will be very very strange....I don't really like it, but I'll have to deal with it. At least this way it'll be easy to decide who can talk on the phone when!
Yeah I did get the package yesterday! I've already started sharing the package, I'm bringing it to class tonight because we're having a festa! It's Elder Buffington's birthday today and it's our last class time.

I looked a bit for the number for the mission home and it wasn't immediately apparent to me. Thinking on it now though I think I can find it without much hassle. I'll get on again later and shoot that off to you. I'm just doing my laundry right now.
Photo with Bonnie...yeahhh I maybe just forgot to send that off...or maybeee it was her camera....can't remember. I will investigate and get back to you on that one. Someone has the photo and we're going to take another tomorrow at the temple.

Lots o' Love!
Elder Horton

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