Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ties and more ties

Hey family!

I'm short on time today so I'm gonna be a bit quicker I think.

Thanks for the letter mom, I always love hearing about the updates and the new things and the stories and what not. I liked the picture arrangement in the dining room! That's cool

I had a question too, for mom and dad, when I wasn't problematic, did you guys pray a lot for me and for my personal conversion and testimony?

Elder Rockwood wanted to see what there was on the other side of a wall with a 2 floor drop on the other side right? And he had the cellphone in his shirt pocket playing music right? So he went and jumped and as he jumped, the phone flew out of his pocket and 2 floors down to the other side!! And he started yelling a bit and I thought "oh, he's yelling because he's weak and he had problems getting up on the wall" butttt he had actually dropped the phone. But even after the fall, the phone didn't break! It even continued playing music, that we could here still! That was a funny story I wanted to share.

Another funny story, we were going to lunch and we got to the sister's house and the door was shut. And then I hear her from the other side "the key is broken in the lock! We're gonna have to take off the door!" So I started hitting on the door close to the hinges and after a couple of hits the door came right off! And we set it to the side and ate a delicious lunch :)

I made awesome scripture markers for the missionary lessons and the scripture masteries in excel. And I saw another missionary with the exact same set up and I'd never given it to him and I was like "What?!?! Where'd you get that??" He said he got it from the mission office! It seems it's viral now and I'm famous...but no one seems to know it's from me. But that's still cool though

Man yesterday was one of the biggest rushes/hurries I've had at church. Because it was stake conference, and I had 15 different things to do, literally. It was difficult but I got the most important things done, being the 3 baptisms!!!! But that was a mad rush haha man I hope I never have to do that again (the rush part) there were just some things that didn't work out right that we had to resolve. But something cool, I was talking with the stake secretary which is from my ward and he said that Elder Rais (the general authority that was at the conference) and the stake president praised my posture. I was like "what?" he clarified saying that they liked the way that I help people and that made me happy :) so now I'm happy. I was happy before but now I'm happier. It's good to massage the ego every now and then :)

Elder C. Souza, who lives with us and is being trained by Elder Longi, isn't the wealthiest man. We noticed that he was only using one tie and didn't have many white shirts. When we noticed that, I decided to give him 2 of my awesome new ties that I bought! He was happy :) Elder Longi also did that which made him happy. And today, we went and bought him 3 white shirts and some more ties! And I think that made him happy too, I hope so because we walked a Lot today, on our p-day :( I don't like walking on p-day.

I'm using a sock tie :) Google it

I bought more awesome ties too! But not 21! Just like...6 :) Guilty pleasure

Josi, the wife of Wilson, went to church as I said, and man, when we saw her again, she was different! She was just like...happy! It was way cool to see the difference, it was hard to teach her this week because of her schedule but I'm super excited for her and her future.

Oh and today we were telling jokes in English on the bus right? And one of the women on the bus started to talk about us to another woman, I didn't hear exactly what she said but I heard her say "speak Portuguese" and I think she was saying something negative about us because then I said to her "We speak Portuguese too" And she looked at me with a look of "oh what'd I do now" and started to explain what she was saying. When I said that, another man on the bus started laughing. It was a funny situation in general and an opportunity for us to explain who we are and what we do. I laughed :)

What do you like about E Rockwood?
He's obedient, loving, patient, humble, intelligent, knowledgeable, willing, funny, easy-going, understanding. Yeah that's about it, he's a good example to me as well. He's a man of much faith as well.

What have you learned from E Rockwood or the other new missionaries in your apt?  (You have 4 in your apt, right??) 
How to play scrum haha.  How to love more and be more self-denying.

What differences have you seen in between your old mission president and your new one?  What have you learned from your new one?
I liked president Ferrin, but I'm not gonna lie, President Andrew is a good amount better than President Ferrin in about every way. In the way he talks, acts, plans, and just leads, its better.  What have I learned from President Andrew? rely on the spirit more, to be more Christ like. I don't have many learning opportunities with him.

Well the time was short but I type fast and sacrifice other things to write this letter. Thanks for everything and for your love and support!

Elder Horton

 A young woman that received her mission call

 The 4 Elders from last transfer and 2 young men from the ward

Carlos' baptism!!

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