Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4-6-15 Easter


Hey family!

This week was a good one with a great ending with general conference and baptism! We were the only elders in the zone to baptize this last week's not a good thing for the zone but it's great for us!

Did you have any favorite talks from conference that you especially enjoyed??  
I really enjoyed the talk about the music and the gospel and also Elder Holland's talk about the atonement was very good to put it all in perspective. I downloaded the talks and will be listening to them again in the coming days and weeks.

Did you watch conference in English or Portuguese?
I watched it in Portuguese, as I always have

What kind of pepper was that?  Is it the hottest thing you’ve ever eaten?
I'm not really sure...    No

It was fun to see you and hear all that Portuguese.   Which family was that you were eating with?
It was actually a church activity where we ate dobradinha, or buxo, or buxada, it's like stomach. yum right!? I didn't like it when I first tried it here in Brasil but now I kinda like it :)

How was your week?  
It was good. It had some interesting moments. Including some pastors from another church which I won't mention the name that came to the house of an investigator when we were there and started to try and burn us. I found it very annoying because they just talked bad in a loud voice and often times in our face and then when we tried to explain, they interrupted us. There were many times that we "got" them, that they contradicted themselves (which I always find funny) like we said that the bible doesn't have all the word of God and they said that it's perfect and has everything we need after we had read the last verse of Luke that says that if everything that Christ said and did was written down, not even the whole world would have enough space to fit all the books that would be written. And we also showed them all the lost scriptures and books that are mentioned in the bible but that we don't have. I may or may not have compared them to the Pharisees indirectly.... :) haha But the family of investigators wasn't lost, they have the book of mormon and they want to know the truth so I believe that they will discover the truth

Did you have any investigators at conference?  
Unfortunately we did not :( It was a bit difficult because it wasn't in our chapel and because it was easter weekend and our investigators were either travelling or going to their other churches :/

What are the Easter traditions there?  
Instead of gaining chocolate bunnies, they do chocolate hollow eggs here with chocolate candies inside. I think thats it...

How’s your companion?
He's doing well! It's a bit hard for him sometimes to go up hills haha but he's getting the hang of it bit by bit.

I don't have a lot of time today :/ because we had to find a new lan-house because the other one was closed :(  and because I had to resolve some other things so this letter is gonna be a bit shorter, sorry.


Elder Horton

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