Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What makes you happy?


What do you know about transfers?
Probably together still but maybe one will get transferred

What makes you happy?
Excel, happy music, lack of conflict, americans, having the spirit, nutella, p-day, happy news from my friends and family, other righteous elders, the future, A/C, food, Well organized planner, good lessons, baptisms, personal study, learning other languages. 

What is your favorite memory with each of your siblings?
Favorite? hard to decide, some good ones that I remember

James - trampoline bouncing, "lawnmower lawnmower!" "No Garrett, none-knower" "Yeah i know, Lawnmower lawnmower!" pizza at BYU when he was recruiting

AnnMarie - Lil brudda, bula bula bula, dress up, 

Jonathon - When he came home from his mission and hugged me and said he loved me. Riding his motorized skateboard. Potato cannon, rowing

Liz - Cute baby nieces and nephews. Sliding across the street in the snow "Ahhhhh" - Liz "Wheeeeeee!"-Everyone else

Andrew - Sleeping with dad before being married with Rie.

Shelem - Tucano's yum. Park City.

Did you eat or experience anything new or unusual this week?
I don't think so..

How are your spreadsheets coming along?
Great! Growing every day! Every p-day that is

Where are you at in your journal transcribing?
10/12/13, I didn't do it last week.

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