Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Women's Day!!!!!



HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!!!! Was it women's day in the states yesterday too? or just here..?

I liked hearing about your experience with the tickets for the basketball game. A lot of people would've gotten really annoyed and frustrated that it didn't get there but then you guys went to the actual game and bought tickets for a lot cheaper and got better seats which is awesome! One could even say that the Lord had His hand in it to help you guys out.

155 at church was a lot, and this week, there was 158!

I’m glad you enjoyed the sweet pizza!  Was it like a Nutella pizza?  Did it have anything on it besides chocolate?  Not that you would need anything more – you KNOW I love chocolate!!
I wish it was nutella pizza! Man that would be the most delicious thing EVER!!!! But it was close, it was just awesomeness in every bite. It haddd strawberry syrup..and one other thing but the strongest was chocolate.

So how was your week?
My week was good, one of the best weeks of the transfer.

We went to an English class because one of our investigators that's going to seminary invited us and that was a lot of fun! And hard was cool to speak English with them and answer their questions and what not. We invited all of them to go to seminary and church, we'll see if they'll go or not.

I traded 2 ties yesterday and I'm gonna trade two more before I go away. One with bishop, one with Stake president, another with an awesome guy that reminds me of James (trunkeza!) and another with the ward secretary. I love trading ties :)
Nos tivemos uma reuniĆ£o de zona bem I typed all of that without even realizing that i was typing in portuguese

What do you like about being a zone leader? 
I like the opportunity that I have to serve and to help the missionaries in the zone. I also like the opportunity I have to be a better person and to learn many things as a leader.

What are your biggest concerns with being a zone leader?
The work of the missionaries and the obedience and the results.

When are the next transfers?  I know you want to stay where you are – I hope you do!!
Tomorrow! I'm being transferred. After only 2 transfers in the area. Yeah I wanted to stay but I know that the Lord has a plan in all of this. I don't know where I'll be going still but I know that I’ll be training again and that I'll be opening up an area.

What inspired you recently?
The word of the Lord always inspires me. I'm also inspired by inspiring people, like the bishop in Penha, he is inspiring. He inspires hope and happiness in the ward members and people around him. If the Lord calls me to be bishop one day, I hope I'll be like him.

This will be the easiest transfer ever because I managed to get us a ride to the mission office! So I'm happy for that.

I forgot to look in my journal before coming...sooo I'm out of stuff to say.

The Lord is merciful

Elder Horton

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